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Succession Trials Candidacy – House Tash-Murkon

First post
Aliya Rayel
#1 - 2015-09-24 17:25:23 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
It is with enormous pleasure that I announce the candidacy of Her Grace, Catiz Tash-Murkon, Holder by Right and Deed of the Royal House of Tash-Murkon, for the supreme duty of Empress of Holy Amarr. As her Steward, I will assist Her Grace in the task of assessing the worthiness of prospective Champions seeking to contend on her behalf in the Trials of Succession.

Her Grace wishes to commend the Court Chamberlain and the Imperial Succession Committee for the swiftness with which they have worked to set this process in train. The loss of Her Majesty, Empress Jamyl I, is a heavy burden to bear but the stability and continuity of the Amarr Empire must be at the front of our minds at this time. The rules for the YC118 Succession Trials are wise and the Heir of the Royal House of Tash-Murkon seeks to make few stipulations or requirements as to her candidate Champions.

Let it stand that loyalty and faith to Holy Amarr and its great cause are of the highest importance to Her Grace. The prosperity and majesty of Holy Amarr is critical to the future of the great task that the Divine has set us. We have steadfast allies, powerful friends and many who are open to the light and reason of the faith throughout the stars and worlds of New Eden. Let none be debarred to us by the unknowable decisions of the Divine when setting them in this world below. Let us rather trust in the record of the individual, the use to which they have put their strength and the choices they have made with their minds given freely by the Hand of the Divine.

There are many marks of success among the capsuleer faithful but surely we know that prowess in the field of combat will require a proper premium. Yet also the esteem and prestige that flows to those who use their abilities as pilots must also be considered.

Let Holy Amarr be set on a road to the expansion of the realms of light, in the name of Divine, and let what is in the great plan of Heaven take place, in all hope and trust that Her Grace, Catiz Tash-Murkon, may take the Imperial Throne as plenipotentiary of the Divine will.

House Tash-Murkon now opens the process of determining the Champion of our Lady to all capsuleers of faith and loyalty.
Aux Aliette
#2 - 2015-09-24 17:53:18 UTC  |  Edited by: Aux Aliette
As has already been stated by Cardinal Itharen, the Communications Relay Committee are monitoring this thread.

Any posts that are not applications to represent the Tash-Murkon Family will be removed from this thread.

Please direct all questions to the thread provided above.

IGS Communications Director  ||  Directive Enforcement Department  ||  CONCORD Assembly

Test Alliance Please Ignore
#3 - 2015-09-25 00:43:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Oltamazo
Good day to you, Aliya Rayel, representative of Her Grace, Catiz Tash-Murkon. It is an honor to speak before you.

I am Oltamazo, a battle-hardened Caldari-Born. While I am not that of the Royal Bloodlines, I too grieve in the passing of Her Majesty in these difficult times. I wish to offer my hand in assisting you, your Grace, in ensuring the proper Bloodline is seated upon her throne.

Long ago I ventured into the Tash-Murkon region and settled down, nothing more than an immigrant, a peasant to the Mighty Empire. I settled in Taru, not far from the region's capital, and slowly became an agent of the Empire. Countless battles spent fighting the scourge of the Blood Raiders, and the unholy menace that is Sansha. I became an agent for The Ministry of War, as told through my base standing of 8.94 for them alone. I have also served time within the Amarr Navy and have even served for a time with the 24th Imperial Crusade, achieving, while yet low, a rank that of Templar Lieutenant. I was also chosen for a heightened level of missions by Kandus Sandar, that he code-named "Right To Rule" upon which I chose the right path for the Amarr Empire.

I am also no stranger to the horrors of war. Many a man has died to the assault of my cannons, and I too have seen the Light, albeit brief glimpses before I am torn away within a new clone. I have accepted my fate to not be gated to the Divine, but to return to aid others in seeing the Truth. I have slaughtered countless dissidents, those who are blind to what is the Righteous Path, all in the name of The Holy Amarrian Empire. I find that no other faction has a ship quite as efficient for such guidance. I have quite the liking to that of the Apocalypse, Navy Issue. Below I provide evidence of my combat record, that I am a pilot who flies, and has died, for The Empire. I do hope that it suffices.

