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Evanova for Android - updated for Parallax and some news.

Evanova Android
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#1 - 2015-11-05 23:27:49 UTC
Evanova has been updated for Parallax. While there might not be so much visible changes, there's been some interesting refactoring going on for future features.

As such, I am inviting anyone who would want to join the effort. I am currently thinking about opening Evanova's source code and would like to gauge the interest of the community in building a mature application with all the knowledge and good will out there. In an ideal world, it could fall under the Project Unicorn umbrella (can we please change the name? Roll).

In the meantime, some Java stuff that's available (some of which Evanova is built upon):

* Eve API - API and parsers.
* Eve Proxy - API Proxy.
* Eve Logs - Websocket server for chat logs.
* Eve Dogma - a work in progress.

Evanova - The Android App for Eve Online