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what to do with PLEX's money as a noob ?

The Network.
#41 - 2014-05-08 09:04:40 UTC
Socrate Qc wrote:
Hi guys !

I've recently sold a PLEX for 713 misk and now im wondering what is the best way to use this money. I was thinking of getting an orca since im the industrial type. I've invest most of my time in mining and production.

What do you think ?

n.b.: my wallet is now cracking with 759 million isk

Blow it up. Blow it all up. Lol

Kitchen sink? Seriousy, get your ship together -

RAZOR Alliance
#42 - 2014-05-08 14:12:26 UTC
Dalloway Jones wrote:
Log off and never log back on. Since you didn't earn the ISK yourself you will quickly get bored and not want to play anymore. Just cut out the tedious station spinning now and leave.

This, really. Well not necessarily to quit the game, but buying plex for isk can be good for your short term enjoyment but bad for your long term enjoyment.

If you are new to the game, my suggestion would be to buy back a plex and hold it, sort of as an investment. Play the game, earn you isk by doing whatever you enjoy, and have a good time with the journey.

No good deed goes unpunished

Caviar Liberta
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#43 - 2014-05-08 14:23:02 UTC
Cygnet Lythanea wrote:
Hmm... with a little more, and some training in covert ops frigs, you can run out into ORE space and pick up expensive BPOs that you then bring back to high sec for even more isk. Market speculation is another option. If you're serious about industry, you could get a small industrial POS started once the summer expansion gets here. They're going to be pretty useful to industrialists post patch, much more so than now.

Or, you can just take the covert, and sit someplace cloaked in system to drive the nullards crazy.

Some where in null sec with the new covert ops mining ship.
Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
#44 - 2014-05-08 16:03:46 UTC
Doc Fury wrote:
I hear Technetium is a sound investment.

Was, my dear boy, was Twisted
Victoria Sin
#45 - 2014-05-08 16:46:47 UTC
Never buy anything that costs more than 10% of your wallet balance. If you want something that costs more than 10% of your wallet balance, make sure it's purchased with someone or something else's wallet balance.
Erufen Rito
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#46 - 2014-05-08 16:53:30 UTC
Well, seeing as to how you are not exactly new, I'd probably invest in a few Ventures BPOs and get ready for the Prospect.

This is as nice as I get. Best quote ever

Ramona McCandless
The McCandless Clan
#47 - 2014-05-08 16:56:18 UTC
Lord LazyGhost wrote:
Sevendeadly Sins wrote:
Give me the isk and I can double it.

Mr seven We do not condone this kind of bulll. !please dont.!


Yeah, but we do really.

"Yea, some dude came in and was normal for first couple months, so I gave him director." - Sean Dunaway

"A singular character could be hired to penetrate another corps space... using gorilla like tactics..." - Chane Morgann

Cipher Jones
The Thomas Edwards Taco Tuesday All Stars
#48 - 2014-05-08 17:37:32 UTC
You noticed all the people trying to **** you out of your money? That's what Eve is all about. Buy the Orca, join a corp, fill up the Orca with their wares, and sell the wares.

internet spaceships

are serious business sir.

and don't forget it

Socrate Qc
Tribunal Saga
Domain Research and Mining Inst.
#49 - 2014-05-08 21:42:47 UTC
god ! I love these reactions ! So much love and hate at the same time. Anyway, I read everything u guys send me. Thx for the advises.

Wish me luck ;)
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