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Suggestions and ideas for a better planetary interaction experience

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Daelysha Magpie
#1 - 2014-10-06 11:29:21 UTC
Hi, it seems that P.I. content in EVE Online doesn’t have too many major changes in recent years.
(Except the custom offices ownership, taxes and the extractor control unit combination)
I think there are still many stuffs in P.I. could be improved to save the player’s time and make planetary colonies
planning much easier and enjoyable, here are some ideasBig smile:

  • Set primary building of first focus in planet mode

  • There is a ‘View Planetary Command Center’ bottom on the left top corner in the planet mode, when you click it, system will bring you to the view upon the command center. But, after a long period of time when you tracking the latest resource area on the another side of the planet, your extractor, processors, storage facilities and spaceport may not stick together with your command center anymore…that annoyed me every time when want to check some of my planets and I have to rotating it again and again to find where is my site.

    I think it will be great if the ‘View Planetary Command Center’ bottom can be set to focus on the building that player want to find (like a Launchpad or extractor) when they enter the planet mode.

  • Moving Extractor Heads in formation

  • This is one thing that my friend is complaining to me, why can’t the extractor heads move together? Or even we can save the formation of these heads? I mean think about the way probe scanner can do. These probes were moving singly just like how our P.I. extractor head moves now. (Not 100% the same, but at least you can use shift and alt to act in group, that’s the function I wish the extractor could do.)

  • Advanced view of ‘Planetary Colonies’ window

  • Quote:
    “The "Planets" tab has been removed from the "Science and Industry" window and moved into its own window named "Planetary Colonies", located under the "business" section of the Neocom.”

    In patch Crius, the ‘planets’ tab has isolated from the New Cooool looking "Science and Industry" window with product preview and fancy statistic data flowchart. Obviously the ‘planet’ tab was knocked out because it is too simple and unfit to a detailed industry window. That’s something let me feeling disappointed.

    Well, I think a good planet info tab should give us more than a table of 4 columns of words and numbers, the first things I would like to have is to add tags in front of each planets, like ‘harvest’ ‘Refine’ ‘Process’ or ‘spectacular’ and so on that makes your colonies clear and in order.

    Do you still remember there are 3 screens in the station Captain’s Quarters? Yes, the right hand side sub-screen is a planet bottom, and my suggestion is to add a small screen on the Planetary Colonies Windows.

    Assuming the screen is on the right hand side of our planet window, as you click on one of your planet, the screen shows the preview of that planet.

    My point is maybe we can put some useful information under the planet preview picture like "how many time your extractor cycle is going to ended, or the storage usage of the Launchpad"(if more than one show the primary one) so you can decide when to undock and access the custom office without view them in the planet view. If there are someone hate the design may me we can put a small arrow that people can hide them and show the simple view just like the item hangar index.

  • More effective and mouse friendly planet routes connection

  • Every time when I want to change a specific kind of planetary product and establish to change huge amount of new processing and harvesting planets, that just painful and drive me insane.

    For example, on a processing planet manufacturing transmitters, I have 24 advanced industry facilities, and 2 Launchpads. First, I drop some plasmoids and chiral structures into the custom office, and then transfer them down to the Launchpad.

    After that is the most annoying part: I need to select a schematic in the industry facility and create an outgoing route to the Launchpad and create two incoming route witch bring the plasmoids and chiral structures from the Launchpad to the industry facility. To finish the planet plan I need to do this 24 times! And there are 3 more processing planets are waiting for me to do the same thing.

    Is it possible to batch routes from/to the same kind of facilities?
    (like press a bottom and click to select 24 industry facilities and create 24 outgoing route to the destination, then make 24 incoming links from the launchpad to a group of industry facilities.)

    Planetary Interaction is hard to describe …hope somebody can understand my idea. Roll
    Mordus Angels
    #2 - 2014-10-07 09:08:03 UTC
    I would just scrap this stuff altogether and redo it properly from scratch in lines on how it was originally visioned.

    Here, sanity... niiiice sanity, come to daddy... okay, that's a good sanity... THWONK! GOT the bastard.

    Bagrat Skalski
    Koinuun Kotei
    #3 - 2014-10-07 09:29:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Bagrat Skalski


    Main problems with current state of things on planets:

    1. After you build your colony, there is not much to do, beside click repetedly the same extractors, maybe move them a little.


    Make your colony degrade and use up resources in a form of workforce and supplies - population issues, health, pollution, catasthrophes, landslides, tornadoes, random events depends on planet size and kind... You will have to rebuild it in extreme cases, maybe abandon if the cost of maintaining it will be too much, like your workforce demands too much ISK in wages for producing stuff or too much supplies to heal the wounded or rebuild their homes after landslide. Yes, People have to work and earn a salary! Every colony should get supplies to run, not only static CPU and Powergrid. Make the planets with certain modifiers to those features. Supplies should diminish constantly, so you will have to produce it locally or import it in some cases, and it should be tied to workforce morale.

    2. Lack of competition on the planet.


    System that actually tries to simulate the workforce market, so population of planet will go to work and have better morale in player facility where they are better paid, where supplies are not scarce and food is abundant. Competition for workforce by upping or degrading wages. By building different structures.

    3. Lack of differentiation.


    There is not much differentiation in colonies, they are very cookie cut fits when you realise how they are working. We need different bonuses to different faction colonies, colonies faction bonus decided by owner of system in high sec or in low sec, or by player owner of system in null sec. As much factions as there are pirate groups and Race groups. Complicated, but a lot of potential for mastering the whole system when you want your empire to span several colonies with the modifiers described in 1 and 2 point.
    And we should get the morale boosting buildings, providing different modifiers to morale, where workforce could get their ISK spend.

    You will have to care for your colony or abandon it when they are consuming more than producing, Now they are just a repetitive gimmick.
    ISD Ezwal
    ISD Community Communications Liaisons
    #4 - 2014-10-09 12:44:59 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Ezwal
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    Defying Vision
    #5 - 2014-10-14 22:50:34 UTC
    Daelysha Magpie wrote:
    Moving Extractor Heads in formation

    This is one thing that my friend is complaining to me, why can’t the extractor heads move together? Or even we can save the formation of these heads? I mean think about the way probe scanner can do. These probes were moving singly just like how our P.I. extractor head moves now. (Not 100% the same, but at least you can use shift and alt to act in group, that’s the function I wish the extractor could do.)

    This. Why is this not a thing yet?