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[Focus Group] Capital Ships Signup

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Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
#141 - 2015-11-11 17:04:42 UTC
Hello CCP,

I submit my application because I am neither a capital FC nor a direct builder of one. I submit because I am qualified under every other scenario related to capitals ranging from fuel logistics to jump fatigue, capital mod market manipulation to capital character bazaar selling, officer mod dominance to mineral hording in the major hubs. Not only have I engaged in every form of market speculation during your previous patches I have also participated in many of the more recent RL headlined capital fights.

Furthermore I would like to advertise my ability to professionally and productively act as the 10th man which is most commonly regarded as the devil's advocate. Having the interpersonal skills to effectively communicate amongst any level in an organization I also willingly leave my emotions at the door and will work until a task is complete.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Mike Azariah
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#142 - 2015-11-11 17:08:26 UTC
Initial list has been made, you slow pokes still applying need to be a bit quicker off the mark, eh?


Mike Azariah  ┬──┬ ¯|(ツ)

Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#143 - 2015-11-11 17:44:41 UTC
Perhaps too late but, i'd like participate and provide input from the perspective of caps in wormholes. I have used caps in wh space for both PVP and PVE and could provide valuable input.

A majority of my capitals are flown on my cap alts but i've been in slowcat (RIP) fleets, flown triage and dread vs. dread and dread vs. subcap engagements.

I have extensive experience moving caps around and in/out of wormholes. Probably where my experience rivals most others.
Peter Moonlight
Suddenly Carebears
#144 - 2015-11-11 19:49:40 UTC
I guess I'm too late, but I'd like to apply to be part of this group.

I was involved in many many capital fights in w-space (k-space in past as well) mostly as FC and often flying a capital myself.
I'm interested in how these changes are gonna affect w-space both in PVP/PVE, and I think I can contribute to the discussion with my experience.
Sgt Ocker
What Corp is it
#145 - 2015-11-11 20:07:11 UTC
Mike Azariah wrote:
Initial list has been made, you slow pokes still applying need to be a bit quicker off the mark, eh?


The focus group will certainly be focused - Shame about the future for the rest of us who use caps. (or used to anyway)

My opinions are mine.

  If you don't like them or disagree with me that's OK.- - - - - - Just don't bother Hating - I don't care

It really is getting harder and harder to justify $23 a month for each sub.

Jak Morris
Van Diemen's Demise
Northern Coalition.
#146 - 2015-11-11 20:18:33 UTC
Hello CCP

I would like to add my name to any future list. Im a very level headed bloke eager to contribute to the discussion of ideas on improving Capitals for future generations. I would fall into the catagory of capital enthusiast. I love the style of play with its extra complexities and higher stakes. I think i can add constructively tothe discussion from an AUTZ perspectives.

I have spent the last 3 years in a capital heavy corporation (VDD) and enjoyed the pleasure of NC/PL capital content of the Fountain and Halloween wars. I have also flown most and/or destroyed all the different capitals in the game at one time or another and even FCd a few minor sov grinding supercapital and capital groups. I have a good understanding of all current metas of capital and supercapital classes and i think i could debate the pros and cons with broad minded fairness.

Kind Regards

Predator Elite
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#147 - 2015-11-11 21:51:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Predator Elite
I'd like to participate in the focus group. As a CEO and alliance leader of a growing and active low sec PvP alliance, I feel like I would have a lot to contribute to the focus group. Not to mention I also have a ton of experience fc'ing capitals, being dreads and carriers. I would be more then happy to lend my experiences to this focus group.
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#148 - 2015-11-11 21:55:25 UTC
I'd like to participate in the focus group. As a grunt ;-) It should be a valuable addition since its use grunts that effectively get to use the new capitals in general.

