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Looking to start up a PvP corp.

Conflict Engaged
Caldari State
#1 - 2015-05-24 18:01:48 UTC
Hello guys. I have recently resigned from my previous position as CEO of a corp in an alliance based in NulSec, and I'm looking to give leadership another try. My previous corp was fairly successful at what it wanted to achieve, and I believe that there's no reason this one won't be either, however, unlike last time, I don't have any starting backbone for leadership. Basically, it's just me, and I need others willing to take leadership roles in this new corp.

The corp will be PvP focused, mainly focusing on the small to medium gang scale, however, I plan on taking the corp into a new alliance that I have good connections with, which also intends on basing in NulSec, so fleet sizes will most likely increase to bloc level.

I'm looking for players new and old for this, and at first the doctrine focus will have to be on T1 ships, however I am looking to FCing some T3 Cruiser fleets in the future.

The corp is called Encore., and will be mainly PvP focused. Income will have to be from your own source, however SRP and stuff like that will be covered.

If you're interested at all in building up this new corp with me, please contact me in-game or reply back to this post. Thanks for reading o7