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Split Command Destroyers and Ships to racial skills

#1 - 2016-09-22 21:13:10 UTC
8 different command ships all with the same requirements and long ass training time. What if you want to specialize in a specific race; should you have to train up the warfare spec skills not relating to the ship?

Eos/Astarte -armored/skirmish, but need siege/info too
Sleipnir/Claymore -siege/skirmish, but need armored/info
Vulture/Nighthawk -siege/info, but need armored/skirmish
Absolution/Damnation -armored/info, but need siege/skirmish

why not before everything changes over to command bursts, command ships be split into 4 racial command ships that require the skills toward the links they use and not require the ones they don't?

Amarr Command Ship
*only armored and information needed

Minmatar Command Ship
*only siege and skirmish needed

Caldari Command Ship
*only siege and information needed

Gallente Command Ship
*only armored and skirmish needed

frees up training time, but still allows player to branch out later on. puts more players into the ships.
Lugh Crow-Slave
#2 - 2016-09-22 21:38:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Lugh Crow-Slave
its not about how needed the skills are its about the time sink (look at black ops you need cloaking IV yet you don't get any bonus from that skill do to role bonuses negating it)

right now T2 BC sit right between t2 cruisers and t2 BBs just as they should

(btw just because you don't get a bonus does not mean ppl don't regularly fit skerm links to their night hawk)
Danika Princip
Goonswarm Federation
#3 - 2016-09-22 22:33:48 UTC
But you don't need link skills for any of them.

And no other t2 ship has a racial split, why should these?
Zan Shiro
Alternative Enterprises
#4 - 2016-09-22 23:07:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Zan Shiro
the time sink is needed as mentioned for CS. I in the information thread presented the alternative of at least learn the 2 warfares CS's are boosted for. The just the 1 a bit too fast a train. And yes if actually used as a booster, grrr t3 also covered in the other thread, you could run 2 warfare boosts. In the case of caldari info links have their uses.

Flying out to meet a fleet with falcons (meaning you know they are there), running a link boat able to run bonused info links but not doing that and not running sebo with eccm script take your because of falcon tears somewhere else kind of thing lol.

Another caveat and one ironed out hopefully by CCP is post change some concession given to replace the passives. this part of the idea I hate. The new benefit will be range and/or strength. At some point and maybe its me being a bit too casual....I am not seeing the potential to emo rage quit over my boost radius being say 35 kms and not 38 not max skill.

Under new scheme its already assumed many things will be out that say 38 anyway. My fleets fast tackle hunting down people running away, snipers, lr e-war like falcons.....when this goes AOE burst boost people will go without boosts no matter wtf you do.

Current system I say just train all the leadeships. You as booster help your fleet being all 5 here even without the links they'd run. Caldari benefits from armour passive 10%. I had a rokh that came back in hull smoking. Without the 10% would have been a dead rokh.

This will be lacking in the new system with passive removal. And not thrilled with what we get as a replacement covered above. Have to wait till November it seems but I am hoping CCP being nice and fair (I know...a man can dream can't he?) will for say NH give some benefit to learning base armour and skirmish leadership to 5 in some way like the current system.
Nevyn Auscent
Broke Sauce
#5 - 2016-09-23 21:14:55 UTC
They are already split by races since you have to learn the racial BC to V on top of having the T2 skill. T2 skills are always general for that reason.
Also requirements are being changed in November already (announced in boosting blog) and the skills are all being changed.
Redus Taw
Order of Allied Knights
#6 - 2016-09-24 04:20:54 UTC
If you do a racial skill for command ships why not do them for every ship from an interceptor to a marauder?
Zan Shiro
Alternative Enterprises
#7 - 2016-09-24 05:11:55 UTC
Nevyn Auscent wrote:
They are already split by races since you have to learn the racial BC to V on top of having the T2 skill. T2 skills are always general for that reason.
Also requirements are being changed in November already (announced in boosting blog) and the skills are all being changed.

Yeah its just be nice to know what these are now tbh. Some like me may be at the end of planned trains, looking for the next one and it be nice to know what it going io here. Timing not good here imo.

AT-will keep them busy, prep/running/after action
Eve vegas- will keep them busy for same reasons. While I am almost sure this will be keynote be nice to steal some thunder and let us know now. If its realignment is a fair chunk of be nice to know that now.

Post eve vegas- I ams sure like most companies, post event stuff is the death by meetings days, post action reports, more meetings on the post action report.....and give out the days off to cover comp time given to prep and work both the above. If their HR like most....Nov/DEC is when the love letters from HR fly. Dear employee, you are use or lose leave. Take it or lose the money. Me to boss (I get these a lot with my comp times and leave accumulation), boss I have 40 hours I have to burn. oh and I need to burn 20 of comp time before that even.

Even keynote to release is kind of rushed really. Change like not getting ample testing time imo. I want all the schemers and min makers having their way with this now to have it nerfed in testing for the OP stuff I know they will find. Before it hits tranq and the wonder OP hammers of doom are released on production server. CCP's history of fixing on production is spotty. Sometimes its fixed in month or 2. Sometimes its the op fun fest of doom that goes on and on and on for months to over a year.