Needless to state my corp (and alliance) is a group that has high number of SP and high number of super capitals in general.
Other then that my experience with eve (neighter the oldest nor the newest) should prove a valuable addition to the group.
Goonswarm Federation
#149 - 2015-11-11 22:05:42 UTC
I'd be interested, I spoke with you at pretty good length at Eve Vegas. Let me know if you need more people.
Infernal Laboratory
Infernal Octopus
#150 - 2015-11-12 03:33:21 UTC
I want to be in this focus group, because we will be need to kill most of this super players anyway, so we need to know how they try to fly safe in Aridia. Especially that PL and NC groups which was already selected in focus always.

Or like always this supers group will fly on 30 supers together and no one will be able to do anything agains it.
(especially if they never fight against each other, but we fight against all of them)
Death By Design
#151 - 2015-11-12 04:31:55 UTC

I would love to get in on this discussion as well. I do not have any experience with flying Super Capitals myself, however I have been around them some, and fought against them plenty of times. Not to say I've never wanted one... Once I'm able to dock and swap like any other ship I will most likely invest in one. That being said, I have been playing Eve for over a decade now. I've touched on pretty much any aspect of the game at different points in that time frame, but I have been active in pvp, espionage, and theory crafting for almost all of that time. A few brief cycles in Null Sec, but low sec pvp is where I hang my hat, argh a pirates life for me.
I do have extensive knowledge and practice in low sec pvp including many battleship engagements that quickly escalated into dreadnaught slug fests.

If you would like a die hard low sec pirate's input, I would be happy to jump on board.

You're dunked
White Sky.
#152 - 2015-11-12 06:06:26 UTC  |  Edited by: 3Better
Hi, i feel like i can be helpful in the capital ship discussion because i have been flying all types of caps and supers for approximately 3 years and regularly using them in small scale skirmishes. My first combat capital was a chimera, which i used as a dps platform to fight with solo\small size hostile roams. Soon after, i have bought my first supercapital (2013, hel) and started taking part in the CFC supercapital operations. Some months later i have come to the conclusion that i finished the basic training as an f1 super pilot and decided to make a step forward and find the content for my super myself.
Since those days (end of 2013) i have been constantly learning new things in terms of using jump-capable ships and making decisions when to commit these ships into a fight.

Nowadays, i'm probably known for hunting caps\supers in Aridia and the regions close to it. While having the decent number of the dead supercapitals at the kb, i was not only the person who hunts, but also the one who is being hunted. Therefore, i have major experience in this aspect from all points of view.

Also, i have many hours of the interaction with Starbases: shooting them with dreadnoughts, repping with triage carriers, being a tower operator, managing them to provide more flexible access and so on.

When i'm not being prudent i like doing things which most people would call stupid and too risky: ratting with titan, making long travels via gates with any kind of capitals (titan and jf included), smartbombing gate with titan, hotdropping a turret titan on a subcapital (post nerf), and a few more.

At the end, i would i like to add that i wish the numbers of russian-speaking participants was extended a bit :)
Orca Platypus
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#153 - 2015-11-12 14:12:42 UTC
Incompetent - 3
Unknown - 4
Corrupt - 12
Good - 7

This is literally worse than T3 group.
I guess for the next group CCP bias will finally get full power, and corrupt people finally get the majority they need to get rid of everything threatening their bot empires in eve.
Buhhdust Princess
Mind Games.
Suddenly Spaceships.
#154 - 2015-11-12 23:56:18 UTC
Hey guys, a bit late on the uptake, but I would really like to be involved.
Contra Ratio
#155 - 2015-11-13 10:42:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Zomgnomnom
I realize I may be way behind the times on this. I have been a bit busy with work the last week and have missed the bad posting as well as the request for applicants.

I can't claim the resume of Elise, or Lex or Laz... Hell I can't even begin to think why you would consider some one like me in their shadow. Here is what I DO know. I have spent a long time moving Supers and Titans in the shadow of PL and CFC. I have nuked CFC ratting Super Carriers who had the pos password of 12345. :P

I have helped friends move through Aridia/ Solitude and had 3Betters 30 dreads land 2 seconds after the safe log occurred.

I have been in Slowcat fleets and I have both survived and died as a Triage Carrier, sometimes both in the same night.

