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103m sp and 87.7m sp chars looking for new home

#21 - 2014-05-02 03:05:44 UTC
Saw your recruitment thread on the forums obviously. I would like to offer you a chance to join Mortis Angelus. We have had a long and incredibly well respected history in this game. Today we are proud The Kadeshi and N3 Coalition members, also a well respected player community. MORTS has been known throughout the game's history as a top tier PVP corporation. We are growing stronger each and every day but prefer quality of the player over quantity!

Today can also offer a great deal to those players that find interest in Pvp and Pve in order to fund their pvp needs.

We live in Tenerifis(Angel rats) and our roots are something we will never forget, roaming, bomb raids, Wh-ganks and black ops.

Given what we know about you, we would like to know more

If you wish to be a part of our humble house and future, I encourage you to stop by our public channel: Mortis info or visit our recruitment page

Given our selectiveness, be prepared to be interviewed!

If you wish to check out our comprehensive kill history, by all means do my friend!

If this does not interest you, I wish you a happy time in EVE and happy corp hunting!

- Cheers mate!

Mortis Angelus: 11 Years and still kicking, One family One Goal

Scarlet Nobleonce
Caldari State
#22 - 2014-05-02 03:12:40 UTC
Dominion Enterprise is currently recruiting
★-We live in a class 6 wormhole<-
★-Enjoy the casual aspects of the game<-
★-TS3 & 7.5% tax rate<-
★-access to nullsec is a definite posibility<-

We are a Class 6 WH corp specializing in small medium gang warfair.

■C6 WH sights
■Good Static (easy Solo ISK)
■Proven Pos System (your stuff is safe)
■SRP (Soon)
■Good PI

Membership requirements:
■15m SP (lower might be considered if good attitude and meets expectations)
■Must be able to scan and follow BM'ing Rules
■Must be social and use teamspeak.
■Good attitude and willing to have fun.
■There is no time requirements, But must be willing to do things with the corp.
■Willing to give full API (no exceptions)

Ship Requirements:
Must be able to fly at least Bomber/interceptor

But prefer T3's,* Guardian’s,* Capital's* Recon's

*=Min. lvl 4 Skills in required role
Xedam Praxis
#23 - 2014-05-02 18:11:19 UTC
Hi Apokolypse,

Repo. is a low-sec PvP/piracy corp that specializes in small gang and skirmish PvP. We accept new and old pilots alike, and have a reputation of skill and integrity. You can visit our eve forums recruitment thread here:



“The word of a gentleman is as good as his bond; and sometimes better.”

  • Charles Dickens
Ideal Mechanisms
#24 - 2014-05-02 20:14:11 UTC
Mechanisms looking for good people to enjoy the game with. PVP type, we shoots rats for money, we shoots peoples for fun.

Plus I have the whole space jesus thing going thanks to ccp update forcing me into a quick revamp of my dude. You know you want to fly with the space jesus.
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