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The Pirate Story Thread

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Praxis Ginimic
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#961 - 2014-11-25 21:29:19 UTC
Anslo wrote:
Late AAR better than no AAR.


Last week came to a head when Amarr literally would not stop shitting on us and acting smug. I decided **** these nerds.

I brought up my dilemma with the ~ELITE PVPERS~ of THE PLACE THAT SHAN'T BE MENTIONED and asked what should a low-mid SP corp do and how should we handle these attacks.

We were given the information.
We were given the tools.
We were given the plan.
The Dunkening was nigh.

Most Huola Co nerds cannot into HACs, which surprised me seeing how talented they are at PvP. No sarcasm intended at all. We’ve learned a lot from them. So we make due. I think we were able to field like 6 or 7 swishtars, a huginn, 3 scimis, a scythe, a celestis, 2 intys, and a smattering of long range faction cruisers.

We wait for the Amarr prime time and head into Roushazar where they always show up. We head into the medium plex and set up. Amarr begin **** talking as they seem sure of victory. We see none on dscan and we’re like ‘the **** m8.’ APPARENTLY they were chasing a HASH cartel cruiser gang that enters our plex. We’d worked with HASH before so we were like DUDE. DUDEEEE. JUST WAIT THERE. They agree to be our (drunk) ballsy hero tackle.

We then see a few Amarr cruisers show up. We assume they’d welp in as they always did, so sure of their superiority. They do not this time though. We wonder why. They outnumbered us, both by logi and dps and ewar. They had advantage. Hell they couldn’t even see us on dscan. And that’s when it hit me. We prepared everything but the lynch pin of the fleet.

I ******* forgot to bring the scan inhibitor.

God. ******* . Dammit.

So, Amarr **** off into Huola, HASH gets bored and goes after em. We chill in Roush for a little before we get a call about a few Amarr nerds being tackled at a large plex in Huola. We rush over and get range only to find that a ~few~ Amarr suddenly became a whole hell of a lot more. They had three, THREE BLACK BIRDS. Celestii, Augorors up the ass. We were once again very outnumbered. So, I said the only thing I could say.

“**** Blackbirds, primary the closest one.”

Despite suggestions to not engage, we go in. Blackbirds were messing with the Scimi’s quite badly, but for some reason were not tanked. BB’s die, quickly. Apparently they thought they could sub EWAR for logi. Didn’t work too well. We helicopter dunk their fleet as they flee. But no, the night gets better.

Death by Design enters Huola and begins **** talking from a medium. I order reship. Mid reship to armor cruisers, we’re told they’re in the medium with 2 augs…and 7 stealth bombers. One Minnie said don’t do it, they’ll rek us. To which I say, “**** you, I’m Ansyolo (I didn’t actually say this).” Anyway, we reship, welp in. I had no idea where they were set up, distance, inhibs, etc. I didn’t care. I don’t like DBD. Apparently God doesn’t either as they were at 0. Aug dies, other Aug runs, all SB’s die. G ******* G.


By some miracle of God’s Green Earth, HASH was still derping around and screams for us to get to Kourm gate. I think wait wtf, intel first, welp later, as I didn’t want to ruin a good night. The next sentence he said had me order full undock, Ishtars, Eagles, Proteus, Scimi’s, whatever the **** people had, and to get to Kourm gate.


We had no idea wtf they were doing, but there they were. Four Rattlesnakes RRing with an RR Domi, and a metric **** ton of BC’s. All I see are kills, and ignore the fact that this could have been epic bait. I scream primaries for the Rattles and they melt. One sadly got away but meh, three died. Along with their BS and BC support. They were not only horribly tanked but their RR was shite. But props for having the balls to use Rattlesnakes.

After the adrenaline high was over, I quickly realized ‘oh ****, I ordered caps to a gate, I am a ******* tool, everyone web them and caps warp, oh god, oh jesus, oh ****, oh god.’ Caps got out without issue.