A board pertaining to those whom of which I have slaughtered:

Video including my combat. While it is not from my perspective, I am included in the fight using the mighty Revelation, The lone Dreadnought survivor:

(Related battle report:,4979&b=6621324,6621341&e=6,19&t=Hqbaqaaab&r=1)
(Included personal kill: )

It is by the grace of the Divine that has brought me before you, for this opportunity. I do hope that my achievements prove that I am the right choice. Not just for you, but for the Holy Amarr Empire. Thank you for your time, Aliya Rayel, and of course, Her Grace, Catiz Tash-Murkon.

-(signed) Oltamazo
Hoodie Mafia
Northern Coalition.
#4 - 2015-09-25 13:13:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Hoodie Mafia
With a heavy heart I watched the tragic events unfold that led to the unfortunate death of our beloved Empress Sarum. She was an inspiration, a true Empress whose loss will leave a mark in our hearts
But times change, and we must stay true to our beliefs no matter how grave our losses

Your grace, Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon, Holder by Right and Deed of the Royal House of Tash-Murkon. Allow me to pledge my loyalty and my combat prowess to earn you your rightful title of Empress of Holy Amarr

True of blood and committed to the ways of Tash-Murkon, I have spent my life as a capsuleer fighting anyone that doubted me or my ways, training and studying the ways of war as I readied myself for what was eventually to come

In this time, I destroyed thousands of ships and vanquished countless foes that have crossed my path. Trained in all combat styles and an expert in small gang skirmish warfare, I have successfully lead my brethren to fight amongst the best in challenges presented by the Alliance Tournament

While proficient in all ships from any faction, I have a strong attraction to Amarrian ships, both in their appearance and combat style, as is demonstrated by my Amarrian only solo/small gang pvp videos here:

I possess not only the capability to fly Amarrian ships to their maximum potential, I also have the strength of mind to lead a team to overcome the most extreme of challenges

Your grace,

Allow me to fight for you as your champion
Allow me to lead a team that will set a new standard in combat expertise
And watch your opponents tremble in fear as I crush them under the might of the Tash-Murkon
Omega Crendraven
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2015-09-25 17:46:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Omega Crendraven
"My Empress, Tash-Murkon has appeared, so await the expected victory,
The Amarr Empire has arisen by the blood of the righteous,
The Amarr Empire has arisen by the sacrifice of the pious,
They have offered their souls in righteousness with constancy and conviction,
So that the religion may be established, in which there is the law of the Lord of the Worlds.

Aliya Rayel, This message, I deliver to you, the people of Amarr. I deliver this message to you, the people of Khanid. And I deliver this message to you – especially – the people of Tash-Murkon My name is Omega Crendraven, I was born in the Tash-Murkon region. I am pure Amarr Tash-Murkon house descent, we the Amarr's are a warrioring race born to kill and fight, we are raised to be power in mental energy and strength. Amarr is great


My Empress, God is our Lord, so grant your blood,
For victory will not return except by the blood of the martyrs,
Who have spent their time hoping for their Lord in the Abode of the Prophets.
They have offered their souls to God, and for the religion there is self-sacrifice.
The people of giving and granting are the people of excellence and pride.

