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3 Remaps, Oh! What To Do?!

#1 - 2011-12-06 00:01:10 UTC
Hello. I'm a returning player in need of some advice on remaps. If anyone can spare the time to help it would be much appreciated!

I would like to train for a combat role, specifically to fly the Hurricane. I will be using this mainly for PVE I expect, but maybe dabbling in PvP if the occasion rises.

My current skills are a bit of a mix. Previously I trained a lot of trade and industry. But, I also have a few combat related skills at level five; Spaceship Command, Gunnery, Engineering, Mechanic, Navigation, Electronics, Afterburner, Cruiser, and Frigate. The support skills that go along side these are pretty much non existant.

I currently have about 9,900,000 sp, and these are my (unremapped) attributes:

Int: 22
Per: 23
Char: 19
Will: 21
Mem: 18

I'm currently training Cybernetics IV so I can stick in some +4's.

I've been considering several options, as best to utilize the remaps. Playing around with Evemon I came up with a skillset that I'm pretty confident would set me up for life in a Hurricane. This involves training Int/Mem support skills, Perc/Will Gunnery and Ship skills, and Mem/Perc Drone skills. I also have 1,000,000 unallocated sp, which I think would be best put into BC V when I come to it (would people agree?).

As far as I can see my options are:

Option 1.
Plug in +4's, spend two weeks training BC III or IV and some very basic gunnery skills (So I can sit in the cane, at least!). Then switching to Int/Mem and loading up on support skills for 2, 3, 4... (this seems as though it could be indefinite) months. Then swapping possibly to a short Drone intensive Mem/Perc remap (although this seems like a bit of a waste), before remapping to Perc/Will and Finishing BC to V and training Gunnery and related skills for a year.

Option 2.
Remap to Perc/Will, spend one to two months training BC and More in depth Gunnery skills (bearing in mind I wouldn't have the support skills to fit much!). Then remapping to a Mem heavy Mem/Int setup that would allow me to train support skills and Drone skills at a rate of 2160 vs the specalized 2340. Then the final remap would be back to Perc/Will, to train beyond where I previously got to.

Option 3.
Same as 2, but switch to Int/Mem (Int heavy) on second remap and just suck up a bit of slow training time on the Drone skills.

Anyone have any ideas/input, or can see another route that would be better to take?

Thanks if you read this, and thanks for any advice!
Working Stiffs
#2 - 2011-12-06 02:20:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Tau Cabalander
I recommend a general mapping:

* 23 Intelligence
* 21 Perception
* 21 Memory
* 17 Willpower
* 17 Charisma

You will train nearly everything over 2k / hour with +4 implants, and you don't have to commit yourself to a training plan right away. Once you have all the core skills you could choose to switch to per > will to train more ships and weapons.

int > mem: 2370 Electronics, Engineering, Mechanic, Planet Management, Science
int > per: 2370 Navigation
mem > int: 2310 Industry
per > int: 2310
int > cha: 2250
int > wil: 2250
mem > per: 2250 Drones
per > mem: 2250
mem > cha: 2130 Corporation Management
mem > wil: 2130
per > cha: 2130
per > wil: 2130 Gunnery, Missiles, Spaceship Command
cha > int: 2070 Planet Management
wil > int: 2070
cha > mem: 2010 Trade
cha > per: 2010
wil > mem: 2010
wil > per: 2010 Few oddball ships
cha > wil: 1890 Leadership
wil > cha: 1890 Trade
#3 - 2011-12-07 19:59:17 UTC
Hey, sorry I didnt reply sooner.

Thanks for the response. I hadn't thought about doing a general remap. It's so tough to decide! I really like the new system, it affords a lot of flexibility, but it definitely takes a bit of forward planning.

