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[Service] Red Frog Freight (High sec freight service)

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Red Frog Ari
Red Frog Freight
#1261 - 2015-07-30 18:07:26 UTC
Dear Clients,

I'm happy to report that our Rush Orders are slightly cheaper now!

The price multiplier has been lowered on these Contracts which should result in them being more affordable.

You can find Rush Orders Calculator here.

Kind regards to everyone!
Emfor Mancy
RAZOR Alliance
#1262 - 2015-08-04 18:19:42 UTC
I have used both Red Frog and Black Frog's services many times, and wanted to make it a point to write a review for both services.

Red Frog is EXTREMELY fast, and I have never had a single issue in terms of a contract being completed exceedingly fast, nor have they ever lost any of my items during transit. One day I mistakenly set the collateral too high, and they immediately mailed me and let me know I had made a mistake so I could correct it right away and not lose any time in getting my things moved. 10/10, would recommend these guys.

As for Black Frog, a lot of people complain about the price, but honestly for the level of speed and professionalism these guys carry themselves with, it is well worth the money. They are very reasonable versus competitors in terms of cost, and you can usually get most of your things into a trip or two, even with high collateral and containers.

I just had Black Frog move some expensive stuff from a very highly contested area of space (PL/NC. is operating very heavily in the area right now, including the NPC station I shipped from), and they had my stuff moved in less than 12 hours.

I have honestly looked into other courier services after using Red/Black Frog, and their prices are really no different, if not more expensive on the hisec side, and there are a lot of people saying they had problems.

With these guys, the service has been so exceptional I will never use anyone else for my courier service unless it is within my alliance and I trust them/can get it for free.

If you have to pay to have stuff moved, these guys are the ones you go to. They are unmatched.
Silvae Silverwolf
Hooligans LLC
#1263 - 2015-08-24 16:57:15 UTC
Been using Red Frog Freight over other services for the course of my marketing career and have never been disappointed. It might be more expensive than PushX or Discount Freight, but they consistently get the job done in a shorter amount of time than either other service.

Thank you red frogs. :)
Red Frog Ari
Red Frog Freight
#1264 - 2015-08-24 18:22:06 UTC
Silvae Silverwolf wrote:
Been using Red Frog Freight over other services for the course of my marketing career and have never been disappointed. It might be more expensive than PushX or Discount Freight, but they consistently get the job done in a shorter amount of time than either other service.

Thank you red frogs. :)

Hey there,

Very glad you are satisfied!

We are always happy to haul more :)
Amarr Empire
#1265 - 2015-08-24 19:05:07 UTC
Disappointed in the recent price hike.

After another round of test contracts, red frog still maintains its stance as the best hauling corp.


Knight Odds
Trigger Happy.
#1266 - 2015-08-30 15:52:54 UTC
About three weeks ago my little manufacturing operation outgrew my ability to move it myself in my Nereus, Iteron, and Kryos.

I'd used Red Frog once many months ago to relocate my possessions. Since then I've need only a couple of shipments that I did not want to haul myself. I put them on the public market, at competitive rates, then waited much too long for service. On one memorable shipment I made the noobtard mistake of grossly under-collateralizing it. The good folks over at Kleptomaniac Consortium noticed and "poof" the shipment was gone. That one lost shipment could have paid for MANY shipments through Red Frog Freight at their slightly higher -than-market rates.

Why do I tell you all this? Because two days ago I made the same mistake. I dropped a zero. (I blame it on the too-cheap cabernet I was drinking...what WAS I thinking, er, I mean drinking). Anyway, fool myself once, shame on me. Fool myself twice, uninstall the game, right? Not so fast, capsuleer. This time, the contract was to Red Frog Freight. Within minutes of delivery, I received an email from one of their employees. He graciously pointed out my error, advised me to never do it again, and thanked me for my business.

Oh, and the value of my missed zero?

Mjög stór.

Mjög stór, indeed.

Thank you Red Frog Freight.