All in all, amazing night. And all it took was going balls deep without a care in the world to what coulda been an embarrassing welp.


As much as we all enjoy your mock apathy Factionwarfare and Tactics is that way --->
Scope Works
#962 - 2014-11-27 18:12:15 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Dorrim Barstorlode
Lolscrub. The pirate stories that actually were worth a damn were AARs before you tear collecting people showed up. So no, my AARs fit in just fine here :)

Removed some profanity. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

[center]-_For the Proveldtariat_/-[/center]

Praxis Ginimic
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#963 - 2014-11-27 19:41:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Praxis Ginimic
Keyword: Pirate story thread. If it was called the F&gtionwarfare AAR thread I might agree with you. I mean I wouldn't say so publicly, just on principle but quietly.
Scope Works
#964 - 2014-11-27 21:15:29 UTC
We're not in FW m8r so....

[center]-_For the Proveldtariat_/-[/center]

Praxis Ginimic
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#965 - 2014-11-27 21:21:37 UTC
Anslo wrote:
We're not in FW m8r so....

Oh.... in that case... carry on
Praxis Ginimic
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#966 - 2015-01-08 17:50:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Praxis Ginimic
So this is a new sensation for me... an anti-porate story... sorta.

I know the 100mn ishtar has been all the rage in all the space for like ever now but I finally got around to fitting one up. I must say, this thing should be nerfed. Its just rediculous that I can fit all the things cap stable and solo any site anywhere without even looking.

That said I never not look. I also feel naked without tackle so I gimped the fit just enough to handle targets of opportunity. Well I actually gimped a 100mn pvp fit just enough to handle doing sites. Good thing too nbcause you never know when some dipshit in a stratios is going to decloak on you.

It was a noob ass fit on a noob ass ship and I have no idea what he was thinking when he fit it, let alone when he decided to tackle me. Really guy... get an ishtar...Roll
Samantha Elroy
Vision Inc
Hole Control
#967 - 2015-01-12 12:54:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Samantha Elroy
I hate these botting miners in Nullsex, so we decided to logoff in le belt.
Login and et voila, couple of stuff in the net, yarr! Pirate

Not a real Pirate Story, nor big isk destroyed. But we're here for le tears, cheers.
Sweet Tears (Russian Edition)
Feyd Rautha Harkonnen
#968 - 2015-01-14 17:43:35 UTC
Condolences on your loss
From: Rein Chelien
To: [redacted]

INBOXRemove Label

Greetings [redacted]

I wanted to drop you a quick line regarding the detonation of your Megathron Navy Issue and capsule in the motherland of Arraron.

Rest assured tha you did nothing personally to prompt the loss, but instead you merely found yourself embroiled in EvE politics (welcome btw!). Your ship was destroyed in direct response to carebear heresies of ISD Ezwal on the EVE-O forums. It was a good fight.

Losing 705 million ISK in implants and ships may generate butthurt, so a few pointers for next time:
- Read up on the aggression mechanics so you'll understand better what you're getting yourself into when you issue a duel.
- If you see a red box in the overview around another player's ship, that means they're probably shooting at you. You should consider shooting back or trying to get away.
- If you have drones available to you, use them. They'll likely be killed off, but that's better than nothing. You might get lucky.
- Probably a good idea not to fight with expensive ships, especially big battleships with slow guns versus a fast assault frigate.
- Learn how to get your capsule out of the area quickly after your ship pops. It's very difficult to catch a capsule if you take a few simple precautions.
- If someone offers you a ransom to let your pod go, consider negotiating. I honor ransoms, and if you end up paying me less than it costs to replace implants, that's a good business decision.

Kill: Ghost Sh4d0w (Capsule)
Kill: Ghost Sh4d0w (Megathron Navy Issue)

Should this experience instead fire your imagination that life in EvE is about more than PVE I stand ready to answer any questions you may have, up to and including enrolling you in our asshat training program so you can aid me in my quest to create highsec content (pending confirmation of non-douchery).


