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Sentry 10
Escape Velocity
#641 - 2016-07-10 22:24:13 UTC
Satomi Teriyaki
#642 - 2016-07-12 09:55:16 UTC
Rudi Gaterau
Stromberg Erze GmbH
#643 - 2016-07-12 17:58:49 UTC
so many beautiful faces Blink

Morgen gibts Freibier :)

Stromberg Erze GmbH

Anke Eyrou
Hades Sisters
#644 - 2016-07-12 21:23:29 UTC
Rudi Gaterau wrote:
so many beautiful faces Blink

Does that include mine?

I expect to get this post deleted or locked. So much for freedom of expression.

Rudi Gaterau
Stromberg Erze GmbH
#645 - 2016-07-12 21:50:21 UTC
Anke Eyrou wrote:
Rudi Gaterau wrote:
so many beautiful faces Blink

Does that include mine?

specifically your OopsBig smileBig smile

Morgen gibts Freibier :)

Stromberg Erze GmbH

Chakmality Jane
Gallente Federation
#646 - 2016-07-16 17:17:36 UTC
True beauty Oops
Anna Log
Xtra Large Invisible Igloos
#647 - 2016-07-18 07:58:23 UTC
Fine, fine :)
Andrew Ender Wiggins
The Spartan's Of Zeus
#648 - 2016-07-18 08:02:51 UTC
I just had a haircut :-)
Matoaka Amonute Pocahontas
Ender's Dragon Army
#649 - 2016-07-18 08:06:23 UTC
Maybe I be pretty enough xx
Laszlo Miklos
Gallente Federation
#650 - 2016-07-18 08:09:56 UTC
Mom always said I was the ugly ducking in the family ;)
Buck Turgidson
TMI Universal
#651 - 2016-07-18 08:16:20 UTC
for 100 mil, I'd show my face too.
Tiangou Huli Jing
Golden Orb Delivery Service
#652 - 2016-07-18 10:59:17 UTC
I don't suppose you or one of your friends have got a spare pair of the drone tattoos you could let me have cheap.......... I love my sleeves but the drone ones are superb, just a little too pricy for me :-)

no offense meant but see no harm asking?

fingers crossed lol Big smile

#653 - 2016-07-24 11:43:22 UTC
REALITY X wrote:
1. pOST hERE
2. iF i liKe yOuR pOrTraiT - yoU gET 100 MiL

siMpLe Cool

Here I am. Minmatar freedom fighter! Yarrrgh!
Wyper insane
Literally The Worst Community
#654 - 2016-07-25 00:34:16 UTC
Let's see !
Olivia Sc
#655 - 2016-07-25 12:58:56 UTC
Hey P
Terill Storm
#656 - 2016-07-28 10:22:57 UTC
Hello Cool
Dark Lord Trump
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#657 - 2016-07-28 14:39:10 UTC
Eh, might as well give it a go.

I'm going to build a big wall that will keep the Gallente out, and they're going to pay for it!

Khergit Deserters
Crom's Angels
#658 - 2016-07-29 00:41:31 UTC
Surely you about 5% like this? OK, maybe 4%? I'd accept 4mil, I'm not proud. I got bills to pay.
Kaliyo Ausprix
Jadeshin News
Atlas Network of Interstellar Research Operations
#659 - 2016-07-29 15:57:26 UTC
What's going on here?
Seliane Harck
Blacklight Economics
#660 - 2016-07-30 14:17:39 UTC
For the Emperor ! Big smile