To the leaders, to Heir of the Royal House of Tash-Murkon , to the Court Chamberlain and the Imperial Succession Committee, I say this: These loyal Amarrians that we have, we will not stop fighting, we will not put down our weapons until we avenge the Empress, peace be upon her, until we take the head of every minmatar scum, and until the Amarr flag is flying high in every single Solar System, until we put the Amarr flag on top of the Hek station, until we put the Amarr flag on top of the Rens station, we will not stop and we will keep on fighting. AMARR VICTOR

When i was in the forth year of the Imperial Navy Academy School I pledged full loyalty to the Empress and to protect the Empire from the Brutor menace. I remember a Brutor gang invading Korunomen, this is 332 yc, whole cleric loyal to the empress came out with the Omen vessels and tools of the Amarr Navy. Wole cleric salvaged minmatar wrecks that day..... Amarr's are resourceful people and will do anything to survive, this is how strong the Amarrians are. Amarr is great

I have fought hundreds of battles and killed thousands of heretics protecting the Royal Tash-Murkon, the Empress, peace be upon her, and the Amarrian Land. I have flown nothing other than Omen navy Issue vessels to show my pride for the Empire, many brutors have put their dirty hands on this precious vessel... mixed it with other lower class and impure vessels... But I won't. Amarr are pure blood ships and deserve to be flown with vessels of their same class and Amarrian Origin, anything else besides the teaching of the Empress and the cleric prophets is forbbiden! Amarr is great!

Many of the other applicants take pride on their pure Amarr blood origins and manners, but I have personally seen with my own eyes infidels like Hoodie Mafia flying Minmatar and Sansha vessels... this is totaly unacceptable and the appropiated punishment should be no other than death!


In this time, I destroyed thousands of ships and vanquished countless foes that have crossed my path. Trained in all combat styles and an expert in small gang skirmish warfare, I have successfully lead my brethren to fight amongst the best in challenges presented by the Alliance Tournament

Bring everything you want to use because it will not harm us, because we have God an Jamyl on our side and this is something you do not have. AMARR VICTOR! Amarr is Great

I support the House of Tash Murkon in the Succession Trials Candidacy
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2015-09-30 07:00:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Rachea
Hail Emissary,

I present you with a copy of Fweddit's formal declaration of support.

Audio Recording of Fweddit's Message and Declaration for Catiz Tash-Murkon


The following is a transcript of the procession and announcement made by Fweddit as it entered Tash-Murkon to much Pomp and Circumstance.

We are her chosen; favored sons of the empire. In her name we conquered; in her wisdom we followed.
To the darkness we brought light. To the ignorant we brought faith. Those that welcomed her gifts, we elevated and those that rebuked her mercy, we gave none.
From one Empress we were unleashed and now we return to the duty of another.

We stand before you hardened by the anvil of war, tested by the hammer of faith, tempered in our resolve.
We come before you as agents of your will. We will be the strength in your arms and on our shoulders we will bear the burden of your dreams.
While your enemies draw breath we are both sword and shield. While men scheme in shadows we will be your cloak and dagger. When your fury rages we will be your wrath that makes this world bleed. When you extend your mercy we will be the vanguard, the salvation of your wisdom.

We return to stand before you, you who are beloved by god.
You who will the lead the empire into a golden age of prosperity for all its citizens, you whose destiny burns with the light of the divine, and whose path is lit by the stars.
you who will write the history of worlds. You, ...who are beloved by god.

Catiz of Tash-Murkon, we come to answer the call.

Aliya Rayel, I come as the Champion of Fweddit to pledge my service and Fweddit's devotion and servitude in the succession trials to Catiz Tash-Murkon. You have already heard of our formal declaration of support for House Tash-Murkon. Fweddit has long fought for Amarr in the War zones and in the militia as well as laid claim to sovereign space for the glory of the Empress. We have a divine imperative to champion and protect those worthy to succeed Empress Jamyl Sarum and returned to Amarr to fight for Catiz Tash-Murkon.

Alongside our declaration i leave you with an anthology of our accomplishments featuring myself and many of the champions that stand with me in support of Tash-Murkon.
Fweddit Anthology
Amarr Armor Supremecy
Remeber the Dalamo - Fweddit's Call to Arms.

Your humble Servant, Rachea of Fweddit.
Denetroy Kaliph
The Collective
Northern Coalition.
#7 - 2015-10-02 12:45:14 UTC
Hail, Catiz Tash-Murkon, Holder by Right and Deed of the Royal House of Tash-Murkon

My Commander, Bobmon, a Loyal Amarrian, pilot of the Holey Avatar class vessel gave me the task to apply to be the representative the Royal House of Tash-Murkon. The Tash-Murkon Prime system was one of the first systems Ive ever flew through and so you and this royal house will for ever have a special place in my hearth.