Even though I am part of Darkness, my Aeon has only seen 1 MAJOR fleet fight, the only damage it took was NC. FRIENDLY smart bombs.

The reason I would like to be a part of this focus group is that I have spent ALL of my super capital life, HIDING from other super caps. I have spent the majority of my play time prior to owning a super trying to get every ounce of play out of capitals possible, not to be caught and fight, BUT to achieve the goal while avoiding the conflict, because I have almost always been incredibly outnumbered.

I would like to be a part of the focus group to ensure that the outnumbered have a voice at the table. To ensure that the random nerd who farmed 9 months for a Nyx can not only still use his ship, or move it to where it is actually useful to him/her, BUT to make sure that when he/she decides to commit the ship, it was BOTH worth their effort and to make it challenging as well as worth the risk.

I think if we all remember back ,we can think of that first expensive ship and the jitters we had using it. Then that passed and we got our first carrier....and we nearly had a heart attack when that counter cyno went up. Then when we graduated upward and were moving our Aeon with a friends Nyx, BOUNCED off each other on the cyno as DBRB hit local, all the while trying like hell to align out( STILL ONE OF MY MOST OH GOD **** JESUS MOMENTS)

As far as Experience. I have run dreads under CFC's nose in Pure Blind shooting pos's and ******* off before the blob could respond in MOA. Before that I was FC'ing Dreads( and blacking out drunk) in Scalding Pass as well as slipping carriers past Bubble camps in NPC delve when Pizza was making Test and Tribe miserable. I have gone from Combat carrier fits when I started out early living in Stain, through Pantheon Archons and into the modern age of Slow cats. No I wasn't in B-R, I was a few jumps out running a gate camp with/for N3 from work, intercepting dictors and additional tackle from getting into system.

I have asked to drop my Super and been told to **** off far too many times by risk averse FC's

I would very much love to be a part of this group because I can bring a little guy perspective to capital changes. I would like to help ensure that a smaller group of well prepared and thinking pilots have a chance against the blob via refitting, cyno inhibs, mobile depots and other tools in the game which could allow organized and intelligent pilots to fight against the odds.
I would like to give input based on TERRIBLE fatigue mechanics on jumpable ships, that do not encourage conflict but stifle it.
I would love to be able to help refine a class of ships that have for far too long been relegated to BLOB warfare in nullsec, and help to ensure that solo nerds and small gangs can secure goals against the odds with proper planning and usage of escalation mechanics.

I thank you for any consideration, especially in regards to my late application.
LT Alter
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#156 - 2015-11-16 16:05:23 UTC
I feel the focus group is lacking smaller sized lowsec group representation. I would very much like to be a part of the focus group and help represent smaller sized lowsec capital groups. I have been flying capitals in small gangs in lowsec for about 2 years now, most of my experience is in blap moros and solo/duo triage archons. I feel I can provide valuable input from the point of view of a person whose capital engagements usually involve less than half a dozen capitals, which I feel is sorely lacking in the current members of the focus group

Lord Vyper
Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
#157 - 2015-11-25 02:56:30 UTC
I volunteer for tribute.
I have significant flight time in supers carriers and dreads. Born in tje fires of low sec and sharpened on rough edges of null sec. I have countered baited blown up and gathered the materials for capitals. As well as very impatiently waited for mine to be built. I traded from a thanny into a nyx because my alliance mates felt i was a superior pilot and swapped me one. That was 5 years ago and I have yet to lose it due to my understanding of warfare and mechanics. While i live in null sec due to politics my heart belongs in low sec. I think all changes to capitals need to be inclusive and forward thinking wkth low sec in mind. Ie station games, npc guns, npc owned space. The rules are so different tha null blocs fall on their face and whine anytome they have to set foot inside the unfamiliar rule set.

Last but not least... Put me in coach. I love this game and want to comtinue making a vast varied and unique experience.
Scott Ormands
Brave Newbies Inc.
Brave Collective
#158 - 2015-11-25 03:07:46 UTC
You guys know the group has already been selected right?