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[ SERVICE ] teamspeak 3 rent slot 1.5m isk per slot mumble 1m/slot

First post
Piilupart Donald
Caldari State
#341 - 2014-06-17 08:52:01 UTC
kilann wrote:
still have available slot

Can you please send me ip via eve-mail so that i can check ping?
First Legion
#342 - 2014-06-21 20:14:37 UTC
service still open
First Legion
#343 - 2014-08-11 13:28:12 UTC
service still open
Princess penguin
Herb Shuttles Ltd.
#344 - 2014-08-15 10:33:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Princess penguin
free bump
Prox Olacar
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#345 - 2014-08-19 21:17:01 UTC
Great service, set up in 5 minutes. Very helpful. Would recommend.
Mila Strelok
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#346 - 2014-10-12 19:56:35 UTC
Hi, I'm interested, but, you offer TSDNS on your servers?
Project Valhalla.
The Initiative.
#347 - 2014-10-19 23:25:28 UTC
Super fast service definately recommend Cool

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Atherios Lincestor
The Library Association
#348 - 2014-11-07 20:52:29 UTC
Fast setup, good service, recommended
Natya Alekscyev
#349 - 2014-11-13 19:50:49 UTC
Fast service, good price, gonna stick here for awhile . Everything is explained for easy setup and no hassles at all. Definately recommend.


Rainbow Child
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#350 - 2014-11-28 20:43:21 UTC
Using his services for a longer time and Im happy that I met him in game. If u need TS write to this guys
James Baboli
Warp to Pharmacy
#351 - 2014-12-03 21:53:59 UTC
Just snagged 2 servers from this fine gentleman and it took about 7 minutes for him to get me both sets of server info.

So far, very satisfied.

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