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Character Bazaar

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WTS 80 mil sp/ drones/ lasers/ misiles/ marauder/ carier/ tengu

First post
Kaya Now
Caldari State
#1 - 2014-10-18 13:38:40 UTC

30b for start , but i want to see your ofers

character will be in npc corp, in jita, has positive walet , no killrights , i will pay transer fee.
Keka Rova
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2014-10-18 14:44:03 UTC
30bil, after she will be in NPC corp
Kaya Now
Caldari State
#3 - 2014-10-19 16:46:48 UTC
to the top
ISD Flidais Asagiri
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#4 - 2014-10-19 18:34:59 UTC

Post Locked, Character not in NPC Corp as per the rules of Character Sales and Auctions. Feel free to relist the character when she is in an NPC corp.

Good luck with the sale.

ISD Flidais Asagiri Lt. Commander Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs) Interstellar Services Department