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xHELLonEARTHx is recruiting!

Simple Farmers
#1 - 2015-10-23 09:28:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Sijedith
H0E a member of I N F A M O U S Alliance which is part of Stainwagon. Our philosophy: Come home, jump on comms, talk ****, shoot people in eve. We are recruiting mature/skilled pilots to join our corporation. We are a PvP focused null-sec corporation located in Stain/Catch.

Our core member base consists of players who focus primarily on war efforts, roams, camps, solo, blops, gangs and other hull-mining duties, and we're damn good at it. In H0E you can expect PvP operations on a daily basis.

We're a generally relaxed bunch but we are always participating, planning and investing in our future; It's a game, we're here to play it well and have fun. Min 10mil SP requirement. All we require is dedication, a willingness to learn and work as a team, and a will to kill things that aren't blue. We do not focus on any industrial aspects of the game, however, you are expected to be able to support yourself and your losses, the corp does have some SRP in place.

We have a strong capital fleet within the corporation already and we're looking to expand, if you are a dreadnought/carrier pilot looking for a corp then give us a shout, if not and you find us interesting give us a shout anyway.

What we can offer you.

Constant PvP action. All you need is the will to fight and we will find you one.
Laid back member base that prides itself on participation and getting **** done without all the yelling and stress.
A future with a corp that has big plans.
A place in 0.0 in an coalition that never dies and loves to pvp.
Learning and flying with people who have been playing the game, and playing it well for a long time.

What we expect from you.

PvP oriented, no carebears.
Intelligent pilots. If you don't know something, you can learn it.
Australian TZ or late-night NA mainly, but all are welcome.
Full API.
TeamSpeak and willing to be on comms.
Capital pilots highly sought after

Post here, PM me or join H0E Recruitment in game for more info Smile
Simple Farmers
#2 - 2015-10-25 00:51:07 UTC
H0E Recruitment - Come join us in game for a chat : )
Simple Farmers
#3 - 2015-10-25 21:07:56 UTC
Feel free to drop into H0E Recruitment for a chat :)
Simple Farmers
#4 - 2015-10-27 21:03:46 UTC
Still on the look out for some corpies... join H0E Recruitment in game for a chat Big smile
Simple Farmers
#5 - 2015-11-02 06:28:06 UTC
recruitment is still open :)
#6 - 2015-11-02 20:16:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Acedia