Rein Chelien,
A Lord of Midnight,
The Devil's Warrior Alliance
Feyd Rautha Harkonnen
#969 - 2015-01-15 03:32:42 UTC
Round #2 ... because we care.

1. Channel ID:      (('solarsystemid2', 30005195),)

2.   Channel Name:    Local

3.   Listener:        Feyd Rautha Harkonnen

4.   Session started: 2015.01.14 23:21:31

5. ---------------------------------------------------------------


7. [ 2015.01.15 00:21:56 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > [redacted] next time split the stacks

8. [ 2015.01.15 00:22:09 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > hook a brother up

9. [ 2015.01.15 00:22:19 ] [redacted] > [f#ck] this [sh!t]

10. [ 2015.01.15 00:22:38 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > the loot fairy was most unkind
, WE should be mad
11. [ 2015.01.15 00:22:55 ] [redacted] > i farmed this [sh!t] 3 days. [f#ck] this game

12. [ 2015.01.15 00:23:06 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > ISD Ezwal sends his regards

13. [ 2015.01.15 00:23:17 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > sort of...

14. [ 2015.01.15 00:23:26 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > back to the farm

15. [ 2015.01.15 00:23:52 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > Perhaps if you file a petition and reference ISD Ezwal they will re-emburse you?

16. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:03 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > It was his actions in the forums that caused us to kill you

17. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:13 ] [redacted] > what?

18. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:16 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > make better life choices

19. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:19 ] [redacted] > i play this game for a week

20. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:26 ] [redacted] > i have no idea

21. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:30 ] [redacted] > created alt

22. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:33 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > this is the ghetto

23. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:34 ] [redacted] > and then

24. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:39 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > ISD Ezwal, interfered with the righteous actions of anti-nerf inquisitors in the EvE-O forums...

25. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:51 ] [redacted] > i dont car

26. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:54 ] [redacted] > care

27. [ 2015.01.15 00:24:56 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > so in response we are murdering innocents in his name

28. [ 2015.01.15 00:25:00 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > you are said innocent

29. [ 2015.01.15 00:25:35 ] [redacted] > stupid ****** and your mmo's no life

30. [ 2015.01.15 00:25:40 ] [redacted] > im done

31. [ 2015.01.15 00:25:49 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > We are blameless and just doing HIS holy work

32. [ 2015.01.15 00:26:08 ] [redacted] > im talking to bot...

33. [ 2015.01.15 00:26:08 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > bring plex next time

34. [ 2015.01.15 00:26:24 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > or split the stacks on your loot..

35. [ 2015.01.15 00:26:44 ] [redacted] > why the [f#ck] i have to split stacks?

36. [ 2015.01.15 00:26:59 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > So when you explode the grand inquisitors of holy pew dont get ripped off by the loot fairy on the drops

37. [ 2015.01.15 00:27:19 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > its the proper thing to do

38. [ 2015.01.15 00:27:34 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > did they not cover that in the new player tutorials?

39. [ 2015.01.15 00:27:53 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > right along with 'jumping a ship filled with juicy cargo into losec is a bad idea'?

40. [ 2015.01.15 00:28:23 ] [redacted] > i had never expirienced gate camps

41. [ 2015.01.15 00:28:38 ] [redacted] > why the [f#ck] i would know gow ti looks like?

42. [ 2015.01.15 00:28:47 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > scout

43. [ 2015.01.15 00:28:56 ] [redacted] > i dont have drones

44. [ 2015.01.15 00:29:09 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > alt scout

45. [ 2015.01.15 00:29:17 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > Would you like to go get some drones and try again?

46. [ 2015.01.15 00:29:31 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > If you dont first succeed..and so forth...

