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90m SP Amarr/Min Blops, Cov Portal, Perfect Jump Skills

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D4rwin inc.
#1 - 2014-06-21 21:01:40 UTC
As per the title I am looking to sell a GREAT multi-faceted toon.

Skills of Note:

-JDC 5
-JFC 5
-JDO 5
-Redeemer and Panther Pilot with covert jump portal capabilities
-Amarr Frig through BS 5
-Minmatar Destroyer, Cruiser, BC, and BS 5
-Caldari Frig, Destroyer, Cruiser, BC 5
-Cov Ops 5
-Interdictors 5
-Logi 5
-Recon 5
-Command Ships 5
-Ore Industrial 5
-Cal/Min Subsystems 5
-Great Missile Skills (T2 HAM, HM, Lights, supports at 5, HAM/HM specs 5)
-All Gunnery Supports at 5
-T2 Small, Med, Large Projectiles
-All cores at 5 including AWU
-Thermodynamics 5
-Cloaking 5
-Most Ewar skills at 5
-Great Armor skills
-Starbase Defense Management 5

Can plug in Carrier (Triage Capable), Dread skills almost immediately, and, as previously stated, has PERFECT jump skills.

-1 remap +3 bonus (Currently Per/Will)
-Re-sculpture is also Available
-2 Jump clones, one with a full head of Mid Grade Cystals including the Omega
-Neg 1.2 sec. status which is still unrestricted flying
-No kill rights
-Positive Wallet

All CCP Rules Apply.

This is a straight up sale for 30b. Some negotiations possible, but not much wiggle room.
ISD Decoy
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#2 - 2014-06-21 21:06:03 UTC

Please don't try to circumvent your original thread's 24 hour lock. Please use your original for sale thread once the lock has expired.

Original thread:

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

ISD Decoy


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