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Question on hacking ship fittings?

Eternalis Imortalin
Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management
The Everyshore Collective
#1 - 2016-08-20 17:51:25 UTC
Hey guys I am going to start to do hack sites and was wondering aside from cloak scanners probes etc. is a cargo scanner recommended as well? I am still kind of new so any help would be appreciated... Thanks...
Tipa Riot
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2016-08-20 18:07:36 UTC
Some use the scanner to check whether it's worth the effort before hacking a can, but be prepared for the pressure to succeed if you see a 50m can. Blink Usually I fit something else to that mid slot and hack all cans.

I'm my own NPC alt.

Ralph King-Griffin
New Eden Tech Support
#3 - 2016-08-20 18:48:14 UTC
Yeah i dont but only because i dont like knowing how mich isk im missing out on with my incompitance.
Eleonora Crendraven
Global Communications AG
#4 - 2016-08-21 11:30:32 UTC
Depends on what you prefer:
I like that surprise effect after hacking these cans so I dont use these scanners,
but if you want to make more ISK/ hour better take a look before hacking.


Lulu Lunette
Savage Moon Society
#5 - 2016-08-21 14:00:41 UTC
I prefer some sort of scanning upgrade module instead. You spend more time probing imo