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Gankology, Highsec and EVE: View from an Anti-Ganker

Azov Rassau
The Hornets Cartel
#1 - 2014-04-14 20:56:32 UTC
The excitement over the usage of electronic warfare was just the first step in a remarkable anti-gankological voyage. One that has taken many capsuleers to standing up against the so-called bot-aspirant[...]

Encyclopedia Gankalactica - Foreword


I would like to share with you some of my observations today. To illustrate my ideas, I picked relevant examples, including a recent CODE. event in Isanamo that had showed symbolic facts and attitudes.

Regular followers of the C&P section could have noticed it: Lately, Isanamo (0.6) has become the center of a remarkable gankological activity against freighters. Not sure if it's still going on, but it could be said that Isanamo, in a way, had almost become a low security system for freighters, especially on Saturdays, between 21:30-03:00 EVE time.

Below, I will write 2 parts. The first one will be about thoughts on the example that I took, the CODE., my observations on their members, illustrated by one of their FCs, followed by an explanation on why this gankologic event in Isanamo was symbolic.
In a second part, I will share my vision of highsec, of this event and why we should often look at things in different, larger scale, as if looking to the bigger picture. The 2nd part will also be kind of “superior” to the first one, because it's a more general view of this Game we're playing.

Don't worry, this won't be a long, basement-aspirant wall of text that is full of whining. I will try to add some dry humor here and there, and I will try to make each post correspond to a main, relevant idea which will hopefully result in shorter, but more easy-to-read posts. You will see how différent dimensions are capable of changing our points of view vis-à-vis different subjects.

For those who don't know me at all, I am a miner & anti-ganker in highsec. Some call me “white knight”, but I'd prefer to be called anti-ganker, simply.

Occasionally, I tend to document the beauty of this online universe by taking screenshots, it's not updated very often, but you can take a look.

Not hiding anything, this is my main and I only have one active account.

The example that I take to represent suicide gankers in general will be the CODE./knights of the order, because I believe it's one of the most known organization out there that focuses on miner ganking.

I was one of the first ones to notice the very first manifesto written by the player named James 315. If I rmember it correctly, it was back in January 2012 or something. The original, creative and the literary elements of that text is worth mentioning. I barely remember that one of those manifestos included some Ishtar stories at mining belts, which I had enjoyed reading.
Anyways, at that time, although my first character was created in 2008, my knowledge of EVE,highsec and suicide ganking was far from what it is today. I had tried the game just once or twice. But let's see how that out-of-game written effort is reflected in the game itself.

-> Their expression

The “Code” claims that highsec miners use similar words in their conversations with bumpers and suicide gankers, to the point where it is even possible to create a bingo card. But I'd say the CODE. members are not different when they talk to miners.

One can easily notice how they use the similar words, formulations and templates in the in-game Local chat, but also in the out of game forums. They're so repetitive that they make use of their "ready to be copied/pasted" in-game notes.

In fact, as someone else had said on forums, they become the bot that they claim to fight.
They aspire to be auto-responding bots. They are bots. The automatic responses provided by them often belies the existence of a cult of personality related to their so-called supreme leader/saviour or whatever.
I am sure it is possible to even create that bingo card including the following "mining permits are available for 10m only", "I enforce the new halaima code of conduct","james 315 is the saviour of high sec"',no afk mining allowed”. Most of them lack individuality and an original, interesting self expression, unlike what we read in that manifesto. They sound like robots who are programmed to repeat the same boring threats to the miners who often don't understand a single thing.

When I am out in space, D-Scan is a tool that I refresh like every 3 seconds and I notice that even the gankers ship names are bot-like: "","T1",”Agent 057's Catalyst”,”110100101”,”Montami's Catalyst”x23,"Ammai's Catalyst" x34

There are exceptions, for sure. So far, the most original name I've seen on a Gankalyst was “Allahu Akbar T2”.

Part 1 continues in my next post.

Be the change you want to see in Highsec.

