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Best place to find fights fast in nullsec

Cuz Aumer
#1 - 2016-08-13 04:35:44 UTC
ummm what the subject says. Not Provi, as I live there. Close to Provi would be nice. It took me far too long to whelp a ship earlier.
#2 - 2016-08-13 07:30:45 UTC
Did you try curse? Always been action in curse!
Shadows of the Empire
Local Is Primary
#3 - 2016-08-13 10:42:57 UTC
Catch HED-GP area is usually decent for fights
Tony Rocca
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#4 - 2016-08-13 19:07:40 UTC
Cuz Aumer
#5 - 2016-08-14 22:37:45 UTC
Awesome thx guys time to whelp stuff in the name of experience Big smile
Roenok Baalnorn
Sadistically Sinister
#6 - 2016-08-18 04:41:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Roenok Baalnorn
Or you could do what everyone else does...

1) open dot.lan
2) Click on map of region
3) show NPC kills last hour
4) Set destination to high activity system
5) Kill stuff( or die) on the way there.
6) Pew Pew
7) repeat steps 4-6 until thoroughly covered in blood.
8) Head home