47. [ 2015.01.15 00:29:41 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > try and die again

48. [ 2015.01.15 00:29:46 ] [redacted] > i cant have 2 windows at same time

49. [ 2015.01.15 00:29:52 ] [redacted] > with trial

50. [ 2015.01.15 00:29:58 ] [redacted] > and u know that

51. [ 2015.01.15 00:30:05 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > But surely ISD Ezwal will wave his magic wand and redeem your loss, if you file a petition?

52. [ 2015.01.15 00:30:13 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > would you like help filing a petition?

53. [ 2015.01.15 00:30:15 ] [redacted] > im off... glhf.. [f#ck] this game

54. [ 2015.01.15 00:30:35 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > you should put that in the petition, so Ezwal realizes the damage he has wrought...

55. [ 2015.01.15 00:30:52 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > we again are blameless, and just following HIS holy mandate.

56. [ 2015.01.15 00:30:54 ] Wael Hucel-Ge > Это все будет в порядке пространство товарищ

57. [ 2015.01.15 00:30:59 ] rex largo > if you have any more loot you want to get rid of before you quit bring it here

58. [ 2015.01.15 00:31:33 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > Rex is righteous in his commentary, it is customary to give all your stuffs to your murderers if you rage quit...

59. [ 2015.01.15 00:32:53 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > still there?  Did you have a stroke?

60. [ 2015.01.15 00:33:33 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > I think we broke him

61. [ 2015.01.15 00:34:12 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > Well, we will zap your pod now and get you safely back to your home station

62. [ 2015.01.15 00:35:13 ] Feyd Rautha Harkonnen > free of charge

Lord LazyGhost
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#970 - 2015-01-15 10:24:30 UTC
whats this drama with ISD Ezwal???

can somone link me the post please i want in on this action
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#971 - 2015-01-15 10:50:32 UTC
Lord LazyGhost wrote:
whats this drama with ISD Ezwal???

can somone link me the post please i want in on this action

Here you go.



Proud member of the Somalian Coast Guard Authority

Member and Juror of the Court of Crime and Punishment

Epicentre Syndicate
The Singularity.
#972 - 2015-01-15 21:24:15 UTC
Sanguine Legion
#973 - 2015-02-10 01:59:04 UTC
Zosius wrote:

I did enjoy it.

However do you have to fly all those ships yourself? Does it not spoil it, having to fulfil all the roles in the fleet yourself!
Ralph King-Griffin
The Devil's Warrior Alliance
#974 - 2015-02-13 23:59:52 UTC
Corpmate had a moment of genius in the comments, had to share
Praxis Ginimic
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#975 - 2015-02-14 01:06:57 UTC
Ralph King-Griffin wrote:
Corpmate had a moment of genius in the comments, had to share

Lol... it took a second
Speedy Conzollis
Solyaris Chtonium
#976 - 2015-02-26 01:00:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Speedy Conzollis
New to this thread, have to post this!
Omar Alharazaad
Spectrum Reborn
#977 - 2015-03-13 04:10:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Omar Alharazaad
So I was feeling a little ornery after getting off work this morning and decided to see if I could find some action annoying mission runners.
I start out in Venilen, as I've had a little bit of luck there before. After a bit of scanning it's looking pretty dry, nothing on scan but the same empty noobship that's been there for months and a tactical destroyer that I just couldn't seem to pin down.

With no war targets in system, no known killrights against me, and not being suspect yet I'll admit I was being kind of lazy. Still, habit kicked in and I tab over to Omar and tap the D-Scan again.
Minmatar Tactical Destroyer 7500 meters. Shocked Wat?

Turns out the reason I couldn't find her was because she was hunting me at the same time.

I did mention lazy, right? I had forgotten to add them to my overview since they were introduced, something I immediately rectified. Just as I finished a duel request pops up. Now, I have never previously engaged one of these little balls of murder before, and I was sitting in my afterburner fit Ishkur, so I'm thinking 'sure, why not?'. I mean, it shows up with a bow on it, it would be rude not to.

