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2.5mil SP looking for corp

StarLord Thellere
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2015-07-26 10:52:00 UTC
Well hello everyone,

I'm a 2.5m fairly new but still not a complete noob pilot looking for corp.
I would like null sec but many people told me my skill points are too low and they are probably right soo unless you have some
magic way for me to work in null I'm looking for a high sec corp, that is active, does PvP and PVE. Fun to hang around with.
I can fly mining barges, Interceptors, battleships and soon covert ops.
So far i mainly did exploring in null.
Any questions ask.
Elmer Vidfamne
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2015-07-26 11:07:46 UTC
I might have what you look for:) We have a high end sp group. reforming old really great corp from 18th August.

- We will live in SOLID npc Null (wich basically means we control the area as it was sov, but with more stuff to shoot at nearby:)
- We are actively using dreads etc. so you get to test that moros out
-We have a solid logistic group that ensures local market and moving is done swiftly
-We are most active EU timzone but alliance leading to the US timezone.

Other thatn that there are several things we offer uniquely to our members that we can talk about.

Ill try and pm you ingame. Feel free to do the same:)
Lee Ramus
Space And Astrogeological Research Foundation
#3 - 2015-07-26 11:37:02 UTC
Bear LOSEC PIRATE ORGANISATION with Established C2 > C1 / HS Wormhole Bear

Looking for small Gang PvP and a new challenge, away from the Null Sec Blobs?

Enjoy the Hunt, The Chase, The Kill and the Tears?

Looking for the best ISK making opportunities in game?

Then WE are the friends for you.

Best PI Yields, Best Mining If thats your thing.

Question Any Question Join SARF.PUB channel in-game or drop LEE RAMUS an EveMail to register your interest.

What does SARF Offer you?
PiratePlayer Operated Starbase
PirateTS3 Server and Siggy Access
PirateEnglish speaking Corp - Strong in both EU (1400-2400) and US (0000-0700) TMZ.
PiratePvP – Constant scouting looking for kill or tear harvesting opportunities
PiratePvE – Opportunity to make lots of ISK so you can lose it freely in PvP
PirateThe BEST Mining
PiratePassive Isk- The BEST Planetary Interaction for a passive income
PirateExperience & willing to train new pilots

We do not have skill requirements but this is what you will need to aim for:
Attention Scouting ship with Exploration skills and a willingness to Explore
Attention Battlecruiser for running those sites
Attention Battleship for Home defence
Attention Optional- T3 Cruiser / HAC / HIC / Stealth Bomber


What happens when I join?
YOU will get your scanning ship to the lOWSEC staging system and meet the Alliance.
WE will answer any questions you may have and get to know you during the first couple weeks.
WE will introduce you to the WH and set you up in our POS (Theft prevention built in).

If you feel you don’t fit in, we get you out safely.
If you’re a bad fit, we let you know and help you move out.

No harm done.

WE train on the fly, introduce the tools of the trade and teach you any extra mechanics if you’re relatively inexperienced.

Hopefully, you’ll stay and become a valuable member of Space and Astrogeological Research Foundation
The Mjolnir Bloc
Templis CALSF
#4 - 2015-07-26 13:27:21 UTC
With those SP, I would suggest getting into Faction Warfare if you're looking for pvp and some pve. FW has lots of pvp in smaller/cheaper ships and is in lowsec which is closer to high sec and multiple forms of pve. There's lots of info on FW out there, check it out or hop in our pub: MBLOC Public and we can fill you in.

Look for a corp that has a good ship replacement program which can mean free or nearly free pvp as well as a high sec alt corp for industry and manufacturing.