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Whats the most fun you had in eve this week?

Sunshine and Lollipops
#101 - 2014-08-22 11:33:34 UTC
Weeeell… there was the closure of Somer and the subsequent teeth-gnashing from the punters who couldn't get their fix. P
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#102 - 2014-08-22 11:39:06 UTC
Trying to log on and getting the offline mode message.

Wait... Sorry... you said fun..

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#103 - 2014-08-22 12:19:08 UTC
...reading forum entries about somer.

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Alavaria Fera
#104 - 2014-08-22 12:20:03 UTC
Seems people get a lot of fun without even logging in

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Felicity Love
#105 - 2014-08-22 12:22:30 UTC
Jay Foucalt wrote:
hi people

I'm looking for things to do and learn about, but I notice that when I ask the question 'what do i do now?' people are really helpful but rarely answer specifically.

So, what was the most fun you had this week (or this month) and what made it fun for you?

I spent a little time in front of the mirror in the Captain's Quarters, firming up my abs and putting a little extra shape into my already shapely buttocks...

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Samuel Triptee
Dream Endeavor
#106 - 2014-08-22 13:06:01 UTC
I bent over to pick up a cheerio off the floor of the captain's quarters and threw out my back.

Couldn't find a quick cure, or drugs to ease the pain, so I podded myself into a new clone... ahhh relief.

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Bohneik Itohn
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#107 - 2014-08-22 13:32:31 UTC
Samuel Triptee wrote:
I bent over to pick up a cheerio off the floor of the captain's quarters and threw out my back.

Couldn't find a quick cure, or drugs to ease the pain, so I podded myself into a new clone... ahhh relief.

I swear the cartilage in the latest model holds together about as well as a piece of wet sponge cake.

They just don't make clones like they used to anymore...

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Sexy Cakes
Have A Seat
#108 - 2014-08-22 13:56:39 UTC
When EVEMon said "Skill training completed" while I was playing something else.

Not today spaghetti.

lord xavier
Rubbed Out
#109 - 2014-08-22 14:13:04 UTC
Almost losing my Widow, Rapier, Loki and Scimitar during multiple DDOS attacks. That is the most fun I have had in Eve this week.
Desimus Maximus
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#110 - 2014-08-22 22:13:49 UTC
When I heard SOMER was gone for good. Best news I've had from EvE in years.
Peter Raptor
Galactic Hawks
#111 - 2014-08-22 23:20:02 UTC
My retreiver was attacked by a ganker in highsec who got me to 10% structure before turning into an egg lol


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Crazey Monkey
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#112 - 2014-08-22 23:30:16 UTC
DJentropy Ovaert wrote:

As a professional enforcer of the New Order of Highsec,

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nano-Tech Experiments
#113 - 2014-08-22 23:44:15 UTC
I logged on to change skills and wrote a mail to DJ Bigcountry (Eve Radio) regarding pics and Tito's Handmade Vodka.

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Marsha Mallow
#114 - 2014-08-22 23:53:35 UTC
Doing the AT on a scrub alt with terribad skills*

* I have no idea what I'm doing
* They made me

Actually it really was fun, and more people in alliances need to step up for practices, because it's a pain to organise.

The countdown was horrifying (esp since they were running behind), such panic. Actually that stopped as soon as the match started, but don't knock people for freezing up if you haven't done one, because it is incredibly stressful lol. I forgot to turn off the stream too, so could hear them commentating (luckily it was barely audible) on the match.

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Arthur Aihaken
#115 - 2014-08-25 05:44:20 UTC
Logging off.

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

Debora Tsung
Caldari State
#116 - 2014-08-25 06:35:27 UTC
I visited my two nieces, was fun. One always want s to tell everyone what to do and the other one doesn't want to listen to her, sounds a lot like some FC's calling primaries.

Stupidity should be a bannable offense.

Fighting back is more fun than not.

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Stone-Cold Gunther Sabre
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#117 - 2014-08-25 08:35:00 UTC
After a week of exploration, finding nothing and thinking about a change of careers I found 500M ISK of loot over the weekend, most at just one site deep in null sec. Getting home avoiding bubbles, CFC pirates(are they pirates??) and a whole corp of stealth bombers with that much loot in cargo was terrifying and fun!

Docking up at a trading hub with everything intact was fun. Spending it will also be fun :-)
Jandice Ymladris
Aurora Arcology
#118 - 2014-08-25 09:22:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Jandice Ymladris
Easy answer for me, seeing my blog featured on the EvEPandora site as a main source of ingame news. On top of it, seeing my big article on Sansha live events featuring by request on the Coffee rocks eve news site was great.

Been writing ingame newsreports for a year now about player events, CCP stuff & some of my own shenagians from an In Character view & enjoyed it, but very few feelings can compare to the one you get with recognition.

By this, I like to thank everyone who reads my articles & follows me! Big smile

Yep, there's more to eve then blow up ships or getting blown up in ships! But please proceed violencing ships! It's my bread & butter Twisted

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Scipio Artelius
The Vendunari
End of Life
#119 - 2014-08-25 09:28:38 UTC
I blew up the OP and then the OP blew up me.

That was a lot of fun. Thanks Jay.
Jay Foucalt
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#120 - 2014-08-25 09:31:52 UTC
that was cool thanks scipio :D

i like to think i managed to learn a lot in the process too