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[AJ MRID] Researcher Interviews, Thoughts on Site One

The Scope
#1 - 2011-12-12 14:36:19 UTC
An update from Arek'Jaalan: Site One, Past, Present and Future.

Recently, the Minmatar Republic assisted Arek'jaalan and its members in constructing a library in the Eram system. The truth is that this was not something that happened overnight. The materials contained within what is being referred to as Antiquus -- after pilot Antiquarian -- took large amounts of time and effort to compile and make ready for large scale dissemination. Recently, members of The Arekj'jaalan Media Relations &Information Dissemination group took time to get the opinions of various divisional leaders on their past work that went into the site, and what they're looking forward to now.

The first question we gave them was, Since the project began, what has your team accomplished ?

Pilot Gehen Sealbreaker, of Sealbreaker Labs on Project Astrosurvey had this to say at press time:

The general outline of our work was published in our document, titled Research Abstract: Project Astrosurvey, but to further summarize, over the last 3 months, Sealbreaker Labs and a few allies have collected samples from a lot of Anoikis's asteroids, especially those which were exposed to unusual spatial phenomenon. We did this under Talocan United's benevolent protection.

Pilots Roga Dracor and Myyona, who are divisional leads of the Ancient Races group:

The Ancient Races department of Arek'Jaalan has laid a firm foundation for the collection and dissemination of information on the ancient races that once plied the spacelanes of the New Eden cluster. Further, several expeditions sponsored by the department and it's staff have opened a wealth of information on these races that will, hopefully, grant us a fuller understanding of these cultures and their motivating principles in the near future.

Besides establishing the division portal with a bit of discussion on the Takmahl and Yan Yung societies we have worked on four projects (Algintal, Common Ground, Enigma and Theseus) and finalized at least one paper in each.

On behalf of the Multi Disciplinary division, pilot Rhavas had this for us:

Tesseract has made huge strides. At the start of the Arek'Jaalan Initiative, there were at best a wide array of unrelated documents. Today, it is a clearly documented and researched set of proposals and evidence statements that have been added to the New Eden database. This consists primarily of three sources, all of which have numerous links to key sources:
- The Project Tesseract page
- The Shattered Planets page
- Current state of Isogen-bearing mineral gathering
The Multidisciplinary Division in general has been highly active, including Mark726's Project Compass and Julianus Soter's Project Trinity, as well as Helen Ohmiras' upcoming Project Slipstream.

Our second question for them was related to what is possibly to come.

What's next for your team ?

Gehen Sealbreaker: Now we must study these samples a bit further, and try to find what kind of exotic variants of the ores are hidden amongst the plain ones. Comparision must be done on a molecular level, with plain ores from different systems, with their common variants (like Silvery or Golden Omber, for example) and most importantly, with their uncommon variants, like Banidine, Green Aristite or Polygypsum.

Myyona: We will continue to produce material for some of the existing projects (Algintal and Enigma at least) and also have ideas for new projects to pursue.

Rhavas: The Tesseract team is very nearly ready to wrap main operations. My next goal is to convince Hilen Tukoss to increase priority and pressure on Eifyr to do the analysis of the large volume of data that we have provided. As far as AJ:MD as a whole, I hope to see Mark726 get assistance as needed on Compass and for Julianus' work on Project Trinity to get the necessary evaluation.

Roga Dracor: I would hope that we can further the idea that though we are divided by bloodlines and cultural background, we are all human, and that our strength, weakness, and physical differences only solidify our need to work as one inter-related mechanism of human advance.

Our third question related to how each feels about current progress in their work.

–- What project are you most excited over and why?

Gehen Sealbreaker: Of course, I'm all after Astrosurvey. It's my creation, and was the one that "started it all", just after Dutch Gun. However, I reckon it may lack grandeur. I deliberately chose to tackle a lesser research topic because I did not suspect that AJ would never grow as big as it is today. I am very curious about the results of some other projects. As an astrophysicist and specialist of wormholes, projects Catapult and Compass have all my attention. I keep an eye on Project Slipstream aswell.

Rhavas: Tesseract of course! Although I do think there are many amazing lines of research in progress - I would be happy to see concrete results in any of them.

Myyona: That is really hard to say as a lot of projects are showing interesting results from the efforts of the people involved. Projects like Theseus and Trinity have had solid goals and a research approach that made it easy to follow their progress and conclusions. Project Rho has also done a quite remarkable work in establishing a Rogue Drone Database.

Roga Dracor: Enigma, it has been my life's work uncovering the secrets of the Jove and their interactions with our early cultures.

The Scope
#2 - 2011-12-12 14:36:51 UTC
Our fourth and final question was what each pilot would say if they wanted to send a message about what Arek'jaalan is.

Rhavas: That together we can learn more than we can separately. One of the main issues I was having in moving Tesseract forward was the sheer volume of work that needed to be done to gather Isogen-containing mineral samples - I have no mining skills whatsoever. But with the help of Mark726 to flesh out and evaluate the work I had already done, Morwen Lagann to help catalogue it, and Aechpee to coordinate and design the mining efforts, the project is well down the road to getting serious Eifyr analysis - and maybe some real answers to long-standing questions.

Myyona: The puzzle pieces are out there and it is our job to put them together. What the final picture will be, nobody knows yet.

Roga Dracor: The truth is double edged sword. It can be used as a tool or a weapon. The use is dictated by the user, and Arek'Jaalan has pledged itself to use the truth as a tool to better the lot of the human race, regardless of political or ideological affiliation. Arek'Jaalan seeks the truth for the sake of truth and human enlightenment. Such lofty ideals are difficult to maintain in this era of divide and proxy warfare. If it is to succeed, it will need the dedication and drive of individuals from diverse cultures and mindsets.

The Antiquarian: Acquisition Division's ultimate responsibilities were to entice capsuleers and corporations to make donations and to inventorize, then relay the contracted materials back to Dr. Hilen Tukoss. It was important to meet the material acquisition before November 8th YC113 because the Republic has agreed to offer Eram, a hi-sec destination, for the establishment of the Site One only if the acquisition requirement is met before the specified date. Despite the initial plea sent Dr. Tukoss and his team for the Site One's material requisition, the collection effort were stalled due to the waning interest as time went by. Our role was to send weekly, if not, daily pleas to encourage a continuous supply of materials. We also tried to make the collection effort seamless by providing logistics and filling the administrative gaps during Dr. Tukoss's brief absence.

The Media Relations & Information Dissemination group would like to thank all Arek'Jaalan members who participated in the questionaire for their time, and hope that their answers proved to be insightful to those who wished to learn more about Site One. On behalf of Arek'Jaalan we would like to welcome you to visit the site for yourself.