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Run and Gun Mercenaries is recruiting.

Vera Markus
Knights of the Posing Meat
#1 - 2016-02-09 01:04:27 UTC
Lowsec Corporation Run and Gun Mercenary Corps is seeking new members.

Are you the kind of person that takes a takes a fight, posts GF in local win or lose, and means it? We are a group of people that like to bust each other's balls while we are pewing. We have a solid KB and do PvP in all it's forms.

We Looking for pilots that want to live in lowsec. Want a -10 sec status? We don't care. We are looking for people that fit in our culture, first and foremost. Don't like swearing? Well this isn't the ******* place for you. Someone asks you for help. You help.

We are 85% in the USTZ we a strong showing of East Coast and Central TZ dudes. Our alliance has guys online around the clock and our neighbours are available to be shot 24/7.

You need 15 million skill points on your main, but alts are required to have at least 5 million to be incorp.

1) If active, be on comms.
2) Be a smart player. (No whining about losing **** fits in 20 v 1 engagements)
3) Be supportive. We help each other out.
4) Full API key. You know the drill

We live in Molden Heath, currently based in Bosena. You decide when to play. We don't discriminate on those who don't have the same time commitment as others. Some pvp experience is preferred but if you're rusty or have a general idea, we'll help you hone your skills to be a better pilot.

Join our ingame public channel RAGMC. If no one is available, send me a mail and we'll get you started on the recruitment trail.
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#2 - 2016-03-20 22:07:56 UTC
RAGMC is still recruiting and always looking for more AUTZ bros to join the handful of us that hold down the fort.

Heaps of content available to pilots if they want to fight out numbered! So get you're case together, jump in our public and get on to a recruiter today!
Celtic Anarchy
Dead Terrorists
#3 - 2016-04-29 14:34:12 UTC
We are still recruiting, heaps of conetent, join us!