Things start out pretty normal, spiral in, scram, unleash the drones... then am reminded of the one thing I really do not like about the AB Ishkur... it's kinda slow. I find myself unable to close within blaster range and she's merrily murdering my drones with a ruthless efficiency. After it becomes clear that I'm going to run out of drones before I break her tank I align away from her, overheat the afterburner and break scram range... I'm out with my tailfeathers mildly singed and a newfound respect for these ships.

Good fights were swapped in local and I convo the pilot. Turns out she was there doing exactly the same thing I was. We chat for a bit and I'm off to someplace less desolate to try again.

I decide on Ourselaert, as I've had some luck there before.
Scanning.... Domi Navy Issue? Oh hell yes.

I drop on grid to find myself sitting next to the Domi and a Noctis with a MTU sitting close by. I set to work nomming away on the MTU in hopes of getting their attention. The Domi pilot was kind of young, but he was sporting T2 drones so I had high hopes.

They ignore me til the MTU pops, at which point the Noctis suddenly decides it should be elsewhere and the Domi yellowboxes me. I zip in and loot the MTU's wreck as a bit of incentive.... nothing. Finally after I loot two more wrecks he red boxes me and it's on. Ouch. The thing was a veritable hive of small T2 drones and after murdering what seemed like a dozen of them my Ishkur pops and I'm off to a nearby celestial. My weapon timer drops as I land on the station and I immediately reship... into a dual rep incursus. Remember that lazy thing? Yeah, somebody forgot to fit the three other ishkurs sitting in the hanger.

Not expecting much I warp back to where I last saw him, most bears upon realizing what just happened will tend to dock up for fear of something bigger and badder coming back. Nope. He. Hasn't. Moved.
I charge back into the fray like a lust crazed chihuahua and the dance resumes. Another swarm of light drones fall and then the incursus pops. The guy still had a full flight on grid when my pod scampered off.

Upon docking I see that local has begun to light up.
[14:15:10] Domi > Kill: Omar Alharazaad (Incursus)
[14:15:15] Domi > Kill: Omar Alharazaad (Ishkur)
[14:15:30] Me > indeedy. good fight.
[14:15:42] Domi > why u attack me?
[14:16:50] Me > you attacked me. I just fought back
[14:17:10] Domi > You blew up my NTU....noctis was in my fleet
[14:18:16] Noctis > Kill: Noctis Pilot ('Magpie' Mobile Tractor Unit)
[14:18:37] Domi > Omar why you lie?
[14:18:49] Noctis > L I A R
[14:20:05] Me > not lying. I'm not capable of attacking YOU unless you shoot first. Your mtu is fair game. I attacked your ****. You took issue. Glorious violence ensues. Win or lose content is created.
[14:20:44] Domi > MTU fair game? Uo're retarted!
[14:20:45] Me > Any time something goes boom the universe smiles. Be happy, you gave the 'verse wood this morning
[14:21:07] Me > they are. If they were not, CONCORD would have had something to say
[14:21:25] Me > Why so sad? you won, twice even

At this point I take a closer look at the MTU kill... oh my.

[14:22:57] Me > oh, I see why. my two ships were still worth only about 33% of what your MTU was worth. sad panda is sad. Unfortunately I eat pandas.
[14:23:16] Domi > Watch your back *******
[14:24:26] Me > \o/
[14:24:48] Me > now you make me fit out a new ship or two. oh, the humanity
[14:25:10] Me > This isn't even my final form!
[14:29:42] Me > be thankful i didn't have another ishkur fit. I would have added a domi navy issue on to the klll list in addition to your 200 mil MTU and the scads of t2 drones I spanked before dying with my whopping 40 mil in ships
[14:31:00] Domi > so after 10 years on attack newbs in hi sec! are so broave and courageous!
[14:34:19] Me > once again. I did not attack you. I attacked a piece of space junk. You shot me because you took exception to my disrespect of your space junk. Don't try to spin this as you being a victim.
[14:34:54] Domi > you're a ****** dude!
[14:36:57] Me > man, it's so rare that I find such a sore winner. You popped both of my ships with your righteous indignation. You shot first. han solo I am not. I'm not allowed to shoot you first in fact, CONCORD so decrees. All this butthurt after the fact.
[14:37:52] Domi > Deep sapce sickness?
[14:38:22] Prul II > *popcorn
[14:38:24] Me > actually, keep it up. it's almost to the point of being cute
Ishkur Loss:
Incursus Loss:
That warm fuzzy feeling? Priceless.

