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Looking for that special someo...I mean corp. Cal FW.

DeeFunct Kumamato
Caldari State
#1 - 2014-07-05 20:47:16 UTC

Might be a bit long winded this post but here goes...

I'm a returning player who has had dabbled in plenty of high sec carebearing (missions, mining, exploration) and barely set a foot into low sec, nor engaged in PVP and I think it's this play style that has led to an on/off relationship with EVE over the past couple of years.

I'm ready to cast that off and jump into some Caldari FW but not sure where to start so I'm looking for an FW corp that can throw a somewhat nurturing arm around me (I don't need molly-coddling, just a nudge in the right direction). I am happy to take on and learn any fleet role, admittedly I'd like to be involved in logistics at some point down the line but would be happy for the chance to just get involved.

Now for the deal breaker, I have a young family, which means I might have to leave the computer at any moment, no exceptions!! If me going missing mid plex or whatever is too much for you to handle then we're not a good match. Gaming is my main hobby, I'm on the computer whenever I can be, but that doesn't mean I can be on for a set time or length, so the corp needs to be very flexible and understanding.

I'm EU timezone (UK), can use TS if needed and willing to learn. If you think you'd be willing to give me a space in your corp, hit me up.

Dee Big smile
The Mjolnir Bloc
Templis CALSF
#2 - 2014-07-05 20:58:50 UTC
MBLOC is a PvP corp and we do lots of it; we’re part of Caldari FW for the sheer volume of pvp and war targets, for the close friendships we share with our allies and the rush of blowing up 1000+ kills a month. We live in one of the most target rich environments in EvE and we draw blood every day. If this sounds like your kind of life, jump in our MBLOC Public channel and talk to a recruiter.

Our alliance holds many FC’s and the alliance SRP is very generous. Our corp and alliance is almost always in the top 5 in kills for caldari militia. Check out our kb’s to see what we kill and what we kill them with.


MBLOC Killboards
Chremoas Killers by The Mittani
Caldari FW
In game channel: MBLOC Public

► Multiple fleets daily
► Experienced PvP'ers and FC’s
► Alliance level logistics
► 125+ members

► Null systems for ISK opportunities
► High Sec Indy corp for alts
► SRP program
► Top five in kills for Caldari FW

The Mjolnir Bloc