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73 mil SP toon and alts lookin for new PvP home

tommy 3000
A Blessed Bean
Pandemic Horde
#1 - 2014-05-02 01:09:52 UTC
This is my main account I have 3 I Can fly most sub caps all cruiser and bc 5
I have my own Prov/Ark/Archon/Rev/Deemer Im currently training T2 siege and next will be T2 triage.
My killoard is very good feel free to look me up on BC/Eve kill.
Normally I fly small gang/blops/solo.
I have a working headset and im used to being on comms TS/Mumble.
The only reason why im looking to move is due to alliance inactivity I love my choke Bros but its time to move on.

Toon2 is maxed logi Scimi/Basi/Onieros + Max drone skills and HAC 5 (great Ishtar/Domi pilot.

Toon3 is T3 Booster Loki/Tengu with max scanning skills currently training for command ships.

Im happy to multibox and usually do so.

I would like to try a good merc corp like BL but I am aware they are majority USTZ so a good EUTZ equivalent maybe??

Im not interested in FW corps or NRDS corps.

I play most nights so feel free to mail me,convo or post here I look forward your replies ty :)
Yaaar's Revenge
NullSechnaya Sholupen
#2 - 2014-05-02 02:09:22 UTC
Hey we're a growing Corporation in Dirtnap Squad looking for more players to fly with us. We're a 100% focused PvP corp based in Curse (NPC Null) just a stones throw from Catch, one of the best regions for PvP in null. If you're interested, drop into our channel or hit me up with a mail. Here's a link to our forum post so you can get a better feel for what we offer players:

Feel free to chat if you want to know more or have any questions.

Follow me on Twitter @Yaaars_Revenge

#3 - 2014-05-02 02:18:34 UTC
come on tommy you know you want to come join birdie and toaster and tynian in ardent :)
#4 - 2014-05-02 03:04:55 UTC
Saw your recruitment thread on the forums obviously. I would like to offer you a chance to join Mortis Angelus. We have had a long and incredibly well respected history in this game. Today we are proud The Kadeshi and N3 Coalition members, also a well respected player community. MORTS has been known throughout the game's history as a top tier PVP corporation. We are growing stronger each and every day but prefer quality of the player over quantity!

Today can also offer a great deal to those players that find interest in Pvp and Pve in order to fund their pvp needs.

We live in Tenerifis(Angel rats) and our roots are something we will never forget, roaming, bomb raids, Wh-ganks and black ops.

Given what we know about you, we would like to know more

If you wish to be a part of our humble house and future, I encourage you to stop by our public channel: Mortis info or visit our recruitment page

Given our selectiveness, be prepared to be interviewed!

If you wish to check out our comprehensive kill history, by all means do my friend!

If this does not interest you, I wish you a happy time in EVE and happy corp hunting!

- Cheers mate!

Mortis Angelus: 11 Years and still kicking, One family One Goal

Scarlet Nobleonce
Caldari State
#5 - 2014-05-02 03:13:26 UTC
Dominion Enterprise is currently recruiting
★-We live in a class 6 wormhole<-
★-Enjoy the casual aspects of the game<-
★-TS3 & 7.5% tax rate<-
★-access to nullsec is a definite posibility<-

We are a Class 6 WH corp specializing in small medium gang warfair.

■C6 WH sights
■Good Static (easy Solo ISK)
■Proven Pos System (your stuff is safe)
■SRP (Soon)
■Good PI

Membership requirements:
■15m SP (lower might be considered if good attitude and meets expectations)
■Must be able to scan and follow BM'ing Rules
■Must be social and use teamspeak.
■Good attitude and willing to have fun.
■There is no time requirements, But must be willing to do things with the corp.
■Willing to give full API (no exceptions)

Ship Requirements:
Must be able to fly at least Bomber/interceptor

But prefer T3's,* Guardian’s,* Capital's* Recon's

*=Min. lvl 4 Skills in required role
Eugene Kerner
Initiative Mercenaries
#6 - 2014-05-02 07:52:08 UTC
Join TunDraGon within Drunk 'n' Disorderly Alliance. We are building up our flock again and are searching for self sufficient pilots that like to fight outnumbered.
We fly everything from noob ships to caps. Just come to our public channel and have a chat.
Our Webside

TunDraGon is recruiting! "Also, your boobs [:o] "   CCP Eterne, 2012 "When in doubt...make a diȼk joke." Robin Williams - RIP

Aimy Maulerant
DDo Squad Gaming
#7 - 2014-05-02 09:05:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Aimy Maulerant

Why not give coreli a try, great corp and very active with fleets daily.