Anti-Ganking Fun:

Azov Rassau
The Hornets Cartel
#2 - 2014-04-14 20:56:47 UTC
"It is amazing to see how the humble, Gallentean Catalyst became the symbol of this movement” states the New Order analyst Jave Catal from the University of Obelisk. “We have a Gankology museum here in our air-campus. A former Hulk pilot once had a heart attack when he watched our 3D animation named 'Catalysts in Warp'.”
“It is remarkable to see that, according to my calculations, if I had 1 million ISK for every time a miner whined to me about the New Order, I could afford exactly 315 Quafe Catalysts, all first hand” says Botas Pirant, an economist who studies the relation between gankology and microeconomics in the University of Niarja. […] In the 52nd page of his thesis “From GoonFleet to Halaima”, Jave Catal evokes that no one could foresee[…]

Encyclopedia Gankalactica – Catalyst

→ The effort and its results

Ganking miners doesn't solve anything most of the time. I have enough experience to say that most of them, right after getting ganked, will reship to the exact same "gank magnet" setup without learning a lesson, which is why it is pointless to destroy their ships, again, most of the time. It just doesn't work in like 90% of the cases. (But despite that, gankers keep doing their activity, and I am not saying they must stop ganking. You will see why, in Part 2.)

Please have a look at this scene. The screenshot was taken during one of my anti-piracy patrols and it corresponds to a scene at an asteroid belt, right after a successful gank. By the time I had arrived to the scene, everything was over, and as you see in the background, there's a mining barge wreck right next to a Catalyst wreck (That Cata's name was also quite original tbh). After I landed, I saw another Retriever starting to move, so I Looked At his ship, thinking that he was going to leave this belt (where a gank had just occurred) to take precautions (reship, change system etc). But then I understood the pathetic truth, the miner was actually just thrusting a little...: order to keep his optimal range with a valuable, money-bringing, viscous pyroxeres.
He was either completely ignoring what had just happened near him, or maybe he never noticed it actually, who knows. As you can see in this simple example, 90% of gankers activity has no effect on this kind of greedy, lazy and dull-witted miners.

Exceptions, of course, are extremely rare: Have a look, below, at these wise words from a miner who is completely different from the miner seen in the above screenshot.

Percival Rose wrote:
I may be one of the few (occasional) miners who actually appreciates the work of CODE.
I like a challenge. Having to check my scanners and local while continuously improving my fits is fun. And yes, I occasionally gank too. Highsec is not a hundred percent safe and that's a good thing. I'd be too tempted to just AFK mine if it wasn't the case. I'm looking forward to see the mining community organize defenses, forcing the New Order to innovate. This arms race is great for business.

If I understood correctly, this is the type of miner that CODE. seeks to create.
But how many times have you seen a miner like Percival Rose? 2? 7 or 10, maybe?
and how many times have you seen a miner like the one in that above screenshot? 100, 500 or 1000 times?

According to our records, gankological activity done by the Code itself resulted in just a slight increase on the choice of the tanky Procurer instead of Retriever, but that's it.

CODE. enforcers also notice this, even the most dedicated ones, as they start to see how small the results are compared to their efforts. A quote from EVE-O forums:

95% of High Sec continues to violate the commandments from our supreme commander.

Part 1 continues in my next post.

Be the change you want to see in Highsec.

Anti-Ganking Fun:

Azov Rassau
The Hornets Cartel
#3 - 2014-04-14 20:57:43 UTC
-> A basic typology

My observations over hundreds of suicide gankers, scouts, freighter bumpers in my contact and/or watch list has also made something obvious: there are 2 types of them. The first type is basically what I call “Tester alts”. This type of ganker is an alt whose main just wants to test out the gameplay of suicide ganking. His main character can be anyone, people like the head of an industrial corp, a nullbear, or even a trader who lives between trade hubs. This type of suicide ganker is temporary, and very often, vanishes into nothingness after several months. He has absolutely no interest in Code (unlike what they respond if you ask them). There are numerous examples of Tester alts in the NODD corp for example, who have not logged in for months now. However, they were active at the beginning, for a while. Their employment history very often shows that they have joined a gankological corp soon after the date of character creation, which confirms the idea of Tester alts.

The second type is what I call “dedicated and long term ganker”. This person's main activity is simply suicide ganking, and most probably, he actually enjoys (or thinks that way) what he's doing. His Bio is usually full of the bingo material that I mentioned above, showing how he (thinks he) feels connected to the CODE. and how he is open to manipulation. He has been in his gankological corp for months and his employment history also shows some other corporations for the past.
Again, there might be exceptions for this. This is a general observation.

However, it isn't only their expression and typology that is problematic, but also their behaviors.

