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If I upgrade my account....

Cade Connelly
Pandemic Rust
#1 - 2016-02-02 17:42:09 UTC
if I get a sub or a plex and use it, does it upgrade all characters on my account?

can I use multiple characters at once (since 'get an alt' seems to be standard operating procedure)?
The Exchange Collective
Solyaris Chtonium
#2 - 2016-02-02 17:46:30 UTC
Cade Connelly wrote:
if I get a sub or a plex and use it, does it upgrade all characters on my account?

can I use multiple characters at once (since 'get an alt' seems to be standard operating procedure)?

The whole account will no longer be a "Trial" account, if that's what you mean. However, you can never log in more than one character from any given account simultaneously.

Multiple training queues are available with a multi training certificate.

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Iria Ahrens
Space Perverts and Forum Pirates
#3 - 2016-02-02 17:46:40 UTC
If you want to play two, or more, alts at the same time, then you'll need separate accounts. Upgrading your account makes all characters on that account non-trial.

I personally don't use multiple accounts. My suggestion is not to make second account because it is "normal". Wait until you feel the actual need.

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Centis Adjani
Adjani Corporation
#4 - 2016-02-02 20:54:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Centis Adjani
You pay for one account. This one account is capable to hold three different characters.
But you can skill only one of these 3 chars at the same time. And only one of these 3 chars can be logged in.
If you want skill all 3 of your chars parallel, you have to pay for additional (Multi Character Training).

People use this to have an hauler alt or PvP alt or cyno alt or ..etc....
They use this to train their other characters of the account to specialize them in one direction.
And then these chars don't need any more skills.

If you want to play parallel with two alts (Multi Boxing), you need two paid accounts/subscriptions.
Memphis Baas
#5 - 2016-02-02 21:39:40 UTC
As explained above, you're not limited in what skills you can pick / choose for your character, so in EVE it's easy to make what in other games would be a tank/DPS/healer/everything, with a single character.

However, alts are useful. On the same account as your main, you can pay and train the alts a little bit, and then not have to pay extra subscription time to get some usefulness out of them. You can have:

- trading alt (sit in Jita and check prices on things)

- posting alt (if you like to insult people on the forums, hopefully they don't find your main character)

- CEO alt (this way you can make your own corp, and if you want to go join another corp with your main, the CEO can hold your personal corp open).

- specialized industry alt (some things, such as the number of manufacturing slots or planetary industry bases, are limited to only 6-10 per character, so people use all 3 character slots to unlock more slots for industry and research - the alts don't fly much as they just sit in station and manage the production of stuff).

Being able to fly 2 characters at the same time is also useful, although it requires a decent computer, and hopefully 2 screens to make it easier on yourself. Some examples of this kind are:

- scout alt (fly ahead of your transport to see if there's danger ahead)

- cyno alt (capital ships require a cyno beacon to be able to jump from one system to the next)

- thief (you typically pretend that you're a clueless newbie and this is your first character, and it's squeaky clean on a new account, no alts, and when you join a corporation they check for alts via the API, and then once they trust you, you steal everything).
Ralph King-Griffin
The Devil's Warrior Alliance
#6 - 2016-02-02 21:43:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Ralph King-Griffin
Cade Connelly wrote:
if I get a sub or a plex and use it, does it upgrade all characters on my account?

Cade Connelly wrote:

can I use multiple characters at once (since 'get an alt' seems to be standard operating procedure)?


you need another account for that

two accounts gets you 6 characters,
two of which your subscription will allow you to train without additional payment or plex

one character per account can be online at any given time , Regardless of payment or plex.


i pay for two accounts,
i have 6 characters,
two of which currently have active training,
i can use any combination of 1 character from each account that i choose.

i can switch the active training on each account to any of the characters on it ,whenever i like , for however long i like ,
or i can use a plex to activate an additional que to train an additional character on the same account at the same time.

by the way, dont get an alt unless you have a clear and explicit need for one.

i need scouts online at the same time as i am so i may operate as i do,
had i no necessity i would have no additional account.

When you need another character online at the same time as your main it will be abundantly clear too you.

That said I run two accounts and I enjoy it enough to have bought a second monitor for that account.
Admittedly my particular playstyle pretty much necessitates a second account so I'm somewhat biased towards dual-boxing

If you want to, go for it by all means,
just have something of a plan for the characters on it before you start throwing money at it.

Veteran tip : Don't name your alts similarly to your main.
(you will thank me for that in years to comeBlink)
Fatima Foont
#7 - 2016-02-02 22:33:32 UTC
Curious what MMO lets you simultaneously play more than one character on a single account.