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Singularity: Requests for account reactivation

First post
Fl ice
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#441 - 2014-05-01 23:53:37 UTC
Reactivate me pls
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#442 - 2014-05-02 01:52:01 UTC
Could you please reactivate my account, please ?
Omry Skene
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#443 - 2014-05-02 02:11:45 UTC
Reactivate me please!!!! Big smile
Taor Malek
Amarr Empire
#444 - 2014-05-02 02:39:39 UTC
Can you please reactivate my account?
Bienator II
madmen of the skies
#445 - 2014-05-02 03:02:58 UTC
reactivate please

how to fix eve: 1) remove ECM 2) rename dampeners to ECM 3) add new anti-drone ewar for caldari 4) give offgrid boosters ongrid combat value

#446 - 2014-05-02 03:03:45 UTC
message in game yesterday on singularity ( abbonement is ending now and got kicked ) tq is still active

please reactivate me
Forced Euthanasia
#447 - 2014-05-02 03:40:17 UTC
Reactivate me please
Lynne Rankin
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#448 - 2014-05-02 05:18:49 UTC
I would like to request my account on the test server to be reactivated, please :)
Tangra Leviathas
100 Percent Apple Juice
#449 - 2014-05-02 06:45:56 UTC

Reactivate me please
100 Percent Apple Juice
#450 - 2014-05-02 06:50:50 UTC
reactivate plz
harmless miner Tzestu
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#451 - 2014-05-02 06:53:52 UTC
reactive me
Bottom of the Sea
The Bastion
#452 - 2014-05-02 07:15:48 UTC
reactivate me please:)
Viktor Iskatel
#453 - 2014-05-02 08:36:43 UTC
Please reactivate this account on Singularity.
Mi Shui
Archangels Inc.
End of Natural Lifetime
#454 - 2014-05-02 09:20:03 UTC
Please reactive my account on Singularity. I need the newest skill to test.The skill in Singulartiy seems several months ago.

Mi Shui
Gustav Mannfred
Summer of Mumuit
Remember Mumuit
#455 - 2014-05-02 09:29:54 UTC
Please reactivate my acc on sisi

i'm REALY miss the old stuff.

Core Industry.
Blades of Grass
#456 - 2014-05-02 10:55:23 UTC
Please reactivate this account, thanks in advance
The Pannion Domin
#457 - 2014-05-02 13:53:47 UTC
please reactivate my account on test server, thank you
The Initiative.
#458 - 2014-05-02 14:43:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Xynthiar

CCP Habakuk wrote:
Reactivations (and similar) are on hold for the moment until the next mirror, which is planned to be deployed next week.
Please excuse the waiting time.
The Curse of Distant Stars
Bright Side of Death
#459 - 2014-05-02 14:51:28 UTC
Please reactivate my acc on Singularity. Thx
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#460 - 2014-05-02 15:07:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Darkom
Reactivate please my account on the test the server. Domo

i found out that some of us alltough resubbed getting a message that you have to have a active TQ account to enter sisi server

"Account EVE-SSO-CONNECTION has been disabled
Last Login: 2010.01.13 19:40
Number of Visits: 3658
reason: Account subscription expired!

Subscribe Now and continue playing!"

i hope the devs will fix this problem pretty soon