-> Their behavior

The CODE. example shows that they consider miners as bots, lazy and greedy (which I don't really disagree with, most of them Are!). But the bot-aspirancy, laziness that I observed on many CODE. enforcing pilots is not different either. The first sign of laziness appears with their tendency to escape, run away and switch system right after seeing a known anti-ganker in Local. A lazy ganker who always runs away, switches from system to system to find opposition-free space cannot stay at a given place: Why do you think the 'Map' button was removed from
I know a ganker who moves to a different region whenever I'm more active in game (and I am sure he would do the same for another anti-ganker). He moves his Catalyst fleet in a freighter, he moves his scout alt too. Instead of showing a sign of willpower and courage by staying in local and adapting, they simply prefer to run away, which is caused by their laziness to innovate. Keep in mind that this is not just my opinion, this is a common observation done by experienced anti-gankers who do a lot more than me (I specialize in ECM, whereas some anti-gankers also focus on different areas).

A dual ECCM fitted to those Catalysts would be enough to cause problems to my jammers, and in terms of competition, that is a good thing, that is not a bad thing at all!
Doesn't he know the existence of a module called ECCM? Doesn't he know the presence of a skill called 'Magnetometric Sensor Compensation'? Well I hope he doesn't, because otherwise, it's a serious, hopeless case.

[…]“It's a big, annoying risk.” Maxiluv Jihadov continues. “Magnetometric waves affect our sensors long after we have managed to abandon gank and warp back to station. To be honest, while heading to our target miner, the intimidating vastness of space often makes you think a Falcon is around you at all times, and sometimes there really is one. You think you're alone and then, boom, 'you fail to target nothing' ”

Encyclopedia Gankalactica - ECM

Part 1 continues in my next post.

Be the change you want to see in Highsec.

Anti-Ganking Fun:

Azov Rassau
The Hornets Cartel
#4 - 2014-04-14 20:58:50 UTC
Two Kill Reports, Lessons To Be Learned

The ganks occurring in Isanamo has been quite symbolic.
Let's take a look at these two kill reports. To make the example more “equal”, I chose KMs from the same event: Freighter ganking in Isanamo.


2014.04.05 22:19

Victim: S***** *******
Destroyed: Catalyst
System: Isanamo
Security: 0.6
Damage Taken: 3010

Involved parties:
Destroyed items:
Light Neutron Blaster II, Qty: 4
Void S, Qty: 14
Prototype Sensor Booster
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Scan Resolution Script (Cargo)
Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

Dropped items:
Light Neutron Blaster II, Qty: 4
Void S, Qty: 14
Scan Resolution Script
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

In this first one, we see the bot-aspirant, lazy and careless ganker who foolishly ignores, fails to expect human opposition against himself, he cannot foresee it, and even though he foresees, he doesn't care.
This type of ganker is what I seek to destroy, reform and change: blinded and brain washed by the basement-aspirant Code, he considers his Catalyst as the true and legal spaceship that no one will dare to engage before CONCORD's always-late “baptism”.

He's so lazy that the warp scrambler remains on one of the very few midslots on the pre-fit, sologank-optimized Catalyst, when like more than half of the gank fleet already has the same module (those who are familiar with gank fleet ops will understand the notion of “pre-fit Catalyst”). He doesn't ask himself: “When I use this, how will it contribute to our operation?” Even though he asks, he won't have enough time to make a 'human' modification. As soon as the criminal timer of a previous gank runs off, the inner need for ganking will begin corroding, sucking the inside of them, just like the life-shortening nicotine does to smokers after they don't smoke for a while. Undocking in sensor-boosted Catalysts is an endless routine for them. They aspire to be ganking machines. They are machines. Their gank fleet, full of bot-aspirancy, often reminds me of sheeps or goats that follow a shepherd (and I don't think it's a coincidence that the horn of a babygoat looks very similar to the Catalyst hull).

Now please correct me if I am wrong: 1 point is enough to hold a ship with absolutely no fitting slots (therefore no WCS), the freighter, which is already being bumped (unable to align, warp). If 1 fleet member only manages to scramble the freighter, there's absolutely no need for others to fit the same boring module. Comms are there for a reason, and what is more, the brain is up there for a reason. “Who's the pointer?” is the question to ask right before undocking, so that the rest of the fleet fits their ships in a more civilized manner.

And of course, we then have the well-known, HAL 9000-aspirant sensor-booster module.
How long does it take to lock a freighter? Even without any sensor boosting? We all know why the sebo is there: being the first one to catch the pod, and therefore being the first one to post the Capsule killmail to chat channels like minerbumping, but also Local chat, Mining chat and interestingly, anti-ganking channel (which underlines another psychological issue.)

Part 1 continues in my next post.

Be the change you want to see in Highsec.

