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Launcher loads, but game doesn't start

Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2016-05-10 14:56:01 UTC
Hey guys,

I usually don't have issues running Eve. I was logging in this morning and everything worked fine. However, with my recent attempt to get in I am not able to start the game.

Launcher loads up fine, when I click "Play" it tries to start up the game, but then it just shuts her down, and I stand with the launcher on screen.

Tried starting up from the bin, tried verifying the cache, and several system re-starts - but no luck there. Not sure what else can be the issue?

Algarion Getz
Aideron Corp
#2 - 2016-05-10 17:49:34 UTC
Probably this:

Open taskmanager and look for EVE clients that run in the background.