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An Exciting Fight of all Time Takes Place July 5

Dorian Tormak
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#1 - 2014-06-02 17:04:23 UTC
UFC 175 - Weidman V. Machida will be held on July 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The All American Chris Weidman will defend his UFC title against Lyoto The Dragon Machida in a bout for the ages.


Chris Weidman at 29 years old is still relatively young to the sport of MMA. His rise to the top came swift after his fifth fight in the UFC against wrestler Mark Munoz, who he utterly destroyed. The Chris shut down Mark's wrestling game in the first round using his own wrestling, taking him down at will and smothering him. Munoz had no clue what to do and rushed in throwing bombs, where Weidman landed a beautiful counter elbow and then brutally finished Munoz with ground and pound.

After only his ninth professional fight in MMA he was given a title shot against Anderson Silva. Most people believed Weidman was no match for Silva, since he only had 9 professional fights on his record and at the time Silva was perceived as unbeatable in an MMA match. However, many pros who were "in the know" did pick Weidman for the upset and when fight time came the betting odds were in favour of Silva, but only at a 2:1 ratio, which is closer than it should have been under normal circumstances. A lot of factors pointed to this being a great matchup; the undefeated streak that Silva was on, winning something like 16 straight fights in the UFC, gave him an aura of invincibility few can acquire. But at 38 years old, he was getting up there in age and there's always the question of how long the physical prime of an athlete can last. You combine that fact with the fact that Anderson Silva had trouble against great wrestlers before like Chael Sonnen, guys who could take him down and keep him down, and the fact that Weidman was a very great wrestler, young and undefeated, and it made a very interesting fight. The thing most underestimated about Weidman were his heavy hands and his fighting IQ. Chris Weidman cleaned Anderson's clock when they met in the cage. It was a technical battle, Anderson was goofing off and paid for it brutally.

Despite claims that it was a "fluke" win and that Anderson Silva would annihilate him in the rematch, Chris Weidman again defeated Silva in spectacular fashion when they rematched; this time breaking The Spider's leg using a technique known as "knee destruction", which is knee-on-shin; when Anderson Silva went to kick his leg, he puts his knee into the shin and annihilated it. This was due to great technique and timing by Weidman, and perhaps a lack of proper technique and the setting up of his kick by Silva. It is very rare to see something like this but it was not a fluke.

Lyoto Machida is an All Time Great in the sport of MMA.He has a somewhat similar style to Anderson Silva, in that they are both primarily strikers who are great at defending takedowns and have a slick grappling game from their backs. Machida has a very unique style however. He practices a specialized form of Karate known as Machida Karate, which he has trained since he was a kid. It is much more traditional than a Karate you can find in north america and it goes back a long ways. This is what gives him his style of darting in and out against guys and makes him look very fast, and some have even criticized him for "backpeddling" during fights. The simply truth is he is a counter-striker. He will wait for his opponent to come forward and that is when he makes his attack. You combine this style with a great Jui Jitsu game and a Sumo wrestling background, and he is a very compelte mixed martial artist.

He boasts many impressive knockout victories over big names such as Rashad Evans, Randy Couture, and Ryan Bader.

He is not undefeated like Weidman is; you cannot hold that against him this fight however. Out of his four losses, he was only ever finished in two of them. And those were against great fighters where he was knocked out by Shogun Rua, and choked out by Jon Bones Jones. His other two losses were highly controversial and he really arguably won against Rampage and Mr Wonderful. All that aside, this bout with Weidman will take place at the 185 pound division, which is 20 pounds smaller than the 205 division Lyoto Machida has fought at most of his career; point being, he now has to cut weight in order to weigh-in for this fight and so he is fighting guys closer to his own size, rather than guys who tower over him like Jon Jones. Of course, that's not to imply that size has anything whatsoever to do with skill, but the facts are indeed the facts.

One thing about Weidman is he has never seen a 5 round fight yet. He's gone 3 rounds with Demian Maia and he got pretty tired in that bout, but it was on short notice so you can't really fault him for that.

Questions will be answered; can Weidman get Machida to the ground? If so, can he do significant enough damage while he is there, can he threaten with submission attempts? Weidman has a great submission game, but applying it against Machida is a different beast. Can Machida defend the takedown? Can he work his striking enough to hurt Weidman on the feet; can he last until the later rounds and hope that Weidman will slow down and tire?

I have to give a slight edge to Chris Weidman; for one, he is the champ. He's undefeated, he's younger, he has proven that he has deadly power in his hands and he's as strong as an ox. He may not be the fastest guy, but he's very good at judging distance and timing when his opponents are coming in, and then getting out of the way of their attack. Machida will have to worry about his longer reach (77 or 78 inches conpared to Machida's 73 or 74) and his power, as well about defending the takedowns.

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Dorian Tormak
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#2 - 2014-06-02 17:15:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Dorian Tormak
With all that said, I favour Machida more and more the longer the fight lasts. He can dance around Weidman and will attack with kicks and knees from the outside. He will set up his attacks, mixing up low strikes with high strikes and when Weidman comes in for a takedown, Machida will often knee the opponent in the chest to pay for their troubles.

He should have the cardio advantage. Machida is all about the proper utilization of technique, he is very athletic, he even drinks his own urine as a health practice.

The problem for Machida is I see it being very hard for him to finish Weidman. If he does win, I see it going to a decision, but I fear Machida will be in constant danger of being finished in this fight, especially in the first couple of rounds.

Either way, Machida has seemed to get better with age. His move to 185 pounds has been nothing but good for him since he has KO'd Mark Munoz and beautifully starched Gegard Mousasi.

Another fight at UFC 175 I am extremely excited for is Vitor Belfort V. Chael Sonnen. Vitor being the current No. 1 Contender at 185 pounds (he was supposed to fight Weidman but had to pull out due to drug testing issues Roll ), which means of Chael actually manages to get a win here he will be up for a title shot. I don't really see that happening, though, because Vitor is an absolute animal, in recent times he has only lost to two opponents - Jon Jones, and Anderson Silva. Those are two of the greatest fighters of all time, there's no real shame in losing to them. Despite being a heavy underdog against Jones, Belfort nearly took his arm off. Other than that, he has been on a complete tear, knocking out guys like Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping, and Dan Henderson. Hopefully Vitor knocks Chael's head out of the octagon Twisted

Bonus video: Al Bundy breaks down Vitor's arm-bar on Jones.

Holy Satanic Christ! This is a Goddamn Signature!