Anti-Ganking Fun:

Azov Rassau
The Hornets Cartel
#5 - 2014-04-14 20:59:45 UTC
There are times when the lack of proper communication and organization in a gank fleet leads to tragicomical situations like fleet members forgetting their safety on green.

The Orca in that video had a Damage Control II in operation and in addition to that, a Griffin (ECM ship) was orbiting the Ice belt.

They ignored those two obvious facts, and naturally suffered the inevitable consequences.
I said "naturally", because adapting, or a decision leading to cancelling a gank is actually based on a real human quality. Call it Intelligence or Adaptation. Awareness, communication, problem-solving, planning and one's capacity to adapt are all parts of intelligence. A very simple example: mankind adapted itself to the conditions of the nature, of the environment and of our atmosphere by wearing clothes because otherwise, it wouldn't work. And you don't wear short-sleeve shirts when you go out during winter. You adapt and make the right decision by wearing heavier clothes.
It's remarkable to note that the their ganks often fail after the vigilant use of our jammers on the bot-aspirant Catalysts. (For this thread, I took the example of ECM because, again, that's what I mainly specialize in to counter ganks, but there are many other ways to counter them).

And this brings us to a good example of an angry, lazy, rather childish and quite ignorant behaviour model. On saturday, April 5th 2014, the FC (I suppose he was the FC) for a failed gank in Isanamo, upon the fail, simply preferred to spam local with his alts by claiming that the reason for fail was the "bad warpin". I am not saying the opposite. Of course, the bad warpin could be another aspect which contributed to the fail. after all, the gank fleet was mostly -10 pilots, making every second count after landing on the target freighter. But what is interesting is that his insistence, full of teardrops in local, showed that he absolutely refused to admit their fail-fit destroyers, bad FCing, bad communication and electronic opposition from real people: we anti-gankers. Maybe they mentioned these realistic fail reasons in their comms, but the insistency and spamming done by their FC in local showed his psychological situation about this.

The fleet members? They wisely stayed silent in Local.

In my anti-ganking history, only about 2% of the suicide gankers, after I ruined their gank, have expressed "gf" or "nicely done" in local chat. And believe it or not, this kind of gallant, honest, respectful and civilized gankers are so rare that I have changed my standings towards them from Terrible to Bad (which changes a lot, believe me).

Now let's glance at the second kill report from Isanamo

2014.02.20 00:47

Victim: D*******
Destroyed: Talos
System: Isanamo
Security: 0.6
Damage Taken: 7498

Involved parties:
Destroyed items:
Neutron Blaster Cannon II, Qty: 4
Void L, Qty: 18
Conjunctive Magnetometric ECCM Scanning Array I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Local Hull Conversion Inertial Stabilizers I, Qty: 2
Medium Hybrid Burst Aerator I
Medium Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

Dropped items:
Neutron Blaster Cannon II, Qty: 4
Void L, Qty: 18
Conjunctive Magnetometric ECCM Scanning Array I, Qty: 3
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II, Qty: 2
Hobgoblin I, Qty: 5 (Drone Bay)

In this case, we see the evolved, improved and "aware" ganker that I seek to create. He accepts and respects the real human opposition against his criminal actions and adapts to deal with it. His fitting looks more "human", a more logical fit that shows a mental and physical effort has been done.
What we see here is worth mentioning. Firstly, the ganker puts aside his laziness by switching to the more expensive and performing Talos and secondly, he fits more than one ECCM modules, in fact, 4 of them, which fills all the midslots.

There is no denying it: such fleet will be a lot closer to achieving a successful gank. It wouldn't be surprising the see their FC say: "nice try, but fail" to the Falcon pilots on the field, who naturally struggled to break through the magnetometric sensors of the triple/quadruple-ECCM Taloses.

But I wouldn't consider this an absolute fail, because there is also success in the larger scale, and we are now approaching to the second part where I will expose this idea of large scale.

Part 1 will continue in the next post.

Be the change you want to see in Highsec.

Anti-Ganking Fun:

Azov Rassau
The Hornets Cartel
#6 - 2014-04-14 21:00:45 UTC
The type of ganker that I seek to create is one that does not enforce the bot-aspirant usage of sensor-boosted Catalysts. I want to see creativity:  for example, they could bring suicide Griffins to be used on the ecm defenders, they could abandon their boring, "always-the-same" Catalysts and switch to smartbombing battleships in order to fleet up and unleash hell to jita undock on a sunday evening (yes, despite faster concord). They could, for example, bring Covetors, place them in an appropriate way in space so that after they gank them, the word CODE. appears with those wrecks. These are just examples.
See the following: – This example shows us how, even the newest player, with a small originality (in this case Reaper), can bring humoristic energy compared to a serious, bot-aspirant fleet full of Catalysts. - Another example of originality, difference, with gankers who don't care about the cost of the operation, but the fun of it. What could an ECM ship do to those Typhoons? Nothing. - Here's another inspiring sign of courage, patience and timing, despite the midslot fiasco and the ship choice. An Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst would be much more meaningful.

