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Dev blog: Quick, give me manual control!

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Azami Nevinyrall
#121 - 2014-11-14 15:54:52 UTC
Ah, cool!

I used a program called Zmapper (I think that's it's name) and used a USB NES controller for my PVP...

The buttons on the controller was mapped out for my mouse. Now I might want to find that program and see what magic I can do with these new options and a xbox 360 controller...

In case if anyone is wondering, Zmapper is a program that takes any mouse/keyboard command and "macro" them onto any controller that's currently plugged in!


Zalifer Esepula
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#122 - 2014-11-14 15:54:58 UTC
This is going to be a lot of fun to play with :)

I think it's clear people are going to enjoy this, so please consider adding to it a bit more afterwards.

For example, full freedom to roll, yaw, and pitch, allowing upside down flight, would be amazing. It's all the same to the server, I presume, imagine we are just points/spheres in space for calculations.

Chase cam, so that we don't need to constantly mess with the camera when we are flying. The ability to target a ship in front of us in space.

Throttle control.

Joystick support too, as has been said, so I can bind trigger to fire, instead of F1 :)
CCP RedDawn
C C P Alliance
#123 - 2014-11-14 15:55:00 UTC
I'm totally going to be shouting "ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL" every, single, time.

Team Genesis

Sovai Elaaren
KABS Deep Recon Unit
#124 - 2014-11-14 15:55:10 UTC
This definitely has potential!

Any thoughts being given to enhancing the tactical overlay for use with this feature? It may be really helpful to have some indication of how you're modifying your ships trajectory when zoomed out.
Marcus Tedric
Zebra Corp
Goonswarm Federation
#125 - 2014-11-14 15:57:23 UTC
Whilst the other post I saw wasn't at all helpful - I for one have to raise a hand of sadness........Sad

EVE is wonderfully and beautifully different.

But this change is pandering to a legion of space flight simulator jockeys weaned on the execrable Star Wars franchise and its followers.

Why, oh why, could not CCP have been truly radical and introduced proper Einsteinian/Newtonian physics behavior?

I'll admit, I loved 'Frontier: Elite II'.

Such a change absolutely would introduce radical changes.

I know, I can see, that this change will be popular - but I'd much rather have seen all players launch into space and then crash and blow up as they tried to re-dock. At least the mouse-clicking was slightly okay (letting the nav-puter do the work).

All those interested in encouraging people to think about having to leave the planet will not approve of this change.

Big smile

Don't soil your panties, you guys made a good point, we'll look at the numbers again. - CCP Ytterbium

Black Sky Hipsters
#126 - 2014-11-14 15:58:40 UTC
this will really enhance the immersion feeling of flying in space. great job guys!!
Rolled Out
#127 - 2014-11-14 15:59:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Alundil
Awesome CCP. You have really been shaking things up over the last 4-5 months and overall I think it's great that you are.
Keep it up.

Can't wait to try this out. Haven't owned/needed a joystick in quite a long while. Would be cool to "need" one for Eve.

I'm right behind you

Kregorius Vokan
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#128 - 2014-11-14 16:01:41 UTC
Will you be able to do loopings now?LolCool
Corey Lean
No Vacancies
Wardec Mechanics
#129 - 2014-11-14 16:05:13 UTC
CCP Nullarbor wrote:
Querns wrote:
Amazing. This has been something that has been missing from eve for a long time. I approve mightily.

However, you must understand what you have unleashed. The inch-mile scenario here is basically guaranteed! I hope you're prepared to weather the inundation of requests for analog joystick support.

(i'd buy one for eve)

Joystick support is not a big leap, we will have a look into this if the testing goes well.

Logi and fleet anchors will love you long time
Ralph King-Griffin
The Devil's Warrior Alliance
#130 - 2014-11-14 16:07:55 UTC
CCP RedDawn wrote:
I'm totally going to be shouting "ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL" every, single, time.

Shut the **** up Aura! ill do it myself!
Net 7
#131 - 2014-11-14 16:07:59 UTC
Care Less wrote:
CCP must be terrified of the damage Elite: Dangerous coming out will do to the bottom line to make such drastic changes....

Not sure if this was a addressed, but I saw this comment before I came to work so had to answer once I got to work...

ED is no threat to eve, just like SC is no threat, none, zip, zero, nada. They are different games, you can play both, and what typically happens is anyone addicted to eve, will try game x for a bit, get bored, and come back. This is why the infinite skill queue makes sense

My guess is the biggest reason this was being added now is as follows:

1) it was asked for for many, many. many years

2) Its not intuitive to fly in eve with clicks. And ccp finally got it...

but the biggest reason...

