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PI question

Kelly Torres
HIgh Sec Care Bears
Brothers of Tangra
#1 - 2016-04-27 19:03:50 UTC
I know your all sick of the PI questions Ugh but i need a bit of help.

So iv been doing PI for just under a month now, Making next to nothing.
My goal is to make P3 robotics, I did a little research and saw that they sell and move pretty good.

Today i thought about clearing all my worlds but one, My plasma world.
Stop mining completely and just buy my base materials and go up the production chain from there.

I determined that buying P2 to make P3 is not profitable at all will station tax and import tax.

But buying my base materials and spending the extra time to go up the production chain is much better.

Now i could be wrong.. But my issue is in the final numbers i have come up with.
Please keep in mind these numbers are for 30 days.

Ok so total base materials with tax is about 168,192,000
Import tax is (20%) 24,192,000
Export of finished P3 is 10,886,400 (Im shooting for about two cycles a week with 20 factories for a total of 5760 robotics a month, Selling at about 90,000ech)

Now my math and program im using says my EST profit would be about 315,129,600, After cost above.

This number to me seams to high for ONE planet..

Oh and i do realize there is a extra cost to sell my stuff, Broker fee and escrow but my program doesnt factor that in.

What do you think??

Thank you for your time..
Phoenix Jones
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2016-04-27 19:51:10 UTC
Did you factor in the transit cost? All that p0 or p1 stuff takes up a decent amount of volume and chews through a lot quickly.

The numbers don't look wrong theoretically, but you'll be running into a supply chain issue. The poco can only hold so much, and you'll be using a freighter just to move this stuff back and forth.


Kelly Torres
HIgh Sec Care Bears
Brothers of Tangra
#3 - 2016-04-27 20:26:52 UTC
Yes that number is included in my calculation
Import tax is (20%) 24,192,000
That number is total for 30 days of resupplying.

If my projected profit number looks about right then thank you, Just seamed high to me.
But as i said im just starting out so didnt know what to expect.
Shae Tadaruwa
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#4 - 2016-04-27 20:30:06 UTC
Kelly Torres wrote:
I know your all sick of the PI questions Ugh ...

How do you know this?

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Kelly Torres
HIgh Sec Care Bears
Brothers of Tangra
#5 - 2016-04-27 20:37:51 UTC
Shae Tadaruwa wrote:
Kelly Torres wrote:
I know your all sick of the PI questions Ugh ...

How do you know this?

Sorry Should not have said i know..
Just an assumptionLol
I have seen a lot of PI threads.
Bockscar Sweeney
Echelon Research
Goonswarm Federation
#6 - 2016-04-27 21:24:01 UTC
Check for planets with no POCO tax.

Recheck your math too, I looked at doing the same and could not find anything to turn a profit

I run 13 planets (3 accounts) collecting and T1 then have 2 doing t2>t3, profit is about 2bil a month for less than 1 hour a day investment.

Good Luck!
Lulu Lunette
Savage Moon Society
#7 - 2016-04-27 21:46:40 UTC
I buy this and then turn it into that multiplied by 5 planets. Basically tripling my money. I have 10% taxes. Going from P1 (which I buy) to P3 helps avoid some of the taxes.

This is how I arrived at making Neocoms. Normally I do E > P1 worlds.. but since I'm not in null/wormhole anymore I am trying out the factory thing. It's annoying moving stuff around.

I copied this setup on all of my worlds.


Nat Silverguard
Aideron Robotics
#8 - 2016-04-28 13:41:36 UTC
based on experience, a single launch pad can only take/store a +3-day worth of P1 materials.

in a regular-sized planet and with Command Center Upgrade level 5, you can have 4 launch pads + 20 factories ( 4 to produce the Robotics + 8 to produce Mechanical Parts + 8 to produce Consumer Electronics).

4 launch pads to hold the 4 type of P1 mats. (Chiral Structures, Precious Metals, Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals), for 3 day cycle.

you'll need 23,040 of each P1 type mats (8,755.2 m3 x 4) and will produce 864 units of Robotics every 3 days.

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Phoenix Jones
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2016-04-28 16:40:26 UTC
One other item to factor in, your character. Is this on a solely dedicated pi alt, and can they fly a hauler/or ca or freighter to do these deliveries. Because having your main now stuck in that location because you have to move pi around.. Sucks... Unless you are in a wormhole.