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WTS 75 mil All-Race Subcap, Ready for Dread & Carrier

First post
#1 - 2015-06-12 01:14:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Svetlana Moscovich

This character has tremendous skills, and is ready to be your new main. Just look at what she offers:

  • PERFECT Drone support skills
  • PERFECT Engineering Core skills (including Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
  • PERFECT Gunnery support skills
  • Specialization-level for all Small, Medium, Large guns
  • Specialization-level for Light, Heavy, Heavy Assault, Torpedo
  • Good Missile Support skills
  • Cybernetics V (check implants in clones!)
  • Perfect Shield Support skills & Compensations to IV

  • MONSTER spaceship command, including:
  • Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser to V ALL FOUR RACES
  • Battleship to V for Gallente, Minmatar, Amarr
  • Assault Frig & Recon to V
  • T2 ship skills trained (incl. Marauder

  • Plus, as an added bonus....
  • Capital Hybrid and Projectile Turrets to II
  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
  • Capital Repair Systems V
  • Fighters to II
  • Capital Ships to II (training to III now)
  • Jump Drive Operation to II
  • Tactical Weapon Recon to II

  • Character is located in high-sec, with positive sec status, and in an NPC corp. Remap available right now.

    Jump Clone #1 - Full rack of Improved Learning Implants (+5s), MR-703, EG-603, SS-903
    Jump Clone #2 - Full rack of mid-grade Crystal implants (incl. Omega), SM-703, EM-803, SP-903
    Jump Clone #3 - Ocular Standard, Neural Boost Standard

    Starting Bid: 15 Bil
    Increments: 1 Bil
    Buyout: 32 Bil

    Thank you, very much.
    Severe leakage
    #2 - 2015-06-12 01:16:38 UTC
    20bill isk ready
    #3 - 2015-06-12 01:24:17 UTC
    FYI... I received an in-game offer for 23 bil.
    Severe leakage
    #4 - 2015-06-12 01:24:57 UTC
    24bill final offer also need to be put into an NPC corp
    #5 - 2015-06-12 01:56:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Svetlana Moscovich
    New bidder came in with a 25 bil in game bid.

    Additional bidder came in at 28 bil, which is the current high.
    #6 - 2015-06-12 02:11:41 UTC
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    #7 - 2015-06-13 13:27:58 UTC
    Good morning, folks. The thread is open and the highest bid is 28 bil.
    #8 - 2015-06-14 00:39:50 UTC
    Today's bump brings with it a new buyout amount: 32 Bil. Who will be the one to win this awesome character?
    The Devastator
    #9 - 2015-06-14 09:47:30 UTC
    Suggest you get Evemailers to post their bids, otherwise we can't verify they are real.
    #10 - 2015-06-14 12:24:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Sil Foundation
    The Devastator wrote:
    Suggest you get Evemailers to post their bids, otherwise we can't verify they are real.

    Can you do this? If you can, I may join the fray.

    Edit: 30 bil + ~420m of assets B/O offer.
    #11 - 2015-06-14 20:53:37 UTC

    Edit: 30 bil + ~420m of assets B/O offer.

    Offer accepted. Send account name and offer assets and I'll initiate transfer.
    #12 - 2015-06-15 02:18:22 UTC
    Eve-mailed account name. Contracted isk and assets.
    #13 - 2015-06-15 03:04:26 UTC
    Isk and name received, account transfer initiated at 3:00 Eve time, 2015.06.15.
    #14 - 2015-06-15 03:25:04 UTC
    Email confirmation received at time of this post.
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