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Fan Fiction: Tales of a Kameira

Soren Tyrhanos
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#21 - 2015-04-01 21:38:04 UTC
Dailar Toralen wrote:
Soren Tyrhanos wrote:
Rinai Vero wrote:
Criticism of the story based on DUST game mechanics is a bit misplaced. That's the kind of stuff we should all be willing to hand wave a bit if the story is improved.

What I couldn't get past was the formatting. Paragraphs please. Didn't read past the first few sentences because wall of text.

Just pointing out the issues with the plot. If you intend to keep a setting accurate like I am sure fiction writers would want for if another player was writing about EVE then the same courtesy should be given.

However the aspects about dropsuit and weapons functionality are something that should be considered when writing stories about ground based combat in the New Eden universe in the advent of Cloned Soldier technology.... almost everything that is used it to large for used by normal sized people.

Since clones stand roughly 2.5m in height and have unique biological compositions to account for these experimental, dangerous, and lethal [to both operator and victim] technologies. Kamiera's are, unless we are assuming this character is an Immortal Cloned Soldier as well, are simply indoctrinated men and women. Still I see where you are coming from but I don't know if the plot is improved by what I suppose would not be an efficient and militaristic load out.

The main character is not a cloned soldier, but Kameira's are trained for nothing but war. They are specifically trained for this, and as such I figure that they will at least be close to clone soldiers. Also, sorry for the wall of words. I was trying not to waste number of characters. Will see if I can correct soon.

Yes and No at the same time.

I'd suggest to you that a Kamiera is more disciplined and significantly more fanatically loyal to the Amarr given that they are more or less bred and educated in such a manner that they know nothing else but following orders. The issue between cloned soldier and human however are somewhat different.

"The Military Grade Clone, the core of every dropsuit, is constructed out of high quality biomass laced with nanites. The clone design itself is complete with many military decisions incorporated; such as redundancy to prevent body failure and shock, enhanced skeletal and muscular strength, improved endurance, efficient metabolism, dulled pain senses and a nanite organ support system gives unrivaled advantages over the traditional clones normally offered at many medical facilities. Encasing the innards of the clone is a bio-engineered titanium-ion based skeleton to keep the clone lightweight and strong. Throughout the body is a special artery system able to support and supply the body with nanites which enhance many bodily functions from repair, bleed prevention, and interfacing with the suit. Despite all the liberties taken in designing these nearly two and a half meter tall biological weapons, have still have to accommodate a very human physiology."

It is worth noting that the Clone Physiology is basically designed to be used in conjunction with the Dropsuit Technology and how this technology currently work is in the following manner.

"These clones are typically quickly constructed all using the same genetic footprint on the field. Through the use of flash cloning process, nutrient rich scaffolding is build by the nanites before the biomass is pumped through. Like a mold for casting the cells quickly adhere and take shape forming into the finalized form.
After or during the clone's construction a dropsuit instruction the requested license is then downloaded with all the specifications at the request of the user. After confirming the chosen license the nanites begin construction of the suit and weapons around the freshly minted clone."

As far as I know there is no way to actually put on a dropsuit without having it constructed around you...though that kind of assumption of poor and tenuous at best. And finally is one specific trait of Amarrian drop-suits that is worth mentioning and altogether kind of creepy.

"Some dropsuits require grafting itself into the clone's skeletal or nervous structure such a the Gallente and Amarrian suits had this been done consciously would have resulted in extensive amounts of pain. Luckily clones are typically activated after the suits are constructed fully."

The Amarr Heavy Frame suit like the Medium Frame I believe has spinal grafting as a part of its core functionality which is primarily why I take issue with the idea of a Kamiera being able to make use of one.
Soren Tyrhanos
PIE Inc.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
#22 - 2015-04-01 21:42:13 UTC

"Currently only immortal soldiers can use the dropsuit's safely. Non-clone personnel can expire quickly or suffer irreversible heath problems donning such suits on. The reason being is there is a general lack of safety designed for the wearer' longevity. Ailments such as cancer, broken bones, heavy metal poisoning, radiation burns, thermal scarring are just the start to the myriad number of problems a regular human could experience in a dropsuit."
Dailar Toralen
Toralen Industries
#23 - 2015-04-01 21:56:26 UTC
Alright, I see your point. I will remember this for my next Fan Fic. Buy excusing the Dropsuit and weapon flaws, what do you think?

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