Also see: The Ishtar smartbombing example in one of those manifestos from James 315.

Some ask me why I jam them and ruin their ganks. “I am saving them from themselves.” I am saving them from the neverending cycle of undock-gank-nap for 15 minutes-repeat, all of that with similar setups. It is also about forcing them to open their eyes, think again and innovate or contribute to creative, original gameplay seen above.

The second kill report earlier, clearly showed the type of ganker I want to see more and more, that I want to test my jammers' strength on. I like a challenge.

After reading the Part 1, you might think that I absolutely hate the Code, and suicide gankers in general. But the second part will prove that you're wrong.

As you can see, the first part was really about the inside of EVE, a narrower dimension, to say the least, including my personal observations on suicide gankers etc. But I often find myself thinking about and looking at the bigger picture of our current highsec: tears from carebears, priceless ganker tears that I harvest almost daily, their bot-aspirancy, lots of whining threads here on forums created by people who, instead of learning how to not get ganked, cry on the forums instead...and what is more worrying is that, some gank victims end up real-life threatening suicide gankers. This shows one single thing: these people obviously take EVE way too seriously. Calm down people, this remains, and should remain a game. You lost your Hulk in Vaurent? Don't cry. Grab a Skiff or pre-align your next Hulk while smashing D-scan and following local. (That's how I mine, even in a Skiff). You WILL have fun warping off while 3 Catas land on you thinking that you're afk.

You lost your 7b pod in Uedama while Autopiloting? Don't cry, and stop using Autopilot in a POD. And also forget Autopilot in general! The last time I used Autopilot was like a decade ago. Don't use it unless you have really good reasons:

You're in SPACE, how can you be safe all the time?

In fact, I imagine how it would be like if we didn't have gankological activity in highsec. I think it would be pretty damn boring.

Let's make a point clear: Although I fight the CODE. (and suicide gankers in general) for the reasons mentioned in Part 1, in the bigger picture, I do appreciate content creation efforts like the freighter ganking that has been occuring in Isanamo, and I say this with full honesty and sincerity. Again, in the bigger picture, EVE is a game, and it should mainly be about having FUN, nothing else. Maybe some of the what I call “dedicated long term gankers” do enjoy what they do, and I do enjoy ruining their ganks, too. This shows that both sides are winning EVE in a larger scale, because when you have fun in EVE, you're winning at it.

And I must admit I only had real fun in PvP situations only. When I started as a miner, I was in a Procurer with some boring modules. That day, a Mackinaw was ganked just near me. That was PvP. The next day, that memory made me fit Gallente jammer modules on all my mid slots, overheated. This was a preparation for a possible PvP situation too.

Several days later, 3 Catalysts that attempted to gank another miner near me were getting permajammed by my Procurer while waiting for the CONCORD arrival. This was PvP, too. I don't consider myself as a pure, hardcore PvPer –I am far away from that--, but you get the point.

I haven't done a mission series in years.

I hate grinding.

My decision to fit those Gallente jammers on my Procurer was the beginning of the process that created what I am today: an ECM pilot who frequently flies ecm boats, forcing his suicide ganker enemies to innovate, adapt and admit the fact that the gank is not %100 guaranteed if they don't fit their ships properly.

Part 2 continues in my next post.

Be the change you want to see in Highsec.

Anti-Ganking Fun:

Azov Rassau
The Hornets Cartel
#7 - 2014-04-14 21:01:55 UTC
There's a reason why I like to see things in a larger scale. I don't hate the Code/James315, I like their contribution to highsec in the bigger picture. Despite my ingame observations and thoughts on them, they contribute to my gameplay, and therefore to my fun.

There's also a reason why I named this thread “Gankology, Highsec and EVE”. It is to remind those real-life threaters the following hierarchy: Gankology < Highsec < EVE < Real Life. Enough said I think, but let's clarify: Sending real-life threats to gankers who destroyed your ship is like putting the Gank to the same level as real life, as first world problems. The loss of your ship due to a gank is something in highsec, and therefore in the game of EVE, but it is a mote of dust compared to real life, just like Earth, which is also "a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam."

