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Goodbye my friends!

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Harbingers of Reset
#41 - 2016-06-24 14:47:51 UTC
o7 m8!
see you on the overview
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#42 - 2016-06-24 14:55:54 UTC
one of the good ones

Kaldi Tsukaya
Deveron Shipyards and Technology
#43 - 2016-06-24 14:59:31 UTC
Lan Wang
Knights of the Posing Meat
Snuffed Out
#44 - 2016-06-24 15:15:43 UTC
CCP FoxFour wrote:
I am not leaving EVE, Just CCP. I will still be playing the game.

FETID Recruiting Cool

good luck o/

Domination Nephilim - Angel Cartel

Calm down miner. As you pointed out, people think they can get away with stuff they would not in rl... Like for example illegal mining... - Ima Wreckyou*

Ilian Amarin
Horde Vanguard.
Pandemic Horde
#45 - 2016-06-24 15:20:45 UTC
Tau Cabalander
Retirement Retreat
Working Stiffs
#46 - 2016-06-24 15:23:03 UTC
I hope you find what you are looking for, and your shoes!
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#47 - 2016-06-24 15:25:05 UTC

Now how I am supposed to get you chocolate?

ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

Senior Lead

Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Interstellar Services Department

Deviant Dollyz
#48 - 2016-06-24 15:35:58 UTC

See you in space >:D
Abulurd Boniface
Serene Vendetta
#49 - 2016-06-24 15:36:45 UTC
Thank you for all your contributions to EVE and CCP!


Karer II
Legion of xXDEATHXx Support
Legion of xXDEATHXx
#50 - 2016-06-24 15:46:36 UTC
You did great job, FoxFour! Really. CREST, especially in last year, got so many good abilities. I heard you did almost whole job by yourself. It is incredible.

Thank you for your job. Thank you for your patience and openness. I hope ppl who will do your job will be open to dialogue as you (via ingame mail for example).

I wish you good luck. Fly safe!
The Bosena Accords
Warclone Initiative
#51 - 2016-06-24 15:48:32 UTC
CCP FoxFour wrote:
Bit off topic but whatever,

As most of you know today is my last day at CCP. I am leaving for personal reasons but before I go just wanted to say thanks one final time to everyone in the third-party dev community. The last 4 years at CCP have been ******* wonderful and a good part of that is because I have had the pleasure of working with you all to help build the best community possible.

For those wondering no, I am not leaving EVE, Just CCP. I will still be playing the game. I have been playing since 2003 so there isn't really a possibility of my quitting the game now. :D

Take care everyone and see you around,

CCP FoxFour

Good luck to you wherever life leads you!

Rattati Senpai noticed us! See you in the next FPS!

Alts: Saray Wyvern, Mobius Wyvern (Dust 514)

CCP Sledgehammer
C C P Alliance
#52 - 2016-06-24 15:52:53 UTC
Never not fly reckless!

Graphical QA Analyst | EVE Quality Assurance | Team TriLambda

Zero Fun Allowed
#53 - 2016-06-24 16:10:47 UTC
Did you fix siphons yet???
al'Lan Athonille
Brute Force Solutions.
#54 - 2016-06-24 16:16:33 UTC
Galactic Rangers
Already Replaced.
#55 - 2016-06-24 16:19:43 UTC
thanks fox you'll be missed. i wish you all the luck and happyness you deserve. best of luck o7
Edward Nashton
Titan Transnational
#56 - 2016-06-24 16:23:03 UTC
Hawke Frost
#57 - 2016-06-24 16:25:56 UTC
Now you can actually play the damn game again :)

Welcome back.
Vincent Eneticum
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#58 - 2016-06-24 16:26:53 UTC
Unus ex Plures
Vae. Victis.
#59 - 2016-06-24 16:33:54 UTC
Thanks Socksfour for all your hard work mate. You have helped to make EVE a better place.

Thanks man

Steve Ronuken
Fuzzwork Enterprises
Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM
#60 - 2016-06-24 16:44:10 UTC
o7 <3

Woo! CSM XI!

Fuzzwork Enterprises

Twitter: @fuzzysteve on Twitter