The corp
The Coreli Corporation is a PVP corp that focuses on small/medium gangs and we love flying things that can cloak. We spend the majority of our time in HAC's, Assault Frigates, Stealth Bombers and Regular & Black Ops Battleships. Our primary goal is to find good fights while building up the corporations power.

As 2/3's of our members are EU TZ based and most of us have jobs/families/lives our primetime falls between 17:00 and 24:00 evetime though we always have pilots online throughout the EU daytime. The alliance has also begun expanding into the US timezone so we are very much interested in attracting more US pilots.

The alliance
We are part of the Ineluctable alliance and are currently based out of Syndicate where we have plenty of targets to keep us interested all day long.

We have FC’s with years of experience to lead our fleets as well as a large amount of PVPers with years of experience you can learn from. We also encourage members to try out FCing and have an FC training program to support this.

The drugs
The only thing we love more than cloaky ships are drugs, many years ago we were one of the biggest booster producers in the galaxy and we are currently working on reclaiming our throne. As part of this effort we have a several year plan to guide the corporation’s development with extremely active and experienced leadership to make it happen.

Logistics & Ship replacement program
We have logistics setup to move both you and your stuff into our home system and we have frequent (free of charge) freighter runs to Jita for when you need new stuff shipped in. We have pre-fitted ships for sale on contracts and our system market is one of the best stocked markets in all of npc null-sec.

An alliance wide ship replacement program exists for ships lost during official fleet ops. Coreli also provides various types of ships to its members free of charge.

Money making
Our home constellation has frequent relic, data, 7/10, 8/10 & 10/10 complexes pilots can use to replenish their isk, anomalies frequently spawn throughout the constellation and belt ratting in our space is quite profitable.

We don’t have a minimum skill point requirement as we believe it’s a meaningless metric but we do require all new members to be able to fly:
- A stealth bomber (any race will do, with meta 4 torp launchers and t1 bomb launchers)
- A HAC or logistics cruisers (Zealot, Deimos, Sacrilege or Guardian)
- A t1 battleship (Typhoon or Scorpion, both with meta 4 cruise launchers)

For more info check our recruitment advert at:
Commander Tom
Solyaris Chtonium
#8 - 2014-05-02 09:43:44 UTC
tommy 3000
A Blessed Bean
Pandemic Horde
#9 - 2014-05-02 19:48:39 UTC
Thank you to everyone that has posted so far or invited me to a convo. I will be keeping this open for a couple of days before deciding thanks again
Ideal Mechanisms
#10 - 2014-05-02 20:03:11 UTC
Our corp doesn't have a large EU presence. However, there are a couple corps within The Explicit Alliance that do. If you aren't interested in our smaller corp, I can put you in contact with one of them.

Our particular corporation is highly active, few alts. We regularly make up large parts of pvp fleets departing in our time zones. I'll not bore you with spam reading as we offer standards of activity same as others.

Mechanisms is actively managed, highly organized.

Your choice, fly safe.

P.S. Doesn't this new avatar ccp forced me into redoing last night make me look like space jesus?
Higher Than Everest
#11 - 2014-05-02 21:21:57 UTC
Hey Tommy!

How's it going? As you are looking for a new PVP home ever thought about wormhole space? We don't do blobs but small scale gang warfare in wormhole space and null.

All 3 toons would work well with our set up, we're not a merc corp but do take some wh contracts!

Take a look @ my forum post
Biomass Failure
#12 - 2014-05-03 06:57:34 UTC
We are a small, Bad-Ass and organised Corporation. we are new but actively recruiting.

What we do?
- we make isk with incursions, once we have enough we go shoping like a girl and kill people.

What we have to offer:
- Good Fc's
- Regular Corp fleets
- Great logistic backbone (jump/freighter, carrier, T2 Haulers)
- Ts3 (Soon)
- A realy chillex and laid-back enviroment

Wat we require from you:
- At least 10 mil Skillpoints
- Basic English skills (written and spoke)
- No trail account
- Interest in corp activities
- Being an active player