A good portion of Highsec space still desperately needs more activity, and that includes PvP. I think we all agree that EVE is mostly interesting thanks to what it offers in terms of PvP and the main goal should be having as much fun as possible. Of course, there should be some PvE. From time to time, I still do rock/ice mining in my ECM Skiff while listening to 'Miner Stories' and 'Miners Heaven' by Jon Hallur. It brings back a lot of memories.

TL;DR: Part 1: This part is a brief analysis, criticism of CODE. Enforcers and gankers in general. They are at least as lazy as highsec miners. They are at least as bot-like as highsec miners. They need to evolve by becoming more 'human', innovative, creative and adaptive. Both sides should adapt. Miners and Gankers.
Part 2: This part, although shorter, is more important. EVE remains a game and some players should stop taking it too seriously. It is kind of stupid to send real-life death threats to people who make the Game more interesting in the bigger picture.

(I didn't have much occasion to develop this text, therefore I hope I expressed myself clearly enough. But if you got the point of distinguishing the two parts, then you understood the most important thing.) Oh and for those who, without reading a word, might come up with replies like “omfg tears!”, “try harder!11!” ...All I can say is: read the Part 2 again.

Small addition: By this occasion I would also like to know YOUR opinion on all this. Do you like the current highsec, are you enjoying it? What keeps you playing in highsec and what's your opinion on the CONCORD response times, for example?
I think 0.5 systems could have longer response times, so that there's more responsibility for real players when it comes to preventing a crime.

And also...since when does CONCORD insta warp scramble criminals' ships, like a divine intervention? An older player had told me it wasn't the case in the past. Isn't it a significantly exaggerated buff to CONCORD? We anti-gankers, aka human players are there for a reason. If it continues like this, CONCORD might start insta-jamming criminals or something. Oh God.

"The Orca is a massive ship, you see that especially after we unload our cargo.” says the cargo operator Zhu Xin Lian. “You can easily organize a diversity of activities when these bulk-type cargo rooms are empty. The reinforced bulkheads... without them, we could not resist the gank attempt the other day.”

Encyclopedia Gankalactica - Orca

Fly safe/ruthless,

Azov R.


Be the change you want to see in Highsec.

Anti-Ganking Fun:

Bumsicle Wedgie
#8 - 2014-04-14 21:14:02 UTC
Kaarous Aldurald
Black Hydra Consortium.
#9 - 2014-04-14 21:49:06 UTC
Bumsicle Wedgie wrote:


"Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws."

One of ours, ten of theirs.

Best Meltdown Ever.

Jonah Gravenstein
Machiavellian Space Bastards
#10 - 2014-04-14 22:29:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Jonah Gravenstein
Azov Rassau wrote:
And also...since when does CONCORD insta warp scramble criminals' ships, like a divine intervention? An older player had told me it wasn't the case in the past. Isn't it a significantly exaggerated buff to CONCORD? We anti-gankers, aka human players are there for a reason. If it continues like this, CONCORD might start insta-jamming criminals or something. Oh God. should cover this bit; blame the same people who think highsec should be a PvP free zone.

As for the rest, gankers are an essential part of highsec, too many people think that highsec means totally safe and that misconception needs to be corrected.

Both the gankers and people like the OP are good for Eve, player produced content is important in a sandbox.

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.

New Player FAQ

Feyd's Survival Pack

The Conference Elite
#11 - 2014-04-14 22:44:16 UTC  |  Edited by: loyalanon
that was truly wow. attention seeking at its finest.

You do realise that the killmails posted here -

you also failed to point out our success -

I do agree with you that gankers/anti-gankers are a necessary part in eve.

However I do disagree with you guys, you still have failed to stop 1 freighter gank at all.

I FC the freighter ganking fleets, and if you havent noticed we have a never ending supply of ships/modules to continue to do this, you jam one catalyst - oh no. You are missing the bigger picture.

We fail one gank, how many are successful, I wonder if OP will answer that.

The tears from anti-gankers was hilarious in the chat channel

Also Id like to point out that the OP has never undocked to attempt to stop us and we are all blocked from communicating with him, so to me it sounds like you are afraid of dealing with us, yet try to understand us as you are you will never be on our level.

I was ganking miners/orcas before I joined up with the Code, (another point OP has failed to leave out)

The one thing I admire from anti-gankers is that they are quick to tell half-truths, and make baseless assumptions on gankers.

