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Well, another new Sov idea

Gang Bang Pandas
#1 - 2015-08-15 01:09:25 UTC
I know it is very popular to complain about Aegis-Sov, but from my expereince with it, all complaitns have a reason.

Here is my suggestion on how to change sov.
Just a word of warning, its complicated and i probably had ispiration in major parts from a semi popular global strategy game developed by swedish guys who start with P.

What to Remove:
- Removal of the capture point mechanic
- Removal of the vulnerbility windows

What to change:
- The entosis link now has the ability to sabotage sov structures and Outpost/POS-Services (hacking minigame, to make it more interesting) T1 stays, T2 has optimal 50km, all other traits stay the same.
--> I-HUB Upgrades can be downgraded/disabled temporarily, Industry/Reasearch Jobs can be delayed, inventions can be sabotaged, station services can be temporarily disabled and moon mining can be sabotaged

A Sov-War system for Nullsec:
- The war costs the same as a Highsec war
- Adding a war declaration system for sov warfare. War can be declared for no reason and it starts the moment it is declared, so surprise attacks are still possible.
--> only works for two alliances who both own sov
--> you can invite allies to the war which do not neccessarly need to own sov
--> Both the winner and the loser can send a capitulation offer with a list of systems they give up/demand and the loser can offer an optional amount of ISK to pay off Warscore.
--> The war has 4 ways to end
1: One of the primary Partys gains enough Warscore to "Win" the war
2: Both partys agree upon a capitulation
3: The agressor stops paying concord, if the agressor wins, all his gains are lost, if the agressor loses, he automatcally sends a capitulation offer to the defender and the defender might pick systems he occupied in the war
4: One of the primary Partys disbands, or loses all its sov systems, either to another war, or by unanchoring all its TCUs

Occupancy and Warscore:
- You can occupy a System in the classic way by SBUing a system, killing the present TCU and after that anchoring your own TCU during wartime, if the TCU is destroyed, the occupancy will end.
--> The SBU has 30 min timer to anchor and SBUs do not have an RF timer, you need SBUs on more than 50% of the gates in a system
--> The TCU anchors 45 minutes and has one RF timer which can be changed on grid between 0 hrs and 24 hrs until its not under 50% shield
--> both, attacker and defender can occupy systems of the other party and can claim them as a prize for "winning" the war
--> adding a warscore value mechanic from 0 to open end to show occupancy
--> Max system warscore values are defined by sov indexes, sec status, I-Hub upgrades, outposts, number of belts/ice belts, number of gates, whatever makes the system more special to other ones.
--> at a certain quite high score, the "winner" can simply end the war by claiming the systems he chooses from the list of occupied systems, but only so much as his warscore value allows him, a systems Max warscore value is the cost of it when its time to end the war, and the warscore points you gather during the war are your "money" or "kudos" to claim the systems for yourself.
--> War score might be altered by winning battles (destroying ships, structures and simmilar things)
--> also the losses and occupied systems of the allies count into the warscore (way less than the primary war pary systems)
--> occupied Systems of allies cannot be claimed at the end of the war.
--> Only kills from party to party and their allies, where one of the partys or allies has the final blow counts into the warscore

Note: You can still claim unclaimed sov the old fashioned way, pop a TCU and its yours

Structures in the (new) System:
- While choosing a System, the winner can choose if he wants to keep the I-HUB or not
--> the winner does not see what is inside the I-HUB
--> if the winner takes the I-HUB the system is more expensive
--> if the winner does not want the I-HUB, it loses all its effects and can be destroyed
--> only one I-HUB can exist in a system

The next section only exists to make it more imaginable

Examples and Numbers: (WSK = Warscore Kudos)

- After occupying a system the warscore starts at 1% of a systems max WSK value and can be altered up to 100% by 1% per hour of occupancy so you can claim all the systems in one war or end the war earlyier and take less systems.

- Every point of negative sec status is worth 1 WSK
- Every Belt is worth 1 WSK
- Every Icebelt is worth 5 WSK
- Every Moon is worth 1 WSK
- Every Palnet (not Plasma) is worth 1 WSK
- Every Plasma Planet is worth 2 WSK
- Every Outpost is worth 50 WSK
- Every I-Hub Upgrade level 1 is worth 10 WSK, every I-HUB upgrade level 5 is worth 50 WSK
- Every level of any sov index is worth 30 WSK
- The Capitol is worth 250 extra WSK

WSK Special Snowflakes:
- Every billion ISK of destroyed enemy assets is worth 1 WSK up to a max of 25% of total WSK currently gained
- Every billion ISK of offered reparation is worth 10 WSK

Example: Y-770C
Sec: -0.55 = 55 WSK
1 Icebelt = 5 WSK
11 Belts = 11 WSK
70 Moons = 70 WSK
6 Plantes, (no plasma) = 6 WSK
Outpost = 50 WSK
Lets say it has Security 5, Indu 3 and strat 5 = 390 WSK
Lets say its a capitol = 250 WSK

Total: 837 WSK
WSK per hour of occupancy: 8.37 (or you could also round down to either 8 or round up to 8.5)

So if you occupy a whole region and hold it until you have 100% of the WSK needed with no fights, you can claim a whole region within 99 hours, which is a bit more than 4 days.

- When you lose occupancy of a system, you lose all the WSK gained from it, and for every hour of lost occupancy over the system, the build up WSK value ticks down by 1% as long as you regain occupancy
(you capture "A", hold it so long that you get 85%, you lose "A" and reconquer it after 25 hours, it then has a WSK netto value of 60%)