I hereby offer you my Strength, Loyalty, Wealth, Wisdom and arsenal of ships to represent your Royal house, and bring back the victory that you, my future empress deserves!

Here is a video, in which me and my loyal friends of Pandemic Legion, fight the infidels who didn't believe in you, my future empress! The Infidels were flying in Amarrian ships, which they had stolen from our empire so we responded without fear and brought the infidels down!

- Denetroy Kaliph, A warrior and part of the squad commanded by your Royal servant Bobmon
Aegis Militia
#8 - 2015-10-03 15:33:00 UTC
After thought, prayed long and hard on the subject of whom I would support and ultimately fly for. I came to the conclusion that house Heir of Tash Murkon offers both the best leadership in economic and spiritual future of the Empire but most importantly the royal heir has shown herself personally to be a women of grand vision as well as resourceful and ambitious.

By her leadership I see the future of peace and prosperity that is unmatched by other heirs leaders. I will follow.

My combat skills are well marked. I have experience in some of the greatest matches in the Alliance tournament from when I flew with CVA. Mainly

Currently I patrol the front from the matari sansha and bloodraiders. I have access to all Amarraian sub capitols, I have experience both leading small gangs and pulling ones weight in large fleet engagements.

I hope my application proves worthy of your attention if you have any questions I look forward to hearing from you.

Amarr Victor

Darkness is more then absence of light, it is ignorance and corruption. I will be the Bulwark from such things that you may live in the light. Pray so my arms do not grow weary and my footing remain sure.

If you are brave, join me in the dark.

Kelon Darklight
Boars on Parade
The Tuskers Co.
#9 - 2015-10-08 00:55:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Kelon Darklight
Heir Catiz Tash-Murkon, I humbly submit to be your champion in the upcoming Trails of Succession. I am a veteran of flying Amarrian vessels, as demonstrated by my record . Most of those kills are in single combat, an area that I have been honing my skills in for the last several years. Look here for some of my most recent exploits in that area: I have even written up a guide to help new capsuleers with how to fit their ships and be successful in fighting by themselves.

I have long been a supporter of the Amarrian way, from using Amarrian ships to supporting their corporations. Much of my time before pursuing the way of the solo warrior, I fought for Amarr against the ever present threat of the Blood Raiders and the Sansha incursions. With this long history of supporting the Amarrian way, I have decided that you will be the best leader for the empire. I cannot promise you victory in this contest, for some of the greatest pilots in the universe are pledging themselves to the great houses, but I can promise you that they will only take victory from my dead hands. I have asked some of the best pilots I know to stand by my side if you choose me to be your champion.

Your Servant,

Kelon Darklight (sorry for the quality but video making is not my expertise)

6v1 Fight i wrote up for teaching purposes:
Killboard for this fight:
Bikini Bottom Ultras
#10 - 2015-10-08 19:26:30 UTC
Your Grace Gatiz, Your Excellency Aliya,

though the recent passing of Empress Jamyl fills my heart with bitter sorrow as a person of the Faith I’m keeping the light of the Divine in my head.

That is why I choose to work for the future instead of grieving the past. And who’s better suited to lead the Empire to the future than Her Grace, Catiz Tash-Murkon, a woman who built her own empire from a single mining ship?!

Oh, where are my manners?! I humbly beg your pardon, it has been long time since the last tim
e I had a secular talk. My name is Kaboom, and as it looks indeed it is not the name I was given at my birth. It’s not our names, but what we do that defines us, a wise man once said. I sincerely hope you will understand.

Due to an unfortunate chain of events I had to leave my homeworld at young age, and since then I’ve been a professional mercenary. For years I’ve been specializing in operations from small-scale surgical strikes to the biggest battles the galaxy has seen, like the battle for 6VDT-H, until not long ago I started my own “business” operating from the elusive Thera system.

