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6.8 Mil SP Fighter Pilot Looking for Corp

Steven Ryan
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1 - 2015-10-14 19:59:30 UTC
Simply put, I am looking for a corp that will mold me into a PVP machine.

I have been diligently training my pilot to be an Ace. But I have lost my way. Random missions and pirate killing hasn't turned out to be as fulfilling as hoped. I want to join a corp with active players who are interested in fleet warfare. I don't care about making ISK, that's not my primary motivator. I am free on most days around 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM Mountain Standard US time zone. If you have a corp, or know of a good prospect please let me know. I am ready to start really playing Eve.

I also have a miner with more than 6 mil SP, and I would be looking for a corp for her as well.

As of this post my current skill set looks like this:
Hull Upgrades Level 4
Mechanics Level 3
Remote Armor Repair Systems Level 1
Repair Systems Level 2
Drone Avionics Level 2
Drones Level 3
Mining Drone Operation Level 2
Electronic Warfare Level 2
Propulsion Jamming Level 3
Capacitor Management Level 4
Capacitor Systems Operation Level 4
CPU Management Level 4
Electronics Upgrades Level 4
Energy Grid Upgrades Level 4
Power Grid Management Level 4
Weapon Upgrades Level 4
Controlled Bursts Level 4
Gunnery Level 5
Motion Prediction Level 5
Rapid Firing Level 4
Sharpshooter Level 4
Small Energy Turret Level 2
Small Hybrid Turret Level 5
Small Railgun Specialization Level 4
Surgical Strike Level 4
Trajectory Analysis Level 4
Light Missiles Level 2
Missile Launcher Operation Level 3
Acceleration Control Level 4
Afterburner Level 4
Evasive Maneuvering Level 4
High Speed Maneuvering Level 4
Navigation Level 4
Warp Drive Operation Level 4
Cybernetics Level 2
Industry Level 2
Mining Level 3
Mining Upgrades Level 2
Salvaging Level 4
Hybrid Weapon Rigging Level 4
Jury Rigging Level 4
Shield Rigging Level 4
Astrometrics Level 4
Hacking Level 4
Survey Level 4
Science Level 3
EM Shield Compensation Level 5
Explosive Shield Compensation Level 5
Kinetic Shield Compensation Level 4
Shield Compensation Level 4
Shield Emission Systems Level 4
Shield Management Level 5
Shield Operation Level 4
Shield Upgrades Level 4
Tactical Shield Manipulation Level 4
Thermic Shield Compensation Level 4
Caldari Cruiser Level 4
Caldari Destroyer Level 4
Caldari Frigate Level 4
Gallente Frigate Level 1
Mining Frigate Level 2
Spaceship Command Level 4
Long Range Targeting Level 4
Signature Analysis Level 4
Target Management Level 4
Krypted Gaming
#2 - 2015-10-14 23:43:09 UTC
Schneckt might be a solid place for you, we take in a lot of newbros and teach them how to be solid PvP Pilots.

Here's one of our newest recruits :

If you're interested, feel free to mail me in game or refer to my signature.

Krypted Gaming is looking for quality members!

Check out our guides at our website, and if you like what you see, drop by our Discord and socialize!

Darrell Musko
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2015-10-15 00:09:03 UTC
Hi Steven,

I'll send you an in game mail, but feel free to check us out on your own as well. Our in game channel is "XMETA Recruitment" and we will be doing a fleet most evenings during your listed playtime.

Lasko Ferrani
DUST Expeditionary Team
Good Sax
#4 - 2015-10-15 00:58:35 UTC
check us out. we might be a fit for you for both PvP and PvE

Dust Expeditionary Team{3UST} is currently recruiting. We are part of the Good Sax Alliance. We are based on NPC 0.0 and have Sovereignty 0.0 space as well. We are seeking both experienced players and new players who wish to learn the game. We are recruiting for all time zones. We are a mostly US time zone corporation but with a EU/Asia time zone presence.

We Offer:
PvP: anything from Small Gang to Large Fleet. SRP for Corp/Alliance Operations.
Mining: Upgraded 0.0 systems to mine the High End Ores and Full Fleet Boosts. Upgraded Refining Station. Multiple Ice Belts. Good 0.0 planets for PI production.
Exploration: Multiple Regions to scan Relic/Data Sites
PvE: Mission running in NPC 0.0. Belt Ratting. Upgraded 0.0 Sov systems for running anomalies
Experienced members to learn from on how to play and make a living in Eve without turning Eve into another job.


Voice Comms: We use TeamSpeak. Expect all members to be on Comms.
Full API key for accounts
Full account subscribed. No Trial accounts.

We are a corp of mature players so we understand that Real Life has to come first. Just ask to be kept informed if you have any issues with your ability to play. We do ask no swearing on Comms since there maybe young children listening.

Please join us in our public in-game channel “Dust Team” with questions and initial contact. We will then get you on TS for further interview.

Questions can be mailed to BluSmoke as well.
Dannar Hetoshi
Rote Kapelle
#5 - 2015-10-15 23:51:08 UTC
Steven, come check out Stimulus and Rote Kapelle.

We're a highly skilled group of adults who regularly pvp. Our leadership is in your timezone, as are our fleets.

Idle in our public channel: Stimulus. Evemail myself, or any of our other recruiters. We'd love to chat with you and see if you are a good fit!

Lippstadt Creed
Solyaris Chtonium
#6 - 2015-10-16 16:53:33 UTC
Hey Steven

I am from Trojan Legion. We are members of Goonswarm. TLRE and GSF are active in all Timezones with fleets going out all hours of the day to take on roaming gangs coming thru our space, or to help out fellow coalition alliances. Trojan Legion has 75 individuals within the corporation and we are looking to grow that number with active and friendly pilots. We have active FC's that run both alliance wide fleet and specialized operation fleets, including BlackOps, small gang and recon.

The alliance has an exstensive ship replacement program and the corp offers inexpensive ship hulls to members. Being a member of GSF also gives us the ability to use some of the richest space in all of eve to generate income between fleets.

We require all members to join fleets. Submit full API's for all accounts that you control. The ability to use Out of game voice communications and chat programs. And dont be a jerk.

Join our ingame channel "TLRE Recruitment" to have a chat with myself or one of the other recruiters

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you

Roseline Penshar
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#7 - 2015-10-17 14:07:52 UTC
check us out we are recruiting, our coalition has regular fleet that will be suited for your pvp hunger

looking for indy, pve and pvp player