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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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Rookie Fleet April 26 at 18:00

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CCP Eterne
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2014-04-25 21:43:57 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Phantom
On April 26th at 18:00 EVE Time, CCP will be organizing an official New Player Training Session PVP fleet. We invite all new players to attend these fleets, which will be organized and run by CCP Community developers. We hope to teach new players about the basics of fleet PVP and warfare. We promise to roam the cluster and look for good fights and probably all die gloriously in a fire. If you are interested in participating in these fleets, here is the information.

We will be meeting up in the Kaaputenen system.

  • You may come in any ship you wish, but we highly recommend coming in a cheap, tech 1 fast frigate. If you do not wish to risk your own ship, we will be providing frigates at each rally point. The frigates will be tech 1 frigates of the race for the rally point and will be fit with meta 1 modules. We will offer a choice of a combat ship, EWAR ship, or logistics ship. You may only take one ship.

  • Any player is welcome to come, regardless of their character age. However, younger players will be given preference for joining the fleets if we reach our caps.

  • We will begin gathering players at 18:00 EVE Time with the intent to depart at 19:00 EVE Time. We will fill the fleets on a first-come, first-serve basis (with the above caveat for character age).

  • We will utilize EVE Voice to issue fleet commands to players. We highly recommend you have a headset or speakers to listen to commands. However, in the event you do not or cannot, we will also be using fleet chat and fleet broadcasts to relay commands.

  • Any attempt by players to join the fleets to spam or otherwise disrupt proceedings will be dealt with harshly.

  • Please be aware that by joining the fleets, you agree to the following risks:[/list]
    1. You may lose security status for firing at other players.
    2. You may gain negative standing with other player entities for attacking them.
    3. Any ship you bring and all of the assets in its cargo hold might be destroyed by other players and lost, so please only bring what you can afford to lose.
    4. Your pod may be destroyed, so please make sure your clone is up to date and you are willing to lose any implants you have plugged in.

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  • Suzariel Kel-Paten
    Gallente Federation
    #2 - 2014-04-25 22:47:17 UTC
    Hey, the announcement says the 26th, and it's already past 1800 EVE on the 25th. May want to fix the title. :-)
    Lors Dornick
    Kallisti Industries
    #3 - 2014-04-26 03:52:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Lors Dornick
    CCP Eterne wrote:
    On April 25th at 18:00 EVE Time

    Posted: 2014.04.25 21:43 ...

    WTB a CCP time travelling machine.

    Seriously Eterne, try to find a working calender ;)

    CCP Greyscale: As to starbases, we agree it's pretty terrible, but we don't want to delay the entire release just for this one factor.

    Ichinumi Tsukaya
    Goonswarm Federation
    #4 - 2014-04-26 03:56:21 UTC
    oh come on. you know what Eterne means.
    ISD Etetia
    The Scope
    Gallente Federation
    #5 - 2014-04-26 14:11:14 UTC
    Fixed the date :)

    ISD Etetia


    ISD STAR / CCL Affiliate

    John Skywaller
    Caldari Provisions
    Caldari State
    #6 - 2014-04-26 15:00:38 UTC
    Any specific station? Or just in that general area?
    Archon Industries
    #7 - 2014-04-26 15:33:01 UTC  |  Edited by: MailDeadDrop
    John: It doesn't really matter. Much of the time FC's says "top station' as the default rally point, but you can easily undock and warp anywhere in system quickly enough.

    Eterne: Would you prefer shield tank or armor tank doctrine?
    For you newbies who don't understand my question: a fleet generally fields only armor tanked ships or shield tanked ships. And then logically only fields remote armor rep or remote shield boost, respectively. Since it takes quite a bit of time for a character to switch tank types, it is useful for the organizer to specify well ahead of time so that players are prepared at the go time.
    (I'm hoping armor tanked.)

    Adriel Malakai
    Shoulda Checked Local
    Break-A-Wish Foundation
    #8 - 2014-04-26 19:56:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Adriel Malakai
    Vimsy Vortis
    Shoulda Checked Local
    Break-A-Wish Foundation
    #9 - 2014-04-26 22:35:21 UTC
    I'm sad I missed the part where dreams got shattered.
    Snuffed Out
    #10 - 2014-04-26 23:40:09 UTC
    Hey, nice of you guys to drop by!