The announcement of the Succession Trials stroke me like a lightning bolt! This is how a true patriot serves the Empire: not in a feud between two barons in a Lord forsaken system, but by championing the right of the most worthy to be the Empress of Holy Amarr.

Your Grace Gatiz, Your Excellency Aliya, please accept my application to be your champion for the upcoming Succession Trials and accept this video as a humble token of my full support and loyalty to your cause.

Raphael Saint
Amarr Empire
#11 - 2015-10-11 06:57:51 UTC
My Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon,

I, Raphael Saint, now submit myself for judgement. Born in Lossa, alumni of the Royal Amarr Institute in Emrayur, I have long stood a supporter of House Tash-Murkon. While I served Empress Jamyl Sarum faithfully during my tour with the 24th Imperial Crusade and grieve for her loss with the rest of Amarr, the Empire must endure and I believe it will best do so under your leadership, my Lady.

My record of service is long and historied. Five years I served in the 24th, fighting as a member of such venerable outfits such as the illustrious Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, and the ardent Knights of the Merciful Crown. I took part in many reclaimings and participated in the great push that reclaimed the entirety of the war zone. One of my greatest regrets is that personal business pulled me from the crusader ranks shortly before the final systems fell and hegemony was ours.

Like you, my Lady, what I have was wrought by my own hand.
Like you, my Lady, I have risen higher through sweat, determination, and merit.

Your family showed that faith and loyalty are prized more than circumstance of birth, that hard work and dedication is more valued than pedigree. You lived by this yourself, my Lady, and so do I. So does God by the blessings He bestows upon the diligent, and by His grace I believe He will place you on the Throne. I only wish to be his instrument, and through my efforts see you crowned Empress.

By your grace I will serve with thought, word, and deed.

Amarr Victor.
Free Range Chikuns
#12 - 2015-10-11 17:08:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Chessur
Your Highness Catiz Tash-Murkon,

The Ni-Kunni have long been faithful and earnest supporters of your holy claim. The liberal policies of House Tash-Murkon have allowed our people economic stability, and social freedoms we could only have once dreamed for. While the traditional conservatives have scorned many Ni-Kunni, even the noble Udorians- you have always accepted the contributions of our peoples without prejudice. Tash-Murkon has been the champion of our kind, and now we wish to give back, in gratefulness and appreciation.

The Amarr Empire currently faces a crisis of unprecedented scale due to the drifter nemesis.
Even as a child, your Highness used her talents to develop the Holdings of her House not solely for personal profit, but for the betterment of her subjects and society. Even as you grieved the loss of your father, His Highness Davit Tash-Murkon, you did not falter. Your Highness, like your father before you, uniquely possesses the acumen needed to mobilize the Empire against the drifter threat.

Lacking the opportunity to better myself in society through traditional means (because of my heritage) pushed me to become a capsuleer. I sought to improve my standing by honing my prowess in combat, and becoming one of the elite pilots of New Eden. In the folly of my youth I had lashed out against Empire and nearly lost faith in the Divine. However, growing older and traveling to the far corners of New Eden has opened my eyes. I have acted piously, completed penance and sought forgiveness from the Divine for my transgressions. While many capsuleers boast of their skills in combat or their achievements, my record is proven and stands apart from other applicants.

I was approached by the Warlords of the Deep and asked to join their tournament roster. I was also handpicked by the Independent Gaming Commission as a capsuleer expert to commentate this year's AT games. My prowess in combat was personally noted by the manufacturer of the Confessor, and have since been asked to join a capsuleer focus group to further develop this destroyer line. My ability to excel in all sub-capital vessels from the lightest frigate, to heavy line battleships is well documented in a series of training videos that I have released on the GalNet, my most recent of which is dedicated to your Highness.

