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EOC.TV Rumble Prize Winners - Evil At Work

Academy of EVE
#1 - 2015-12-16 07:54:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Adarics
Hey Everyone,

Below are the list of winners of the EOC.TV Rumble 2015.

There have been a few problems with the kill-mails where some seem to be out of order with so much data going on during the event. As such, determining who killed who first was a challenge for us and several third parties going over the data. We have seen pods killed before the actual ships blowing up.

In light of the ones we were unsure, we asked Chribba to use his random generator as a third party to determine the winners of some of the prizes.

Again, we highly apologize for the delay, but Evil At Work wanted to be fair and correct as we possibly could.

First Kill In Target System – Shadow Phaze– Valkyrie Comic (Signed)
First Gallente Kill In Target System – Exva Alduin– Valkyrie Comic (Signed)
First Caldari Kill In Target System – Kenzo2k7– Valkyrie Comic (Signed)
First Amarr Kill In Target System – Exva Alduin – Valkyrie Comic (Signed)
First Minimtar Kill In Target System – klimis Lnnister– Valkyrie Comic (Signed)

Most Expensive Over all Kill - Antwood – Valkyrie Comic (Signed)
Most Expensive Frig Kill - Destoya – Signed Poster
Most Expensive Cruiser Kill - Jankos Sabannfuhrer– Signed Poster
Most Expensive BattleShip Kill - FoxCrow Asanari– Signed Poster

Most Killed Count - klimis Lnnister – 4 Billion ISK

25th Kill – FoxCrow Asanari- 1 Billion ISK
50th Kill – Gheyna - Carrier
100th Kill – Nash Kadavr - Dread
200th Kill – Tiffanbrill - Dread
500th Kill – Eu Phanda - Fitted Vindicator
1000th Kill – Telefishopolis –Art of New Eden (Signed)

Final Titan Blow – Illustria Madeveda (Random Draw) Second Decade Collector’s Edition (Signed)

First Loss in Target System - Darkmat3r - 500 Million ISK
First Gallente Loss In Target System – Jane Shapperd – 250 Million ISK
First Caldari Loss In Target System – Sun Ra – 250 Million ISK
First Amarr Loss In Target System – Tanner Mirabell – 250 Million ISK
First Minimtar Loss In Target System – Darkmat3r – 250 Million ISK

Most Expensive Overall Loss - Jops – 1 Billion ISK
Most Expensive Frig Loss - Virion Stoneshard – 550 Million ISK
Most Expensive Cruiser Loss - Hexoatl MK43 – 750 Million ISK
Most Expensive BattleShip Loss - Jim Tsero – 1 Billion ISK

25th Loss – Avery Lewis - 1 Billion ISK
50th Loss – USN CVN74 – 1.5 Billion ISK
100th Loss – Endo Dy- Dread
200th Loss – Tertius Caeded - Dread
500th Loss – Unit 978 - Fitted Vindicator
1000th Loss – Arkaiser – Art of New Eden (Signed)
Random- R4n Isimazu – 1 Billion
Random- dancing ninja– 500 Million
Chrysaetus – Art of New Eden Book (Signed)

Team 4 Prizes:
Moe Lesture – 500 Million ISK
Rock Muncher666 – 500 Million ISK
Noelt Daski– 500 Million ISK
Orion Sa-Solo – 500 Million ISK
King Aires – Dread
Tycho VI – 1.5 Billion ISK
CivilWars – 1.5 Billion ISK
Halaxi – 1.5 Billion ISK

Team 3 Prizes:
5pitf1re – 500 Million ISK
Echo Utrigas – 500 Million ISK
Rixx Javix – 500 Million ISK
Jorah Skir – 500 Million ISK
Chrysaetus – Dread
jasondamien Severasse – 1.5 Billion ISK
keenzi Akachi – 1.5 Billion ISK
Darkmat3r– 1.5 Billion ISK

Team 2 Prizes:
Artjom Levankow – 500 Million ISK
Major Deal – 500 Million ISK
Waffengeklapper – 500 Million ISK
Space Bud – 500 Million ISK
Thorrfinn Ulffson – Dread
Beast 667 – 1.5 Billion ISK
Luredivino – 1.5 Billion ISK
Wigglet2k – 1.5 Billion ISK

Team 1 Prizes:
Crazy Kybelis – 500 Million ISK
Destoya – 500 Million ISK
Jessica Iritan – 500 Million ISK
Masovna Budala – 500 Million ISK
Dack Pilot – Dread
Ashylarry Zateki – 1.5 Billion ISK
Carenthor Loon – 1.5 Billion ISK
Treva Cosmos – 1.5 Billion ISK

We appreciate everyone, even 3rd parties that showed up to the event making it one of the biggest events in EVE Online history. Further, thanks to all of the amazing 3rd parties who assisted with the data, and going through the mess of kill mails.

We have amazing people doing amazing things, please help each other, kill each other and have fun. Support Care4Kids, BestOFUs and Plex4Good.

Great Regards,

Co-Founder/Team Lead
Evil At Work
Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#2 - 2015-12-16 17:00:19 UTC
Prizes have been handed out except a few last ones still due which should hopefully find their owners soon :)


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