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The EveBase

Nalha Saldana
The Vomit Comets
#1 - 2015-06-07 15:39:45 UTC
Me and some friends have been working on this site as a school project and the plan is to continue developing it into a site where you have all the information you need about your character, the market and what's going on.

The plan is to add features like:

  • Skill queue planning
  • Ship fitting manager
  • Industry calculator
  • PI planner
  • Community features like forums and character profiles

All of this together on a single site that holds your stuff so you can check in from work or your phone as well as when you're playing would be very powerful.

All feedback and criticism is welcome, it's still in a early stage with lots of basic things not yet implemented but I hope you can find some use of it today.