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160mil looking for corp

Waldemar Pawlak
Hard Knocks Inc.
Hard Knocks Citizens
#21 - 2015-06-03 12:09:18 UTC  |  Edited by: Waldemar Pawlak

Your signature is a small sing that you can be an autistic *******. These are the qualities we seek in Hard Knocks.

Please have a look here and here if you are interested in a pvp corp based in a C5-C5, but which hunts everywhere.

Edit: I also like your kb activity :)

For recruitment:

1) Join our public channel: Hard Knocks 2) Follow the steps in MOTD of the channel. 3) Profit!

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#22 - 2015-06-03 12:50:37 UTC
The Inevitable Corp [ISEE] is a 0.0 corporation, part of the Diplomatic Immunity alliance, currently based in Insmother

We are a friendly, helpful community of both EU and US time-zone players and are looking to add like-minded pilots to our ranks. Our members generally possess differing skill-sets and backgrounds. ISEE is mostly active around 18:00-0500 EVE time.

What we offer

  • Mature corp members.
  • A relaxed atmosphere.
  • PVP training.
  • Regular alliance and corp roams.

We require:

  • 20-30m Skill Points.
  • Be able to fly the alliance doctrines.
  • Dread pilots are welcomed but not necessary.
  • Self sufficient, we will not provide you with ships.

All new members are required to supply a FULL API with all characters and have a chat with CEO/Directors/Recruitment Officer

If you are interested in joining, come talk to us in the ISEE Public channel.

Also cake.
shark shadow
Capital Fusion.
Pandemic Horde
#23 - 2015-06-07 20:16:01 UTC
Gian Bal
Maidens Of The Chalice
Two Maidens One Chalice
#24 - 2015-06-13 11:05:16 UTC
Still looking!

Litterally God

Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#25 - 2015-06-13 11:34:27 UTC
You should pop in our channel sometime and have a talk with us!
Heavy Metall
#26 - 2015-06-13 11:53:45 UTC

Come check us out at SC3LL we are a c4 WH corp more info below

Fly Safe
Heavy Metall
Iam The Flash
#27 - 2015-06-13 18:57:41 UTC
Hello mate

I don't do "fancy look at me posts" - It's dishonest

We Value Our Lives Over EvE, Do You?

All i ask of you, is that you read it, just once.


Gian Bal
Maidens Of The Chalice
Two Maidens One Chalice
#28 - 2015-06-14 13:32:44 UTC

Litterally God

Gian Bal
Maidens Of The Chalice
Two Maidens One Chalice
#29 - 2015-07-22 22:33:39 UTC
Looking for options again - not too bothered what it is

Litterally God

Samoth Egnoled
Caldari Provisions
#30 - 2015-07-23 05:26:06 UTC
Green Skull LLC

Ganks, Wardecs, Low sec small gang fights, and good fights. Want them? Then we want you. We have been around since January of 2014, and struggled from a small indy corp, to the PVP corp that we are today. We dont want machismo mouthy idiots, we want pilots who want to fight outnumbered, and still say 'gf' if they lose.

Our Requirments;

Arrow A full API key, no if ands or buts
Arrow 10 Million skillpoint minimum.
Arrow No Drama Attitude.
Arrow Proactive, able to be a self starter on those slow days, and get out there and kill things.
Arrow Teamspeak3 and a working Mic
Arrow Thick skinned and have a sense of humour.

Would Recommend;

Arrow An out of corp Hauler - We are often at war. (We require an API for this aswell)


Arrow Valhe Valodiere - CEO - US Timezone
Arrow Samoth Egnoled - PVP Director - EU Timezone
Arrow Pietro Vitale - Events Director - US Timezone
Arrow 3TEARS - Senior Member - US Timezone
Arrow Krisdtt - Senior Member - EU Timezone

Green Skull LLC: Because sometimes you die. Shop Smart. Shop Green Skull LLC
Aladar Dangerface
It is really us
Beyond the Breach
#31 - 2015-07-23 12:05:46 UTC
if your interested in wh space, then we are a EU PVP corp based in C5 space.

Check us out:

Join our pub chan if you interested.

I don't need twitter. I'm already following you.

Gian Bal
Maidens Of The Chalice
Two Maidens One Chalice
#32 - 2015-07-23 20:44:23 UTC

Litterally God

Gian Bal
Maidens Of The Chalice
Two Maidens One Chalice
#33 - 2015-07-24 20:59:49 UTC

Litterally God

Vincent Macalik
Tritanium Industries and Technology
Goonswarm Federation
#34 - 2015-07-24 21:01:17 UTC
Looking for a good section of SOV space with a good group? Take a look at TIT.

What do we offer?
- PvP content located both in low and nullsec.
- An established part of space to live in.
- A good mix of both old vets and new blood.
- Voice comms, both Mumble and TS3
- A friendly & drama free place to call home
- JF / Market service for corp members.
- US Prime corp, though, EU filled alliance as well
- Very good SRP program for all PvP roams
- Loot Buyback

-- For industrialists we can offer.
- Multiple ice systems.
- Local Rorqual Boosts
- ABC Ores.
- Upgraded Outposts.
- Ore / Mineral Buyback

Recuitment Information: Smiles and cupcakes

"You think you have it bad? I pay to play with spreadsheet on an internet spaceship game."

The Mjolnir Bloc
Templis CALSF
#35 - 2015-07-24 23:21:54 UTC
MBLOC is a PvP corp and we do lots of it; we’re part of Caldari FW for the sheer volume of pvp and war targets, for the close friendships we share within the corp and with our allies and the rush of blowing up 2000+ kills a month. We live in one of the most target rich environments in EvE and we draw blood every day. If this sounds like your kind of life, jump in our MBLOC Public channel and talk to us, see what we’re like.

If you like to fly fast and nimble ships, getting into both small and massive dogfights, fighting with and against pirates and getting lots and lots of kills while leaving a wake of destruction behind you, then join the best. We welcome new pvp’ers as well. Some of our best fighters and fc’s came to us with zero experience and are now flying with and leading fleets with deadly efficiency

Our corp and alliance holds many FC’s and the alliance SRP is very generous. The alliance is currently top in kills for caldari militia and our corp is top in kills for player corps (the NPC corp State Pro barely beats us with their 15k members). Check out our kb’s to see what we kill and what we kill them with.


MBLOC Killboards
Chremoas Killers by The Mittani
The Battle of Kehjari at Crossing Zebras
Caldari FW leader boards
In game channel: MBLOC Public

► Strong officer core
► Scheduled fleets daily
► Experienced PvP'ers and FC’s
► Alliance level logistics

► 150+ members
► High Sec Indy corp for alts
► Generous SRP program
► No f’ing drama

The Mjolnir Bloc
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