I guess it's choosing between usability and slower progress, and a min/maxing type approach...
Caldari State
#4 - 2011-12-07 21:06:54 UTC
I came back to the game with about 7 million SPs. I used my first remap to go Int/Mem and sunk another roughly 8 million into Drones (I didn't have T2 drones, so I trained on this remap even though it is about equal in speed to a Per/Wil), Electronics, Engineering, Mechanic, Navigation, Science (Cybernetics V). I've been running L4s in a Raven (then CNR) starting with less than 600k SPs in missiles. That got old very quickly and I ended up allocating some of my refunded SPs (from learning skills) to skills I could have trained at optimal speed later, rather than saving them for something I'll never remap into (charisma).

I switched out of Int/Mem with plenty of skills I could have trained further, but at a comfortable point (Caldari PVE focus), with about 5.5 million between Electronics and Engineering, 816k in Mechanic and about 1.35 million in Navigation. It was hard waiting that long to get to combat skills (I had to cheat and use some of my learning skill refunded points to up cruise and Caldari BS skills to IV), but now I know I can sit in Per/Wil for a long time before I need to switch back. My isk/hr definitely suffered during the Int/Mem remap, but for me, training at maximum efficiency is almost compulsory and made me enjoy the experience more than extra isk would have.
#5 - 2011-12-07 22:11:04 UTC

With the 1m sp points the only difference to when and where you use them will be if you put them into skills that you are not currently spec'd for. So dumping them in support skills whilst mapped for combat skills. SP is SP, putting them in a long train doesn't get you more benefit it just reduces the time it takes to get that train done.

Since you have 3 remaps available to you then I'd suggest doing a combat map, a support map and then a general map. Remember that you are going to be stuck with the third remap choice for a year, this is why I suggest the general remap last.

Personally I'd go with them in the order listed above. Grab the skills to sit in the 'cane and grab some basic gunnery skills. Use some of the SP you have ready to allocate to improve immediately on support areas that are important. You say that you are pretty short on the core support skills, I assume this means +CPU +PG and so on. Maybe chuck a few of those allocatable SP into those areas so that you can at least fit something sensible and get out and about pronto.

Then remap for the support skills and get those sorted, it shouldn't take too long. If you suddenly remember some combat skills you forgot, well there's still some of those allocatable SP floating around. Knock yourself out. Smile

Finally remap to the general setup Tau suggested and do the drones. You may want to dump some of that allocatable SP into drones a little earlier just so that you can at least field a full flight of smalls. If you are struggling with frigs then getting t2 lights should be a priority and getting a couple of levels of drone interfacing can make a hell of a difference too.

After that just sit back and chill whilst training whatever you discover you need. I've been on a general remap for longer than I can remember (so either a loooooong time or I got a bad memory). In fact I still got 2 remaps available. Sad

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#6 - 2011-12-08 12:15:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Xenuchrist
Ummm... do NOT do a general remap. At least not now. -You have 3 remaps available, so use them! You won't get more until a year after the last one, meaning you'll need to use them within a year to actually getting a "benefit" from having multiple.

Don't worry to much about how much time you use for the first two remaps either. (Though filling a month or two should be minimum.) You can even remap to the same attributes twice. E.g. first do the perc/will stuff you needs NOW, then spend some months brushing up -say mem/int for drones (or int/mem for support-skills, will/perc for t2 etc.), before switching back to perc/will for a year (or maybe then a general remap.)

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Caldari State
#7 - 2011-12-09 13:59:23 UTC
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#8 - 2011-12-09 15:48:41 UTC
If you want to play while training I would start with the general remapp till you feel you can play while you are training more specialized skills. If you want to train without playing so much but have increased SP gain, can do fitting or drones first then end with guns and ships. The third remapp for guns and ships should last you the year and free up another remapp for a general remapp or if you found a calling a specialized one.

Up to you with the base you have and wether you cant wait to fly or can wait to fly.

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#9 - 2011-12-13 15:50:47 UTC
Apolos if you're aware of this but -

If you have never remapped before, your first two remaps can be made at any time. The third and subsequent remaps have a set interval of twelve months, regardless of how many remaps you may have "saved up".

This should help clarify things a bit.

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