Come hell or high water, this sick world will know I was here.

Praxis Ginimic
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#978 - 2015-03-13 20:59:17 UTC
I took a short break from the game and when i came back decided to try out some pve. It took a couple of months to make a couple bil and bore me to tears so before I quit again I decided I should hook up with some old low sec friends...

shiny cynabal
shiny cyna's mtu
honorable comet
nexor can't d scan
[url=]no d scan nexor also can't evac

1.7bil in one night. It feels good to be back in low sec. I think I will stay for a while.
Faylee Freir
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#979 - 2015-03-15 04:55:30 UTC
A few days ago I got 2 real life friends to sub, one is a newbro while the other is a resub. To celebrate our excitement I decide to take the guys out for a "mining op". I had my non-newbro friend fit up a badger and poke around some ice belts while I was helping the other fit his first Incursus. We hardly made it 5j when my friend says that his badger was blown up in an ice belt. I started to ask him if he had active killrights or if he had gone suspect before we had arrived, and before he had a chance to answer properly he tells us that a Machariel shot at him and was being concorded.

I can hardly believe what I had heard as I rush to check Cer 58's killboard. I notice he has lost other expensive stuff and start to make plans with my friends about how to best use these killrights. Fast forward to last night and I see that Cer 58 is online. We get eyes on him and see that he's 5-boxing Procurers in an ice belt. I didn't want to waste the killright on a procurer so I had my friend get in a new badger and he proceeded with our "mining op". Upon going suspect and warping to station I inform him that my scout sees Cer 58 follow suit. I literally start foaming at the mouth as I wonder in excitement what ship Cer will bless us with.

Stabber Fleet Issue undocks and I tell my friends that we are not wasting a killright on a SFI... So I instruct my friend to continue warping back and forth between the belt and the station, picking up ice blocks and leaving asap. My hope was that he would get frustrated at the cat and mouse games of chasing him back and forth from station to belt and undock something better. It didn't take 5 minutes of that before he undocked in his Machariel and warps straight to the belt. We wait out my friends suspect timer and Cer brings two of his other alts in to undock in Domis. I explain to my friend how killrights work and go over how the symphony of murder will play out.

Enough talking. I issue the command to warp and we proceed to land point and wreck him. I convo him and attempt a 500m ransom (which I would not have honored) but he's Russian and isn't attempting to respond. I give him roughly 3 minutes before we finish him off. We fail to snag his pod as he warps off to the station. I still can't believe that we had baited and tricked him to come out in his Machariel for us to explode... We sit in the ice belt for a few minutes sharing space hi-fives, before we warp to station. I land first and find Cer 58 sitting in his pod on the undock... I assume that he still had weapons timer when trying to dock and was paying attention to his alts. I start to lock him up and he panic warps to a combat site. I follow him, warping to it at 0. I land right on top of him. I land my point literally seconds before my limited engagement was going to fall off. Unfortunately I couldn't share the delicious biomass with my friends as their limited engagements had already fallen off. I scoop his corpse, post up my "gf" in local and log off in the nearest station.

9B30FF Labs
#980 - 2015-03-20 03:53:11 UTC  |  Edited by: GankYou
...And the scene pans to Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.