So please lets hear your rebuttal, as to how awesome you are and how OP managed to stop ganks without leaving the undock
Nicolas Dupre
Gallente Federation
#12 - 2014-04-14 23:08:24 UTC
Hmm, you have some good points but also some misconceptions, it's good to see an anti-ganker talking about content creation instead of the usual whining and gloating over whoring on CONCORD killmails without preventing the gank.

This a minor point, but I think you fully understand why our catalysts tend not to have creative names and it has nothing to do with being bot-aspirants: they are not flown for long and very rarely return to a hangar. The ships have throwaway names because they are throwaway ships, as required by highsec aggression mechanics.

Your ideal of ECCM on every catalyst is inefficient, unrealistic and possibly ignorant of the fitting parameters of a gank catalyst, to say nothing of your more "creative" astronomically expensive suggested ganking activities (are you not even aware that we do not get insurance payouts on our ships?) In the first place, there is rarely ECM on grid for our ganks. No, I do not mean 20% of the time, nor 10%, the real figure is well under 1%. A scram is far more important for securing a kill, and multiple scrams in the fleet are better because of the possibility of losing point through ECM or ship destruction (which can sometimes even occur before reaching the target grid, -10 life is unpleasant). You also misunderstand the purpose of sensor boosters, they are not for competing over the pod kill, they are to make the pod kill possible at all under the strict time limit imposed by CONCORD without a dedicated pod catcher, though they also occasionally are the difference between pointing a ship and letting it warp off.

Now about fitting: after 8 light neutron blaster IIs and 3 magnetic field stabilizer IIs we have 24 CPU left to play with if the pilot does not have CA-1 and CA-2, 31.5 if he does (CPU implants are not a reasonable option for a suicide ganker because the small turret damage implants use the same slot and while a CPU rig is possible, it also comes at the cost of dps, which is always the overriding consideration when we are not specifically aware of organised resistance). The best option for increasing the available CPU is swapping some of the blasters for light ion blaster IIs, saving 4.5 CPU each and getting 94% of the dps (but only 80% of the alpha, which does matter under highsec gank conditions even for a rapid firing weapon system like small blasters) of a light neutron blaster II. A scram is 26 CPU, ECCM is 16 CPU, and a sensor booster is 8 CPU. The fitting concessions you have to make to fit ECCM regularly on a catalyst are not worthwhile under normal conditions. In addition to everything above, I will point out that individual gankers do not normally have any freedom in how to fit their ships because the logistics of ganking demand that the FC can provide a very large number of prefitted ships which will work with little or no modification. Inexpensive spare mids for alternative fits in the cargo would be a nice addition but sadly the in game fitting tool does not save modules in cargo, something I would very much like to see as a feature.

I'm glad that players like you are creating content for gankers as we do for miners, but I think you overestimate your influence. We can only gank a small percentage of afk miners, autopiloters and other bot-aspirants at any given time and you can only attempt to stop an even smaller percentage of our gank attempts. If you want us to take pre-emptive measures against your methods as a matter of course, step up your activity, or better try to educate the lazy, whiny, wilfully ignorant players you choose to try to protect. Everything's more fun with some resistance but are you having fun? The only thing more boring than mining is watching someone else mine.

I have not had the fortune of ganking before the last round of CONCORD buffs, but I can sum up what they are currently: completely inflexible space gods who have complete control over your warp drive (from the moment you break a law), your sensors, capacitor and drone bandwidth (from the first response after they arrive on grid) and your insurance firm, making you suffer the full cost of hull replacement unlike every other method of losing a ship. Their armaments are mechanically irrelevant because you are so completely disabled from first response that there is no longer anything you can do to influence the success of the gank, but they have a ship which destroys absolutely anything in one shot because why not. The only variable we consider is the time between the offense and first response, all room for creativity in dealing with CONCORD has been carefully eliminated leaving only a thinly disguised manifestation of two rules: you have a specific number of seconds to execute a gank depending on system security and the status of CONCORD squads already in the system, and you will lose your ship with no compensation. This is boring and forces us to do certain boring things to operate at all.

"Pre-aligning" is a myth btw except in the sense of ensuring that there are no objects that you will bounce off if you attempt to warp. The visual heading of your ship does not affect time to warp.
Winchester Steele
#13 - 2014-04-14 23:17:53 UTC
A whole lot of words to tell us that you are in need of a mining permit. Luckily for you I am having a huge mining permit blowout sale! Today only, 10 million isk for 1 (one) year of mining in New Order territory. Limited quantity, while supplies last. Our agents are standing by to receive your isk.


