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134 mill sp player coming back to the game

Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#1 - 2016-08-11 22:50:10 UTC
hi took a year out after fighting for a very very long time in game now I want back into the fun the corp I'm in atm is my alt corp and I got a friend that wants to come back to the game too so I'm looking for home for the both of us .

I'm in the EU time zone and he's in the US time zone .

thanks for looking !
Davos Azizora
Dissident Aggressors
#2 - 2016-08-11 22:51:02 UTC
We are a bunch of null-sec jack of all trades, masters of none, kind of players. We do BLOPS, small gang, big fleet, cap, mining, building, high sec, wh space, D all of the above kind of corp. The leadership has an average of 8 years in game experience in all aspects. Most of the members have been in the game an average of 3 years. We are a very social, teamspeak based corp that prides itself in that if you are in Modro, you are treated like family. We get RL. We understand that everyone wants to play the game based on different interests.

AttentionAttention Some points that make us Full of Awesome-sauce! AttentionAttention

- 5 mill minimum SP required (if not, we can work something out)
- Full account api required (mandatory)
- TS required (mandatory)
- Mainly PVP minded with great FC`s
- No minimum kill amount
- FC training
- Mine, Rat, or PewPew we have it all
- Good null sec, not ******
- Large group of BFF's that love to create content
- Diverse group and very interesting, non censored conversations

In short we are the next best thing arround at the moment. And we are growing rapidly. Come join us and be a part of something great bound to happen. Remember it is not the size of the organization, it is the quality of the stuff we spew out. And I assure you, we are chock full of goodness!

Feel free to join "Modro Recruit" channel or mail me anytime

Looking forward to hearing from you and flying with you!
P air
Lethal Injection Inc.
Pandemic Legion
#3 - 2016-08-11 22:58:15 UTC
Hi Buddy,

Welcome back to the Game

Dystopian Heaven is currently recruiting, and if pvp is your thing,, we offer what most nullsec alliances have to offer, in addition

We pay our pvpers to pvp, so that they dont have to worry about making isk.

Welcome to visit us

Krel Morgantine
East Khanid Trading
#4 - 2016-08-12 00:52:18 UTC
I'm offline atm as I'm EU but if you fellas would like to look at a great corp in a great alliance living in nullsec space taken from goonies then plz pop into EKTPUB for a chat, we're a close knit group and RL is first . Try a chat mate you both might like what we offer.
Lasko Ferrani
DUST Expeditionary Team
Good Sax
#5 - 2016-08-12 02:54:18 UTC
Hi, come on by for a chat, let's see if you might be a fit

Dust Expeditionary Team{3UST} is currently recruiting. We are part of the Good Sax Alliance. We are based on NPC 0.0 We are seeking both experienced players and newer players who wish to learn the game. We are recruiting for all time zones. We are a mostly US time zone corporation but with a EU/Asia/AU timezone presence. We do expect PvP from our members in support of Corporation/Alliance goals.

We Offer:
PvP: anything from Small Gang to Large Fleet. SRP for Corp/Alliance Operations.
Mining: Access to upgraded 0.0 systems to mine the High End Ores and Full Fleet Boosts. Upgraded Refining Station. Multiple Ice Belts. Good 0.0 planets for PI production.
Exploration: Multiple Regions to scan Relic/Data Sites
PvE: Mission running in NPC 0.0. Belt Ratting. Access to upgraded 0.0 Sov systems for running anomalies
Experienced members to learn from on how to play and how to make a living in Eve without turning Eve into another job.


Voice Comms: We use TeamSpeak. Expect all members to be on Comms.
Full API key for accounts
Full account subscribed. No Trial accounts.


T2 Light/Medium Drones and able to use T1 Sentry/Heavy Drones
Ability to use all T1 Missles/Guns
L4 Skills minimum for using Relic/Data Modules and Fit Cov-Ops Cloak.
Interceptors/Cov-Ops Frigates
Ability to fly both Shield/Armor doctrines with T2 Tank/Support Modules

We are a corp of mature players so we understand that Real Life has to come first. Just ask to be kept informed if you have any issues with your ability to play. We do ask no swearing on Comms since there maybe young children listening.

Please join us in our public in-game channel “Dust Team” with questions and initial contact. We will then get you on TS for further interview.

Questions can be mailed to Blood Payment, H0meland Security or myself
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#6 - 2016-08-14 12:12:59 UTC
going to reply to some of you guys mails today still looking for a home for now
P air
Lethal Injection Inc.
Pandemic Legion
#7 - 2016-08-14 13:10:02 UTC
URDEAD2ME wrote:
going to reply to some of you guys mails today still looking for a home for now

Welcome Back, Just got home myself, will be online for the next hour or two if you wish to stop bye our pub channel

killing nooobs
Hard Knocks Inc.
Hard Knocks Citizens
#8 - 2016-08-14 13:29:58 UTC
Gen MarcusAurelius
Risk Breakers
Pen Is Out
#9 - 2016-08-14 14:28:07 UTC
sent you a in-game mail
Infinite Point
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#10 - 2016-08-14 16:50:39 UTC
Our recruitment is on hold, but could do an exception for two returning vets.
Perfect fit for what you are looking for
John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
#11 - 2016-08-14 19:34:59 UTC

- Fighting Stain Wagon so you'll get plenty of Fleet Action
- Plenty of roams so you get to mix it up too.
- Decent space to make ISK in.
- SRP on losses.