A curious request for a conversation pops up... I'm on important business here, though I quickly get the gist of what is about to happen. Every single line by me here is a tongue in cheek, with eyes rolling. Big smile


[ 2015.03.19 20:52:40 ] GankYou > o/
[ 2015.03.19 20:52:41 ] MechwarriorX > hi
[ 2015.03.19 20:52:46 ] MechwarriorX > Ashimmu Blueprint have more?
[ 2015.03.19 20:52:55 ] GankYou > um a few
[ 2015.03.19 20:53:00 ] MechwarriorX > 5x?
[ 2015.03.19 20:53:07 ] GankYou > would have to check, you buying?
[ 2015.03.19 20:53:28 ] GankYou > think I have 4
[ 2015.03.19 20:53:41 ] MechwarriorX > can you give me 4x bpc and 150m for 1 plex?
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:16 ] GankYou > hold on, have 5 actually ☺
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:23 ] MechwarriorX > sweet
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:25 ] MechwarriorX > 5x for 1 plex?
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:26 ] GankYou > you want 5 Ashimmus for 1 PLEX?
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:32 ] MechwarriorX > yes
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:40 ] MechwarriorX > is ok?
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:42 ] GankYou > can you setup a WTB contract - Plex for 5x BPC exchange
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:54 ] MechwarriorX > cant ask for bpC in contract m8
[ 2015.03.19 20:54:59 ] MechwarriorX > only packaged bpos
[ 2015.03.19 20:55:05 ] GankYou > lemme check ☺


As I brisk through MechwarriorX finished Contracts list...

[ 2015.03.19 20:55:14 ] MechwarriorX > trade?


[ 2015.03.19 20:55:37 ] GankYou > mkay
[ 2015.03.19 20:56:06 ] MechwarriorX > the bpc are in this station right?
[ 2015.03.19 20:56:23 ] GankYou > yea
[ 2015.03.19 20:56:29 ] MechwarriorX > show?
[ 2015.03.19 20:57:18 ] GankYou > yep one sec
[ 2015.03.19 20:57:20 ] GankYou > Jita is laggy
[ 2015.03.19 20:57:25 ] MechwarriorX > oh
[ 2015.03.19 20:57:33 ] MechwarriorX > was 1900+ bfore was worse
[ 2015.03.19 20:57:37 ] MechwarriorX > now 1740
[ 2015.03.19 20:57:47 ] GankYou > wow
[ 2015.03.19 20:57:58 ] GankYou > how did you find me btw?
[ 2015.03.19 20:58:06 ] MechwarriorX > by contracts
[ 2015.03.19 20:58:12 ] MechwarriorX > Ashimmu Blueprint
[ 2015.03.19 20:58:13 ] MechwarriorX > this
[ 2015.03.19 20:58:49 ] GankYou > cool
[ 2015.03.19 20:59:02 ] GankYou > sooo many items I have to shift thru, like 35b of stuff
[ 2015.03.19 20:59:08 ] GankYou > it's looooading

The character Alien Alien has been identified as MechwarriorX alt, which was used in a separate scam all-together. All I intend to do now, is trade something entirely else, wanting nothing in return... I create a book mark and copy-paste into it the first thing that comes to mind - my corp description... Heh-heh,

[ 2015.03.19 20:59:22 ] MechwarriorX > wow
[ 2015.03.19 20:59:29 ] MechwarriorX > any other faction bpc
[ 2015.03.19 20:59:31 ] MechwarriorX > or cap bpos
[ 2015.03.19 20:59:39 ] GankYou > not atm
[ 2015.03.19 20:59:45 ] MechwarriorX > ok
[ 2015.03.19 21:00:30 ] MechwarriorX > ?
[ 2015.03.19 21:00:33 ] GankYou > take this bookmark for now
[ 2015.03.19 21:00:43 ] GankYou > LOL
[ 2015.03.19 21:00:43 ] MechwarriorX > ok?

"The Treasure!" Bookmark Notes contained:

Send my regards to Alien Alien

((''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)
(''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)
(''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)
(''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)
(''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)
(''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)
(''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)
(''') о___о (''')
\ '( о_о )' /
\ \_Ш_/ /
l . . . . |
/ ./"U"\. \
(„„„) („„„)