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2016.07.06 00:00 Jaque Pot Lotto Drawing #3

Trogdor Montague
Jaque Pot Holdings
#1 - 2016-06-24 13:54:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Trogdor Montague
Watch the drawing live here:

For the low entry fee of just 1 million isk, you have the opportunity to win one of many prizes, up to a guaranteed jackpot of 1.5 billion, or the current market value of 1 PLEX, whichever is higher! Based on the law of averages, 91% of all money collected will be given right back to the players in the form of prizes, with a 9% margin going to our investors who have supplied to time, materials, and funds to get things moving. 1 in every 17 tickets sold will at least double their investment.

Drawings will be held every Thursday via a YouTube Live Stream using Random.Org at or around 00:00 Eve Time unless otherwise notified. While I need to get a couple of these under my belt before committing, I'd like to hold a drawing every week.

Half of the revenue generated by every ticket purchase goes into our specific Jack Pot Fund Wallet, increasing the grand prize with every ticket sold.

JaquePot players should send ticket requests by "Giving Money" to my corporation, Jaque Pot Holdings in increments of 1 million isk.

4 "Black Balls" are pulled from a pool of 1-50
1 "Gold Ball" is pulled from a separate pool of 1-30
The order of the pull does not matter at all

Please use two digit numbers to represent each ball you are selecting, separating the black balls by a comma, and the Gold ball with a dash. Each "ticket" or set of numbers should be separated with a slash. A valid submission for three tickets will look something like this:


If you don't provide a comma-separated list of numbers you want to draw in the "reason", we'll issue some randomly-generated ticket numbers. Either way, we will confirm your entry as soon as we are able via an in-game mail.

Here's the full payout schedule.
Jackpot Prize - 1:6,909,000 - 4B 1G
1bn - 1:238,241 - 4B 0G
750mil - 1:37,549 - 3B 1G
100mil - 1:1,113 - 2B 1G
50mil - 1:1,295 - 3B 0G
10mil - 1:114 - 1B 1G
5mil - 1:42 - 0B 1G
2mil - 1:38 - 2B 0G
Overall Odds of Winning: 1:17
Prize Money Awarded 91% of Sales

If you have any questions about the lottery, feel free to join us on the in-game chat room "Jaque Pot Lotto", reply to this forum post, or send me eve mail. For more information regarding the viability and reliability of this Lotto, feel free to check out our forum thread for investors or visit our website,
Trogdor Montague
Jaque Pot Holdings
#2 - 2016-06-29 13:45:59 UTC
6 hours, 15 minutes to buy your tickets!
Trogdor Montague
Jaque Pot Holdings
#3 - 2016-06-29 23:41:58 UTC
My deepest apologies, a work event has come up and I will be unable to broadcast tonight. I can either draw numbers tomorrow night, or roll all the current tickets into next week. I'm open to discussion, just let me know. I will also refund tickets to anyone who demands it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.,

Trogdor Montague
Jaque Pot Holdings
#4 - 2016-07-06 04:02:26 UTC
Reminder, ticket sales close in less than 16 hours!!!
Trogdor Montague
Jaque Pot Holdings
#5 - 2016-07-06 21:33:30 UTC

There will be free tickets available to win before the drawing, and a special, HUGE announcement!
Trogdor Montague
Jaque Pot Holdings
#6 - 2016-07-06 22:24:57 UTC