Sabriz Adoudel
Move along there is nothing here
#14 - 2014-04-14 23:23:30 UTC
I know one ganker that has modified his standard fit to include ECCM in the system he mostly terrorizes, because he has attracted a fairly disruptive fan club.

If the anti-ganker types want to be really disruptive, however, they should bump the gank target 5km. That requires being very attentive, but is a sure save against any catalyst gank tactic. But you need to be aware of the catalysts before they get on grid, which requires... playing EVE, not AFK mining.

I support the New Order and CODE. alliance.

Syds Sinclair
Singularity Expedition Services
Singularity Syndicate
#15 - 2014-04-14 23:58:01 UTC
..My favorite part about James 315 and The New Order, the part that absolutely warms my heart, is this:

James and his New Order have successfully achieved their goal, and they continue to on a daily basis. Not to kill miners. Not to gank anyone anywhere any how. But to bring back the danger to Eve, and get people talking. Eve is not safe. CCP does not dare to make it safe. And James along with The Code is a forever reminder of that.

To the Carebears: Eve is not safe now, and won't be for the foreseeable future. Adapt and overcome or continue to be content for the PvP minded.

To CCP: You have done your best to slowly pussify Eve right before our eyes. This is not acceptable. You will not continue in that direction. Eve belongs to you, and us. We have equal say in OUR game's direction. And our decision is, Eve will be dangerous with consequences for loss. This is, has been, and will continue to be your warning. The emergent players who keep Eve alive and engaging forbid you to ruin our game.
Voyager Arran
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#16 - 2014-04-14 23:58:01 UTC
I put ECCM on all my ganking Catalysts, simply to put off Faction Police. Barges have abysmal align times, to say nothing of the pilot probably tabbed out if not entirely AFK when it happens, so even if they don't panic they almost never warp out in time. It's a great thing to have in a group, certainly, but getting jammed out is a guaranteed failed gank, even if you have a scram fitted.

My midslots are typically an ECCM and a prototype Sebo, which fit perfectly with a full rack of Neutrons and Magstabs.

If you want more CPU without giving up a relevant implant, Weapon Upgrades implants are slot 10 and generally cheap.

One thing anti-gankers should try more often is Heavy Neuts. They always work, and Blasters don't work without cap.
Nicolas Dupre
Gallente Federation
#17 - 2014-04-15 01:17:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Nicolas Dupre
Well the guns only add up to half the CPU usage of a catalyst, but WU-1003 is a pretty good slot 10 implant for a ganker who doesn't fly the talos or tornado. It does only save 3 CPU on a tech II neutron blaster catalyst but that can be enough, and importantly it's exactly enough with CA-1 and CA-2 to fit a max dps catalyst with scram and sebo. I should plug one into my alts who don't fly battlecruisers.
Maxmillian Rokatansky
#18 - 2014-04-15 02:14:41 UTC
Cheers to all the CODE representatives who manage to consistently communicate in a constructive manner both in the forums and In local. Its unfortunate but some of your members, most having a connection with or considering themselves a conference of the elite or " elite pvprs ", seem to suffer from some sort of ganking PTSD which may well be a result of an endless barrage of ganked miner rage.

The symptoms include but are not limited to:
Constantly going on the attack despite the topic of conversation.
Active disdain and accusations of carebearism at any player that does not immediately agree with any opinion offered.
A condition where the afflicted player only hears or sees "tears " whether the player they are communicating with is crying or not.
Taking things way too seriously in an internet spaceship game.
(This last symptom first being noticed in recently ganked hi-sec miners who may have unknowingly passed it on to their gankers due to the close proximity required during the phenomenon known as " content creation")

I recomend seeing your space therapist for help in dealing with these symptoms.
Taking a break from the game or engaging in some other space activitys might also be helpful.
Good luck and thanks again.
Malcolm Shinhwa
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#19 - 2014-04-15 02:46:27 UTC
I never want to hear another gd word about how James is long winded.

[i]"The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental[/i]."

Sabriz Adoudel
Move along there is nothing here
#20 - 2014-04-15 03:25:58 UTC
Malcolm Shinhwa wrote:
I never want to hear another gd word about how James is long winded.

I know, right?

I *almost* stooped to the level of posting "TL:DR" after the end of the OP's comments.

Then I realised that would be pointless. The reason I didn't read the OP's comments wasn't their length, it was the subject matter and the quality.

I support the New Order and CODE. alliance.

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