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Citadel : Projected Warp Disruption Field Generator

Anthar Thebess
#1 - 2016-07-06 08:06:29 UTC
Citadels are new EVE, they allow people to lay foundation for small empires and forge new mechanics.
One of the most hated and loved thing in eve is Warp Disruption Field.
Currently we can use dictor bubbles, hic fields, mothership remote versions and old structures that provide us this ability.

Now we need dedicated module for citadels that will offer us new possibilities and mechanics.
What i propose is to create new service module and dependent on it high slot module for citadels.
Main difference in citadel Warp Disruption Field Generator will be possibility to project it on large distances up to 2.000km from citadel, and size of the disruption field that will be 80-100km in diameter.

100km wide bubble projected 2.000 km away from a target that i cannot touch - how this can be balanced?!
Balance will come from citadels them self - you need time and grid control to deploy a citadel.
There will be no instant bubble anywhere.
Service module will also use fuel, 20-60 blocks per hour seams reasonable.
What is most important like in other citadel services - starting up the service will consume 2-3 day fuel block usage - making normal anchorable bubbles cheaper.
Next balance come from the way how the higslot module operate.
Cycle time for deployed bubble is 1 hour - if you decide to relocate projected bubble - you can do it only after full 1 hour cycle.

Why eve need this module?
Eve don't need it - simply citadels are grid control objects and this module perfectly fit into this.
If i controlled the grid to place citadel, then i should be allowed to operate on this grid.

When i see this module used :
- when there is citadel siege, you can bubble enemy fleet attacking any citadel in rage.
We have capital sized propulsion modules, good reason to fit one on dread or carrier.
- bubbling enemy pos, perfect reason to move away from tower usage
- bubble enemy station or citadel, more reason to kill anchoring enemy citadel in first place
- gate bubbling, possibility but i thing deployable bubbles will still be better, and cheaper.
Using deployable bubbles you can drag enemy out of the gate, create warp tunnels, disable gate bubbles in minutes.

For people heating this idea - please remember that citadel is stationary object that cannot move and take long time to anchor.
Like wit the pos - you decide to enter the grid where the citadel is located.