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**[SERVICE] SALE Want a forum for your corp look no further 2 Bil**

Tenaya Masai
#1 - 2015-04-23 07:52:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Tenaya Masai

I'm curently designing and creating forums.

Smf and Phpbb forums possible. Additionally can install eve ots if you need it for your teamspeak

Currently offering to build a forum and set everything up for 2 Bil**

First 5 clients will get Seat includef with every forum for 3 Bil total. Normal price is 4bil for both -paid hosting will be needed for SeAT to run

The catch?

You can decide to have your own hosting (paid) or free hosting on a unlimited plan(i can arrange the free hosting). The only thing with free hosting is it will end with some weird ticker at the end like my sites below.

This service is not limited to corps, Alliance setup is possible aswell

All you need is a backround of your choice, a logo and a banner if you like

we can look at any themes you may like and want for your forum

You can decide to keep me as your system admin to upgrade the site and features or you can get someone to do it for you.

I will accept 40% deposit and the balance to be paid on completion.

*** Teamspeak***

Arrow1.5mil per slot per month

Arrow Webpanel admin include
Arrow Full server admin
Arrow Personal server
Arrow Unlimited channels


Arrow1M per slot / month

Arrow full server admin
Arrow personal server
Arrowunlimited channel

Sample of my work can be given on demand


**Prices subject to change depending on requirements. quotes will be advised and both parties to accept before work starts**

** 2 Bil fee includes forum with Temar api mod. own theme, backround and banner if you choose so**

**work will be consider completed once the client is 100% happy with the end forum/product.**

CCP Guarantee: *** look at number 18 for assurance

Created for corp: 4
Created for alliance: 2
Private Forum : 1 *** client wishes to remain anom**
Other requests: 0
Pending(being created): 0
Updated: 26 May
Tenaya Masai
#2 - 2015-04-23 23:16:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Tenaya Masai
1 job accepted. Finalising the site and handover will take place soon
Tenaya Masai
#3 - 2015-04-27 08:27:02 UTC
Site completed. One more job accepted .

I make forum sites for cheap. This is a special offer for 1 bil . Normal price is

3 bil for a forum.

Stargazer Enderas
Southern Cross Monopoly
Flying Dangerous
#4 - 2015-04-27 19:51:10 UTC
did good work. cant complain. Got what i needed in a timely manner. will use again.
Tenaya Masai
#5 - 2015-04-28 16:13:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Tenaya Masai
Up you go. Limited time left on my offer for 1 Bil. There after prices will go up.
Tenaya Masai
#6 - 2015-04-29 09:10:38 UTC
UP you go

give It a go. You may just like it
Sheldon Bazinga1
Caldari State
#7 - 2015-04-29 09:59:21 UTC
In game message sent.
Sheldon Bazinga1
Caldari State
#8 - 2015-04-30 11:06:40 UTC
Awesome work. Done quickly gave me what I wanted. very helpful . Will Def recommend this to someone who wants a forum.
Tenaya Masai
#9 - 2015-04-30 18:28:25 UTC
Daily bump. 2 jobs completed with 2 satisfied customers.

Tenaya Masai
#10 - 2015-05-01 14:35:39 UTC
Will end the sale in 24 hours. Get it while it's cheap

Tenaya Masai
#11 - 2015-05-03 08:49:43 UTC
Another day another customer.

Keep them coming
Jessica Jamerson
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#12 - 2015-05-03 12:02:26 UTC
Good value for money. Thanks for the personal forum.

Will use this service again if needed in future
The Xsjado Syndicate
#13 - 2015-05-03 22:10:11 UTC
Just order'd my service from this guy yesterday he does really great work and works fast would recommend to anyone considering this service +100
Tenaya Masai
#14 - 2015-05-04 23:27:13 UTC
another happy customer.

have a look today and get your forum up and running in no time

Tenaya Masai
#15 - 2015-05-05 15:29:17 UTC
Don't be shy. Give me shout about a forum
Tenaya Masai
#16 - 2015-05-07 13:51:10 UTC
accepting more orders.

dont be shy

Tenaya Masai
#17 - 2015-05-08 14:20:36 UTC
up you go for today :-)
Tenaya Masai
#18 - 2015-05-09 11:25:19 UTC
Bazinga. Lol
Tenaya Masai
#19 - 2015-05-10 12:44:38 UTC
all jobs completed.

anyone else looking for a forum. give me a shout and we can work something out for you.

Tenaya Masai
#20 - 2015-05-11 12:36:47 UTC
ping pong balls. up and down
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