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A short story (signal Cartel)

Daneo Mistry
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2015-06-11 22:00:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Daneo Mistry
Hey, so this is a short story, that I wrote after the formation of a division within my corp, Signal Cartel, that deals with SARs in wormhole (something we do.)

A confluence of light, I finish my journey through the wormhole. Quickly making a record of the wormhole's exit, and relevant information, I drop probes, and warp to a safe position within the wormhole, and cloak.

"so let see. where I have I entered this time?" Checking the positioning of certain bodies, and celestial information, I determine that this is wormhole J1015495. All of a sudden, a message bleeps up. It is a Signal Cartel message, directing me to a relevant post on our board. "huh. According to this, Johnny says that someone may be lost here, and there is a reward to be claimed should we find him here. What you think Fluffy? 50 mill or something?" The slaver Hound whines. "yeah, I send a message to Johnny and see what I get back. We scan this wormhole in the meantime."

I awake to a message incoming warning, having had quite a successful time in the wormhole. This hole doesnt seem inhabited, no one else had come in, and there had been seven data/relic sites to have sifted through. "hhhhhmmm. Johnny says the contract is still up, guy by name of Johannes Gunnars. Send a message and wait for reply." I send the message, expecting anothing long wait. To my surprise, a reply is rapidly forthcoming. "huh. must have not been in cryo."

"Greetings Signaller. I am hoping you are able to deliver me to safely."

"Well, I can't guarentee it, we have a go." I replied. "There are three options here. The first is, I drop you some probes, you can give me what you like as reward, and we go our merry way. Second is, I drop a can with the bookmarks to get out of here, and you can pay me if you get back to highsec safe. The third, well, I can scout for you, in a fleet, but I will be requiring a security deposit upfront."

"....... I see.....and what promise do I have that you will keep to your word, once I have sent the deposit?"

"I am a Signaller. Anoikis Division. Of the Signal Cartel. My oath is my bond. If it is broken, My rank, my corp and my home are forfeit. I will be forsaken. I will no longer be a light in the darkness. I will be a wanderer in the dark, lost without a home."

(and that it. we are a peaceful bunch of explorers with a credo, if you want to know more.) Hope you liked the story!