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Null sec Indy Corp opening recruitment for heavy Indy pilots

BlackWatch Industrial Group
Reckless Contingency.
#1 - 2014-04-09 03:59:42 UTC  |  Edited by: MezriDax
We have multiple systems in null sec about three capital jumps from empire. Good space with good sec ratings between all the systems available. Opening doors to select pilots with heavy indy interest and background. U also need to be active and willing to assist corp ops two days per month or contribute if absent.

Our corporation is more interested in character and integrity in players. Prefer mature players with experienced pilots of at least 20 mill xp. U are expected to be on Teamspeak when online. Eve is fun but we're more interested in good relationships and fun personalities. We are extremely picky about who we allow into our family. We're real, speak the truth and expect it in return.

Instead of making promises of what we want to do, we usually just do it. There's nothing in the game that we haven't already built many copies. If you are or have been, at any time, a griefer, a person who enjoys victimizing others, a pirate, a scammer or in any way get off on enjoying the pain of others, save the email. We're not interested.

Preference for players who have capital pilots that can carry your own stuff but not necessary. We are a nearly all capital corporation and have fought with many alliances so past combat experience or the willingness and desire to learn is necessary as we will one day get back into the big fights.

API and history checks will be conducted with a trial phase before entrusted with any roles. The benefits are many with Blackwatch but we have also learned not to trust quickly so please be patient and give it a try if you're a good person who just enjoys building.

IF INTERESTED: Send evemail to MezriDax and let us know.
BlackWatch Industrial Group
Reckless Contingency.
#2 - 2014-05-01 23:10:36 UTC