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[moons]primetime makes harvest season useful for pillaging or teamwork

Ben Ishikela
#1 - 2015-03-07 16:20:11 UTC
Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire."- Matthew 3:10

The following is not a suggestion yet, since it has to undergo a discussion first :evil:
.workable POS code (post legacy)
.primetime or something similar from the sov changes coming around June. awesome discussion, look it up.

.ability for roaming gangs to scout a region and steal harvest
.ability for not fully trusted corpmembers to help with moon logistics
.ability for owners to bring a small gang to fight off possible pillagers and plan ahead
.more scheduleable contest about moons
.more scheduled fights that are not structure shooting
.less alarmclocking
=> more diplomacy, teamwork or direct interaction

expected contra:
.removes the sneaky-stealing-from-a-siphon-that-was-stealing gameplay (if it ever existed) be coninued..

Ideas are like Seeds. I'd chop fullgrown trees to start a fire.

Ben Ishikela
#2 - 2015-03-07 16:20:29 UTC
.timer above moonharvester (MH) for everyone on grid to see (+API)
.timer will cycle 2days to 14days <- number of days settable
.timer will come out random during primetime (+-2h?)
.MH is going to burst its output when the timer reaches zero instead of flat output.
.change to siphon: will collect all incoming material until full or distributed among all siphons on grid equaly (% of maxcargo related distribution).
.capacity of siphon: small siphon-> small enough for little combat ship. medium -> enough for BS/T1industrial. large -> 50k m3 for DSP.
.make small siphons cheap.
.pos shoots automatically at the siphons first (so they have to be remote repaired or no profit) and attacker may warp off.
.timer can be added to calendars or option to send events automatically to specified mailing lists.

.friend and enemy can use large siphons to collect without access to pos, if they come at the right time.
.if a small gang found a MH with a timer of less than 10minutes on their roam, everyone that carries a small siphon with him can make some loot/profit.
.having active pos gunners there on time is very useful to get kills.

Ability to find hostile unguarded pos, anchor siphon, collect stuff, scoop siphon, continue EZ. Whithout the siphon being on grid longer time.
This one inspired me:
... is this still a thing?
Anyway, have at it!

Ideas are like Seeds. I'd chop fullgrown trees to start a fire.

Ben Ishikela
#3 - 2015-03-07 16:21:49 UTC
.reactions cycles need to be adjusted in the process to support the new system
.maybe MH will collect a little in between cycles?
.anchoring time of siphon needs adjustment.
.all not doable alone --> Fine! Make a friend!
.is "scorched earth"-offline MH just before cycleEnd :evil: good gameplay or should it not be possible?
.bad for big alliances -> Fine! xD

Ideas are like Seeds. I'd chop fullgrown trees to start a fire.