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Dredge Nation - Mine / Rat / DUNK NERDS 0.0

Iron Jade
Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2016-04-11 17:10:59 UTC
Let me tell you about dredge

We are a care free corpration that is about the enjoyment of the game.

If you want to try to "win EVE", You can do that, We are part of GTOG, and have options into enjoy full fleet options to enjoy large and small warfare. If you want to chill, Mine, Rat, Market ... or just hang out and bs.. you can do that too.

Ever crash your client by getting over 200kills with in 3 seconds? Two of our guys have.

Ever sit next to a Pos so Stuffed full of supers and titans that it can't hold any more?

Our ceo was the first to use the entosis troller (with in 5 min of the update)

we had 3 die in a new drifter wormholes with in hours, just to see whats in it.

We farmed 30+ drifters using 3 people and no caps.

We go roming in battle haulers

We occassionaly go ganking in High sec, Greifing in low sec, and station spinning in null.

Every lay a Outpost in eve ? Our founders have.

Basicly we entertain ourself with bad ideas, and immoral choices.

Some mine, Some Rat, Some run around looking to expose corpses to space... All have a place in Dredge. Just don't get offened easy and everything will be great.

Would you like to know more ?

To find out more join us in DREDGE

We offer:
-Fleet Mining.
-Anomaly site running.
-Friendly Atmosphere.

*Full API required*
The Exchange Collective
Solyaris Chtonium
#2 - 2016-04-11 21:38:57 UTC
This is a great group of people. You will not be disappointed.
Daneo Mistry
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2016-04-11 22:11:04 UTC
unfortunately im off to bed, but I think im gonna have to look you guys up tomorrow. :)