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[Theory] Jovians are Inspired by Philip K. ****

#1 - 2015-03-24 23:26:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Xenuria
As an author and Origin Point in my pattern for parsing plot themes.

Jovians (EvE)
Observers (Fringe)
Fixers (Adjustment Team)
Tuners (Dark City)
G-Man (Half-Life)

This is a pattern and the pattern gives us a genetic theme or narrative schema.

Greek Mythology
Wheels - Clocks - Time - Travel
Superior Life Forms stepping in our of necessity
Re-purposing the Dead

The Jovians ruined their star gates too keep whatever is driving the drifters from escaping Jove Space.
The Jovians are not only still alive but have stayed out of the affairs of lesser beings for long enough.
They will be forced to act outside their protocol to prevent a unfavorable outcome.
The Jovians will give the capsuleers a gift, like the myths of old. This gift will empower the capsuleers to defend their empires from The Drifters.

The Gift will be related to star gates or transportation technology.
New cosmic Anomalies will be introduced to the game and their cause will be attributed to the actions of the drifters or entities involved in that conflict. It's unlikely the Jove will cause these unless they are positive and help repair the damage done by drifters ripping through space with unstable wormholes and/or [Related Travel Plot device].