You da bomb.
Lexx Nova
International Information Retrieval Guild
Templis Strategic Division
#1267 - 2015-08-31 18:40:24 UTC
consistently used service, highly recommended.
RO 146
Spinward Marches Trading Corporation
#1268 - 2015-09-14 11:39:28 UTC
Regular Red Frog user. Always been happy with the service. Punctual and reliable.

But a 58% price hike with no warning was a bit much.
Jana Tanaka
Tanaka Holdings Inc.
#1269 - 2015-09-14 16:52:43 UTC
Love the service.
Its rather speedy most of the time.

The costs are within reason and seem fair.
For me they are between 15 and 25 million per ISK 1 Billion.

1.5% to 2.5% logistic costs seem rather reasonable to me.

Why ? One simply needs to factor in a few variables:
a) How much ISK can one earn with other activities in the time it takes me to make it to Jita and back.
b) The risk of the loss of the freighter + cargo.
c) The fact that logistics operations are limited by ones number of active accounts and risk management.
d) The utter boredom of piloting said freighter and the escort alt.

If you run the related numbers, using Red Frog is a much more economical alternative to running ones own logistics in many cases.
Stormdancer Uluru
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1270 - 2015-09-16 03:07:26 UTC
good stuff guys....

reliable, fast, reasonable (very!) cost for time saved.

3 more contracts delivered where I asked, when I asked...what more can I say ? :0


I'll be back :)
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1271 - 2015-09-23 15:29:29 UTC
Great Service, been using these guys for years now. Have used for hundreds of contracts counting my alt-corp and never had a problem. Very prompt. You can insure your cargo. +1
Zad Murrard
Frozen Dawn Inc
Frozen Dawn Alliance
#1272 - 2015-09-24 09:39:46 UTC
Reliable and good service.
Last price increase caused me to use hauling services a lot less but whenever I really want something to be hauled I turn to Red Frog.
Amarr Empire
#1273 - 2015-10-17 05:02:59 UTC
While pricing has increased since my last test, Red Frog proves that it is still the king of premium hauling services in New Eden.

Red Frog completed yet another round of test contracts in under 6 hours, the fastest of any of the high sec hauling services I tested.

While I personally think prices are too high, I don't think I'm the best judge considering my JF contract pricing (which is notably low).

If prices remain as they are, I think RFF will keep the throne as the number 1 hauling corp in New Eden.


Lars Jansen
Interstellar Reconnaissance
#1274 - 2015-11-08 19:32:45 UTC
Thanks a lot guys:) Excellent service as usual.
Abbie Louise Taylor
Red Frog Freight
#1275 - 2015-11-09 15:50:50 UTC
Lars Jansen wrote:
Thanks a lot guys:) Excellent service as usual.


Many thanks for using our service for your hauling and shipping. Your custom is appreciated and we hope that you'll use us again.

Sincerely and with kind regards.
Sjaandi HyShan
Overheated Industries
#1276 - 2015-11-20 18:32:53 UTC
I had heard about Red Frog but never used them before. Then I moved and had way too much stuff to take with me. Thankfully, 2 contracts and 16 hours later, all my stuff was where it needed to be. Great service and a reasonable price.

Thank your guys!
The Collective
Brothers of Tangra
#1277 - 2015-11-22 18:49:11 UTC
Today we had a special order and not only were we met with great customer service but the contacts went well above and beyond to assist us on our orders. I cannot put forward a more glowing review for a job beyond well done.

COL Sampo
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#1278 - 2015-12-21 22:45:00 UTC
new contracts up! love you guys long time.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#1279 - 2015-12-25 14:56:25 UTC
Merry Christmas everybody! New contract is up.
Dave Leadland
Goonswarm Federation
#1280 - 2016-01-09 16:43:49 UTC
Been client for years. I cannot express myself enough how happy I'm with the service provided. Have been using Red and Black Frog and both have delivered beyound excpectations. Compaining Red Frog with Black Frog quality of service is uncontested and customer service is beyound excpectations.

I would like to thank you all of your pilots whoever they are for compliting deliveries on time or in most cases before the deatline.
Highly recomend any department service.