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PI extraction status in Crest or API

Anvs Maximus
Mors et Vectigalia
#1 - 2016-07-27 22:47:47 UTC
is there in crest or api or anything really a way to set up either a spreadsheet or an app that will monitor if the PI extractors are active?

I occasionally will, in a rush, hit submit before I hit install program on the ECU. Which of course means that the extraction stuff you just set up is lost and for the next, in my case, 24 hours your planet will be extracting nothing.

Obviously I am careful but s*** happens so I am trying to figure out a way to alert me if this happens, a program or something that will tell me that my extractors are active or not.

If that is possible then for an extra bonus is it possible to say your average rate of extraction? it would be nice to have on a spreadsheet all my characters extraction rates and materials so I can optimize my operation as much as possible.

So is anything like that possible? if so is it already a program? if not I'll have to write my own which is fine, Im not the best programmer but I know enough to get by if need be.

Here there be Dragons
#2 - 2016-07-28 19:57:56 UTC
Since the API data is only updated when you view things in game it probably will be hard to detect anything after you start things in game. That's one issue with the PI stuff which is different than the other APIs which are updated on API request. The PI stuff is only updated after game server cache data from you viewing it in game. So from your example it might be possible to notice the missing program in ECU but no way to see actual amount being extracted from the cycles as they aren't being calculate until you look at it and realize something is not right.

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