3) What game is coming out soon that is in development by CCP and may you TQ/eventually be linked to eve? Oh that's right, Valkyrie. Having this ability to fly your ship with kb and maybe eventually joy stick control makes perfect sense if then eventually like valk to eve. As then the tranisition form one to the other, and also legion, will be much smother, and you won't have to keep switching controls and mindset around to play the games.

So no, I doubt this was done because of ED, it might of been an idea to check for things to improve upon to keep players cause of ED, but I doubt this specific thing was due to that. Changing due to valk makes more sense. Not to mention, this will make playing eve on a tablet a bit easier and lays the ground work for touch controls as well. As you can use the onboard keyboard to fly.

And its about damn time ccp

OMG Comet Mining idea!!! Comet Mining!

Eve For life.

Zavand Crendraven
Rolling Static
No Vacancies.
#132 - 2014-11-14 16:08:24 UTC
Tippia wrote:
Phoenix Jones wrote:
Can I rotate my ship 360 degrees on its vertical axis.

Some call it a barrel roll

Never take combat advice from toads.

Good then cuz i took them from a rabbit
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#133 - 2014-11-14 16:08:25 UTC  |  Edited by: onefineday
one of the useless updates to eve don`t we have valkery for that or is it another WoD? why don`t you make something useful like fix bombers :) or mmm i don't know fix tidi them 100 man gang moving from system to system or some other 1mill bugs witch most of community will appreciate as i know eve is not flight simulator so please stop making it to one. And do some proper jobs
Anton Kazimir
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#134 - 2014-11-14 16:11:03 UTC
I'll definitely be trying this out on the test server. I've gotten used to the whole double-clicking-in-space thing, but I've always been more comfortable with WASD.

Elena Morin'staal wrote:
Whilst I am over the moon excited for this, I had always believed it wasn't possible due to the way the server operated, and hence 500 people all sending commands to move their ship like this in the same fight would make it crash and burn.

Was I wrong? Or has something fundamental changed which allows this to work in large fights without destroying the hardware?

I'm guessing the client will do most of the work, and just send the server a "point this ship in this direction" command. The server doesn't need to know if you double-click or WASD, only where you want your ship to go.

What changed? I think the new release cycle gives them more opportunities to do things like this, and they probably have some research that suggests this is actually a pretty big deal for new players.
Jonah Gravenstein
Machiavellian Space Bastards
#135 - 2014-11-14 16:16:18 UTC
If joystick control becomes a thing, would it also include support for gamepads such as the xbox 360 controller?

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.

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Des Jardin
Aperture Harmonics
#136 - 2014-11-14 16:19:06 UTC
My initial thoughts --

1. Joystick flight control should allow for keyboard target selection. Should not be a big issue if the keyboard can be used to scroll through targets on the overview and then targets be selected with a keystroke.

2. More immersive feel to flying smaller ships but "auto-pilot" features will still be needed (e.g., orbit, dock, approach). Zipping around capitals in an inty will be fun -- trying to dock in Jita 4-4, not so much.

3. Further evidence of CCP direction toward small ship use. Not criticism, just an observation. Prior recent examples -- frigate-sized wormholes, frigate-only wormhole systems, and capital ship jump changes. Makes sense given that smaller ships are easier to fly from a skill point perspective which in turn allows for new players to more quickly feel like they can contribute. Better initial player experience, more likely to stick around for the long haul.

4. Concerned about server load and latency. Wouldn't WASD and joystick navigation result in additional communications between client and server?

My impression overall is that I will like the change (and will buy a joystick) but the current system has distinct advantages that should not be sacrificed. The mantra should be "augmentation" and not "substitution."

Des Jardin

"Good against remotes is one thing.  Good against the living ... that's something else."

Azami Nevinyrall
#137 - 2014-11-14 16:19:25 UTC
Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
If joystick control becomes a thing, would it also include support for gamepads such as the xbox 360 controller?

Hunt down a program called "Zmapper" where you can program any key/mouse stroke to any button on any USB controller...


Jonat Eken
#138 - 2014-11-14 16:22:16 UTC
A decade after I first tried EVE and thought to myself "this click to fly around thing is really lame, but the game has potential", but better late than never. Very,very happy to see this change coming!
King Fu Hostile
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#139 - 2014-11-14 16:25:46 UTC
wait what

Bergmann Imperial Foundation
Bergmann Empire
#140 - 2014-11-14 16:29:32 UTC
Marcus Tedric wrote:

Why, oh why, could not CCP have been truly radical and introduced proper Einsteinian/Newtonian physics behavior?

All those interested in encouraging people to think about having to leave the planet will not approve of this change.Big smile

Because that would be really really hard in eve, not cool at all to play around with and a lot of dev time would have to be spent on basically meaningless changes like planet movement, which would be too slow to notice, screw ups with destruction or creation of energy when you warp somewhere etc.

For everyone else I can only recommend KSP.