Of course, I will require wingmen to aid me in championing your claim. Your Highness deserves nothing less than the most elite pilots. Therefore I would choose only the very best to fight along side me. While none are Amarr born, all are righteous, unwavering in their faith, and see the truth in your cause. With your approval, your Highness, I would name the following pilots: Sutonia, Apathetic Brent, and Mawderator.

All of these men are capable champions in their own right. Sutonia's impressive combat record is proven. Having been an AT tournament medalist several times over, he was a natural choice. Sutonia’s combat footage on the GalNet is legendary, and used to train pilots in every region of New Eden. Apathetic Brent is a veteran fleet commander who has numerous tournament victories, has captained many a successful tournament team, and was handpicked as an expert commentator for the games of YC115. Mawderator is an invaluable support pilot, highly proficient in small scale combat, and also posses many a tournament medal, including one he earned as a team captain. He has also aided your House by bringing the traitor Geeral Tash-Murkon to justice.

Your Highness, I chose others who have been champions in order to assist me in championing your cause.
The late Empress Jamyl Sarum's mantra was “What you give to this empire, I shall give back unto you.” By way of advanced shielding technology and Entosis modules, the Empire has given capsuleers much to be grateful for. The empire has asked for little in return. Today this will change. Today, I give myself to the Empire. Your Highness Catiz Tash-Murkon, I humbly request that you allow me to fight as your champion. It is my holy duty to raise your banner. Divine willing, you shall be coronated Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon.

Relevant Links
Tash-Murkon Mission Assistance
Her Royal Highness showing great leadership
Her Highness Catiz Tash-Murkon Bio
State of the Empire
Tash-Murkon Showing their steadfast Faith
Entosis Link Reval
Additional Mentions of my PvP prowess

Personal Small gang / Solo Videos

The Encore
Omen Navy POV Raw
aria Yatolila
Literally The Worst Community
#13 - 2015-10-11 22:09:23 UTC  |  Edited by: aria Yatolila
I, Aria Yatolila,

Present to her grace, Catiz Tash-Murkon through the duty of Aliya Rayel, my application for the trials succession.

As a Caldari-born, I appreciate the liberal policy of her grace, this is what the empire need in this time of crisis to give back its greatness to the empire and strike back the sly drifters who took away our empress Jamyl Sarum I. Tash-Murkon and the Udorian people give a lot to the empire, to God and to new eden by accepting us regardless of our origin, and now i wish to give back in those darks ages.

During my career i traveled across numerous regions of the galaxy, i devoted each of my days to master the art of war, the comprehension of fight, analysis of tactics. I was looking for the perfect way to fly and fight, the best way to annihilate the enemy, to ensure the scourge is gone forever.

In this quest, I fought countless opponents, from the pirates of syndicates to the terribles sanshas in stains, and their insane capsulers allies who rejected god. I traveled through the mysterious wormholes too and fought the inhuman and soulless sleepers and the heretics capsuleers who were hidden in theses places.

since the start of this endless quest, I already became an expert of skirmish warfare, capable of leading an small group against a much larger force to decimate them, by using various tactics and ships, and a depth knowledge of our vessels and an intensive training for a perfect navigation on the field.

I trained my own team who flown with me for years, we share the same faith in god and fly perfectly many amarrs ships for their high technology compared to the others vessels, we are accustomed to fight others capsuleers and being outnumbered by them.

Your grace, If you choose me as your champion, i will bring you the finest pilotes of the new eden, those which fly with me every day since many years, they are the most talented of the new eden, veterans of countless fights, devoted in God and in the empire and they perfectly know and fly each of the Amarrs ships.
It is a duty for me in many aspects to give back to the empire today ;

-First as a capsuleer, for giving us both the entosis technology and the high shield defense technology

-Second as a citizen, for standing up against the devils drifters

-Third as someone who are devoted in god for sharing your faith with everyone.

As your champion, to honor my duty, i will carry the Tash-Murkon house to the victory, I shall make you crowned empress !


Fight in oracle Point of view in a small gang

My Public board

Lady Yatolila, retainer of her Lady Kadesh and Khanid Royal House