Join our in-game channel, The EDF Bar for a chat and we'll talk.

13 years and counting. Eve Defence Force is recruiting.

Victor MaCleod
Amarr Empire
#12 - 2016-08-14 22:31:56 UTC
Check us out.

We got both EU and US members
The Congregation
Same Great Taste
#13 - 2016-08-15 09:26:52 UTC
check us out, the corp is mainly EUTZ, but our alliance has a shitton of US players
Jony Bigodes
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#14 - 2016-08-22 10:01:29 UTC
Hei there Cool

If you think you meet the requirements contact me by PM.

Hope to talk to you soon Pirate

"Take all, give 'em nothing"

Black Thorne Corporation
#15 - 2016-08-22 12:08:20 UTC
Hi there,

We are a small corp (non-alliance) located in a C2 and always looking for fresh members to roam with and to do OP's with.

Join the HPI recruitement channel for more info and chattings Big smile

Interviewer: “How does it feels to fly at 20AU/sec?”

Wur2e: “It feels normal.”

Naliao Vee
Xen Investments
Xen Combine
#16 - 2016-08-22 13:48:49 UTC
#17 - 2016-08-22 13:55:55 UTC
C.Q.B is a lowsec corp that believes in fighting outnumbered and against the odds.
We are the few unafraid of the many.
Every pilot in our fleet fills an important and necessary role. Every member matters..

Join our ingame channel 'C.Q.B Public' or Join our Discord and ask for a recruiter or pm/msg me directly.

Corp KB:

What we do:
◙ Fleet PVP (Large and small scale fleet engagements, roams and structure op's)
◙ Capital escalation
◙ Black Ops (Force Projection)
◙ Higher tier PVP

We are looking for:
◙ Min 50m skill Point
◙ 300+ kills on an active kb
◙ Full slave clone
◙ Able to fly CAPS on alt or main
◙ Alt account required
◙ Active EU and US TZ PvPers
◙ Willingness to learn & communicate
◙ Mature gamer's
◙ Teamplayers
◙ Self sufficiency in terms of ISK
◙ The ability to fly higher tier doctrine's (Tec 3 cruiser's, HAC's, Faction BS and T2 Logi)
◙ Working headset

What we offer you:
◙ Target rich environment
◙ Content focused
◙ Member of the Snuffed Out Alliance
◙ Active member base
◙ Very experienced FCs and members to learn from
◙ TS3, Forums and Discord

Applicants are required to provide full API keys for all their accounts.
Black Thorne Corporation
#18 - 2016-08-22 20:15:09 UTC
Small correction: it is HPI HR Blink

Interviewer: “How does it feels to fly at 20AU/sec?”

Wur2e: “It feels normal.”

ThisEnd Up
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#19 - 2016-08-24 00:01:00 UTC
Verlayn Delia
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#20 - 2016-08-24 00:56:22 UTC
Mosquito Squadron are looking for active PVP pilots across all TZ's to come and live with us in our 0.0 Sov Home. We are mostly UK/EU with some AU&US pilots with a great killboard at both corp and alliance level. We are looking to expand across all TZ's as our Alliance is always active in all and steadily growing with quality members.

(There is some flexibility):

  • 50mil skill points
  • TS3 capable with working mic.
  • Must be willing to use services such as Jabber.
  • Must be able to fly, or willing to train for, doctrine fleet fittings
  • Full API KEY – This is non-negotiable.
  • You must be financially Self-sufficient!


  • You have or plan on PURCHASING a dread!! (or even better if you have an alt with a dread)
  • If you are an aspiring super pilot: THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE WITH THEM! We are eager to use them at any chance!

If you are interested in applying, then here is a link to the Mosquito Squadron Application. Please feel free to fill it out and convo for any questions!

Or join public channel "633 Public" in game.


  • Don't fall for up-starts promising the world only to fall short due to internal conflicts and lack of real goals!
  • Fly with what's been named 'BL 2.0 / EU Edition' minus the toxic BS atmosphere!
  • Stable leadership from both corp and alliance!
  • We grew slow, and had time to adjust with our fellow alliance mates!
  • 0.0 Sov with great isk space. (Fountain)
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • We know RL comes first and foremost!


W-4NUU - The Culture vs. Cloud RIng
C-N The Culture vs Fcore
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